Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 14: What Could Have Been(Conclusion)

Slightly looking down, hatred building within him, malevolence intensifying. Hearing those words, seeing as she looks down on him. He has been the stronger one, yet she continues to look down at him, no matter how much power he is exerting over her. Even more so than that, remembering that bond she shares with the god, hate insanely driving him.

“Is that so? How am I to accept this? You don’t think I never noticed?” he slightly raises his voice.

The halfbreed glancing back to him, her eyes uncaring in the least. Ardin looking towards her, taking a step forward. Cyra feeling his malevolence intensifying, crushing down at her. Feeling his icy glare upon her. Indeed it will be difficult not to notice. The bond the maiden has with Valor. One in which they will continue to extend a hand towards the other. Two old friends forever remaining as so.

“I saw how you two always look at each other, and you had the nerve to lie to my face. You call that trust?” he coldly questions.

“Trust huh...I guess not,” she turns, standing upon her side, directing a revolver at him.

Trust? How funny really, tyrannizing her for years on end. Stripping away that hope she feels, turning her life into a nightmare. There has been no trust to begin with, and there never will be. Her cold eyes are upon him, feeling such hatred, her malevolence wildly raging. The maiden firing a shot at him, the darkness rushing towards Ardin. Cyra noticing his image blurring in that instant. An illusion no doubt, seeing the assault passing through him. Immediately turning to her right, evading an attack, watching the blade striking the ground, creating an imprint upon it. Ardin looking towards the maiden with those cold eyes, her own locking on upon him. In that instant, Cyra rendering her elbow into his face.

“Gyah...!” he steps back feeling a bit dizzy.

“If you truly cared—”

Directing her revolver at him, the maiden firing a bullet. The negative energy piercing through his shoulder. The anger expressing from her eyes. The sorrow lingering deep within. The combination of both crying out. That soul continuing to resist. Trying to break those shackles upon her.


Ardin stepping back once again in excruciating pain. His body suffering slight paralysis at the impact. The eyes of the maiden expressing hatred. That pain extending from her, the sorrow intensifying her malevolence. The darkness burning even brighter from her.

“—We would have never been married in the first place,” she coldly speaks.

Gathering his breath, watching Cyra walking towards him. Always the proud one, even when so weak, this side of hers, such causing more rage to build inside of him. Extending his blade, negative energy intensely compressing. The demon lunging at the maiden, proceeding to strike at her, his blade connecting to an afterimage. Seeing the image of her slowly fading away, feeling a chill running down his spine. Slowly looking back, seeing Cyra standing with her back facing him.

“Your power is but a joke. I am almost sickened to think you were once more powerful than me,” she calmly runs her offhand through her hair.

“What is that supposed to mean?” he coldly speaks.

“I suppose the better word is elated. Now that you are weaker, you are of no threat to me,” she glances back to him, those cold eyes of hers locking onto his own.

Ardin hanging his head low. Those words of hers sparking even more hatred within him. Always that person trying to stand ever so mightier. The maiden moving further and further out of his grasp.

“Always mocking me huh? Not this time,” he hatefully speaks.

Here she is once again, standing above all, looking down at those below her. In those earlier days, where her power has been inferior, even then this side of hers exists. For certain during the time of his control over her, it has been more manageable. Though now, something is strange, wondering why her power is growing so much. All it seems to be serving is boosting her ego. The halfbreed feeling the malevolence thickening around Ardin. Dark fire surrounding the demon, the flames wildly raging. Cyra calmly looking back, watching the darkness slowly subsiding. There Ardin is standing in his new form, his back facing the maiden.

The head of a fire dragon, and the body of a beast. Scales glistening a dark aura, and the surrounding area slowly withering away. Turning towards the maiden, the devil unleashing an intense wave of fire. Calmly standing there, her malevolence blocking the relentless fire. Darkness surrounding the halfbreed, thickening by the moment, the malevolence widely raging around her like a hurricane.

Ardin taking a step back, from deep within it, the demon seeing a figure growing. His eyes slightly widening, watching black feathery wings extending from the blades of wind, his eyes trembling, seeing a scythe piercing through. The blades of darkness subsiding, the maiden standing there as a giant. The armor of a death angel resting on her body, those blood red eyes glaring down at him.

Raising her massive scythe, swiftly swinging it across the field. Rendering the area asunder, striking at the devil, severing his body in half. Ardin falling on the ground, his eyes open in devastation. Malevolence surrounding the halfbreed once again, the energy wildly raging in every direction. Her form becoming smaller, but in its place nine black wings extending afar. Those blood red eyes showing even more hatred. Cyra soon revealing herself, her skin that of darkness.

Flying over to the devil, landing at his side. Ardin looking up to her, seeing those monstrous red eyes. Those eyes holding no sympathy, only hatred. Her sorrow, the pain deep within. Malevolence thickening inside of her. Those memories in which will never leave her. However so, perhaps she can put an end to this nightmare, and try to move onward.

“Good thing you are dead, otherwise that could have been messy,” she pleasantly speaks.

Looking on, seeing the maiden raising her claw high into the air. His eyes trembling, feeling fear taking hold of him, unable to move to escape such a fate. The eyes of the halfbreed cold upon him. Hatred burning deep inside of her.

“With this...I bury you eternally in my memories...”

Striking down at him, grabbing hold of his head with her claw. Ardin loudly screaming out, her grip intensifying. The devil feeling his body tearing away from the inside out, feeling her devouring his life within each and every moment. The life of the demon slowly fading away, his body dematerializing, turning into a red floating orb of energy. Cyra grabbing hold of the energy with her claw, crushing down at it. His soul flowing into the maiden, assimilating into her body.

The malevolence slowly leaving her body as she stands still, her complexion returning to normal. That golden hair extending long, those gentle crimson eyes carrying much hope inside of them. Her skin no longer part of the darkness, but free once again. Turning her attention towards the door, seeing Valor and Argent. Conflicting emotions are clear within their eyes, uncertain on what measures to take. Looking towards her old friend, a faint smile coming to her face.

“I can always count on you to be right there—”

The maiden glancing back to where Ardin once has been, her eyes perhaps for a moment expressing some sympathy, but that is soon done away with. What she endures for so many years is unforgivable, no matter the fate that has been dealt onto him. This much might have been much too lenient of her.

“—Farewell...forever stay in my memories, and nothing more...” she walks onward.

Cyra walking through those flowery fields. Feeling at ease at last. Those words she wishes to hear for so long, it may have been an illusion, but it is enough. On top of such, finally burying the past for good. There is only one way for her to go now, and that is onward. No matter the trial ahead, she will continue on, even if it means becoming the Bringer of Demise. Valor and Argent soon looking on, watching as the maiden exit through the door towards them.

“Cyra!” Valor and Argent calling out.

“Apologies, I had to set a few things to rest,” she faintly smiles at them.

Valor looking upon her for a moment, noticing she is appearing happier. Thinking on her words for a moment, the deity soon realizing why. After all, it only makes sense, to gain closure. There is much this temple can do, and deep down, Valor knowing his old friend wishes to put a close on her past. Those horrid memories tormenting her.

“I see...” Valor faintly smiling, turning from her.

“Huh?” Argent looking towards them in confusion.

Cyra looking to Argent who is in much confusion, though it has nothing to do with him, so for now it is best that these events remain between her and her old friend. Cyra turning her attention towards Valor, the god glancing back to her. A warm smile extending towards the other.

“Let us hurry onward,” Cyra pleasantly speaks, walking away from the area.

“Okay?” Argent following behind.

“I wonder...would I have done the same...?” Valor wondering, following behind.

I suppose I am satisfied for now. Having said what I meant that night. Even if it is but an illusion. It was a closure I needed. Even so, a life that is dictated by another force is no life at all. I believe I have grown a bit more this night...having terminated Ardin for good, I can finally move further ahead. There are still regrets I hold deeply, but I know that now I can face whatever challenges lie ahead...

—Shrine in the Sunken Temple of Nirva—

Ancient scriptures spreading upon the walls. Statues of worshippers lining all around. A floating crystal standing at the center of the room. A place standing as a defense of the gods. One in which stands as a piece in order to release something truly horrifying. A piece that may even be able to grant one’s deepest desire. Entering that chamber, Cyra looking ahead, stopping in her tracks. Valor and Argent right behind her as well. The maiden looking upon Alastor, who is standing in front of the crystal.

“F—Father...?!” Cyra uttering in shock, taking a step back.

“You have come a long way, Cyra,” he turns towards her with those all too familiar stern eyes.

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