Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 14: What Could Have Been(Part 5)

Fabricating that smile once again, drying those tears once more. Her old friend seeing something is wrong, but still unable to bring himself to speak any longer. As much as she tries, those events eternally playing within her mind, that dread continuously grabbing at her. Even the slight moment that she takes to try and maintain her composure, it really does no good.

“I...” tears beginning to well in her eyes.

Hanging her head low, malevolence emanating from her body. Clenching her chest with her right hand, her body trembling a bit. Frustration growing, sorrow relentlessly protruding. Her voice hesitating to speak those words.

“Cyra...—” he takes a step towards her.

Feeling unable to hold such emotions in any longer, feeling it pouring out, endlessly overflowing. Emotions resting in the darkness finally coming to light. Her malevolence intensifying by the moment. Her soul shouting out.

“Of course not you idiot!” she yells.


The god standing silent, hearing her burst out in rage. Emotions from deep within making its way out. The darkness extending from the maiden’s body. Anguish, hate, but more than anything, sorrow in which she is holding deep within.

“How can I ever be fine with this...?” she questions with anger deep in her eyes.

Looking away for a moment. Naturally she can never be fine with this, perhaps a fool he is, that much is for certain. The deity looking towards her, taking a step in her direction. Cyra standing there, looking at him, those sorrowful eyes meeting with his own. The god placing a gentle hand upon her head, her eyes slightly widening. The halfbreed looking down a bit, awaiting his words.

“Then don’t go through with it...” he gently speaks.

Those words in which she wishes to hear, finally coming to light. How those many years ago, so many endless nights. How nice it will have been to hear such words in those earlier days. Slightly calming, Cyra embracing him. The god wrapping his arms around her, holding her a bit tightly. The raging malevolence slowly subsiding. The devil quietly sobbing as he comforts her. Those emotions finally being known, after so many moons. The moon in which curses those hanging ever so high in the sky. Perhaps there is some joy within it. At least in this instance that is.


Valor and Argent scouring the area within the temple. Checking one room after the next, shouting out, trying to find Cyra. She does not answer, concern growing within the god by the moment. He should have paid much more attention. Seeing all of the signs, Valor wondering if she will allow Nirva to consume her.

Shaking off those negative emotions, the deity continuing to scour the many rooms, trying to find his old friend. If there is any chance, he will find it. Not this time, he will not let go. So many endless nights, so many moons that goes by. Those many years in which he spends in anguish. There is now a chance to make things right, and as such, he will continue even harder than before.

“Cyra! Where are you?!” Valor urgently calling out.

“Cyra!” Argent calling out with urgency.

Argent rushing through a long hallway, looking into one room to the next. From a distance, Valor exploring the surrounding area. There is appearing to be no sign of the maiden. Tension growing, and perhaps some fear as well. Argent soon coming across a room, looking into it. There his vision is resting upon the flowery field.

Bearing witness to the illuminating night, watching the petals blowing in the wind. Though, even more so than that, the child seeing Cyra and Valor in their embrace. Seeing such leaving the boy in much confusion, he is for certain that Valor is not far behind him.


Argent looking back, seeing Valor down the hallway. The deity trying to home in on the maidens energy, though it is appearing that his efforts are for naught. Frustration growing, and concern becoming even more clear, desperation extending from him.

“Damn! It’s no use!” he punches the wall in frustration, causing a massive dent.

Argent turning his attention to the other side of the door. The child taking a moment, seeing that Cyra is seeming happy. How the view is appearing like a dream. It dawns on him that it is an illusion of the temple, the very thing both Cyra and Valor warns him of. The boy turning in Valor’s direction, quickly waving his arms in urgency.

“Valor! Over here!” Argent calling out.

The god immediately looking in Argent’s direction, seeing the child quickly waving his arms. Seeing the distress within the eyes of the boy.

“She’s in there!” Argent pointing to the room.

Without any further words, Valor rushing over to Argent. There might still be time, perhaps he should have known better. After all, she is his closest friend. This should have been obvious, yet he has been blind to such. Running to the side of the child, the god looking towards the room.

“Huh? Where?” he looks on in confusion.

Through his eyes, all he sees is an empty room. This causing the boy much confusion. There within the room, he can feel the gentle breeze, seeing Cyra in her embrace. The boy wondering why the deity is unable to see her as well.

“Huh? But she’s right there,” Argent pointing to the room again.

Valor turning his attention to the child, the boy looking up to him. The situation dawning on the god, that this temple is intending to keep Cyra here, within this endless dream. Nothing more than an illusion. A grim expression coming to his face.

“Oh no...! Tch..! Dammit! Cyra! Wake up!” Valor urgently yelling, looking to the room.

Cyra moving to arms length of the illusion, looking into his eyes. Their gaze gentle upon the other. Both warmly smiling towards the other. The red moon shining down upon the flowery field far below. A sorrowful night turning into one of joy.

“Forget about the wedding. Forget about all your worries. I’ll deal with this dilemma with your father,” the illusion faintly smiling.

The maiden feeling at ease by those words. Those words which she wishes to hear for so long. The devil looking down, holding her hands behind her back. Her heart at ease now, hearing those words. Those desires of hers coming true, even if it is but an illusion.

“Thank you...but...” she faintly smiles.

“Huh?” he looks to her in confusion.

Cyra stepping away from the illusion, looking to him, warmly smiling. Her heart finally seeming to come free. The binding appearing to eternally grab at her, it is feeling nice, to simply embrace such. However, it is not real.

“Just once I wanted to hear that...but I know...this is an illusion,” she speaks in satisfaction.

The illusion looking towards her in confusion, wondering why she moves away from such delight. After all, even if this is not real, those desires of hers can become a reality. Her eternal strife can end.

“ can be happy here forever. You can live the life you so want to live,” the illusion distantly speaks.

Unable to understand her refusal, seeing her smile so bright upon him. How can one be happy in torment? It is making no sense. This temple which exists to grant the desires of those most worthy of it, yet she refuses to fall into its grasp.

“What happened that night happened...I would rather die than to live in a dream...” she holds her right hand to her chest.

Her expression calming, and those familiar eyes of hers brimming with such confidence. The illusion can only look on, trying to contemplate her decision. That resolve of hers contradicting reasoning. Though at the same time embracing it.

“I do not understand...” his tone conflicting upon her.

The maiden looking back to the door. There her vision is resting upon Valor and Argent, seeing them calling out to her. It may very well be an illusion, the place she is standing in. Still, looking upon her old friend, seeing how hard he is trying, that reckless happy-go-lucky clown. Even if it is but a somber morrow, she will continue down this dreadful path, so that her desires can really become a reality one day.

“No matter how much I will like this to be a reality. To start say what was really meant this night...that can never happen. At least not now that is. Right out there...that is the reckless clown I fell in love with. Despite everything I endure, he is always there. To live in this lie, can you really call it being alive?” she looks towards the illusion of Valor.


The illusion looking away, uncertain on what to think. This is making little sense, yet they can feel a relentless resolve coming from the halfbreed. Looking towards her, seeing her gentle smile. She may walk in the deepest of abyss, but she can continue to resist. That will continuing to resist, rebelling against reasoning, while also embracing it. Accepting what has been done, while pushing ahead towards tomorrow.

“Despite the sorrows in my life. I have to face it head on, not run away from it—” she glances back to Valor, faintly smiling.

“—I belong out there, not in here. Even if I must fight for an eternity, at least I know...I have somewhere to return to. Even if those words are never spoken between us,” she softly speaks.

“So you already know then,” he faintly smiles.

“Of course...I have known him for a very long time—”

Cyra turning towards the door, her mind finally at ease. The malevolence within her finally at a rest. Even if the path before her will lead to an eternity of strife, then so be it. So long as her desires comes true, then that is all that matters. So long as it is real, it does not matter where tomorrow leads.

“—Perhaps in another life...but definitely not this one it would seem,” she walks onward.

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