Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 15: Ultima Weapon(Part 2)

Glancing back to her old friend who is looking towards her. Seeing the look in her eyes, knowing well that she will not back down. Even if the chance of victory is almost nonexistent, she has always been the type to grab onto that shred of hope. As such, he will continue to follow her, even into the harshest of battles. Argent looking in the direction Cyra, unable to understand the importance of this event, but he knows that it is something grave. However, he is uncertain why, even though this threat is so horrifying, he is feeling safe.

Cyra looking towards her father. The Tyrant seeing those eyes of hers brimming with hope. Even if it is but a somber morrow, she will continue onward, breaking down one trial after the next. In all honesty, she reminds him of himself in his younger days.

“It matters not if this foe is infinitely stronger than I am. So long as there is a chance, I will grab onto it, and hold on tight. Tell me, is there anyway to close this gap?” she speaks in much confidence.

The Tyrant turning towards the floating crystal. Distantly looking upon it, knowing that it is time that she knows of her past. It has been many years, but this information, in order for her to have a chance of grasping her own future. In order for her desires to become a reality, she will need to know of such events.

“There is a way. Meet me in the Tower of Eternity,” he glances back to her.

The Tower of Eternity, such a place bringing her unease. The maiden uncertain on why. Feeling something deep from her past. One in which is trying to claw its way out. Cyra placing her hand upon her waist.

“Hmm...very well, why there?” she suspiciously questions.

“You wish to know why your mother left, correct?” he turns towards her.


The halfbreed standing silent, remembering her mother’s words in the world of the dead. The time not being right. Perhaps now is the time. Though, one can say it might even cause her some unease.

Some hope is always better than none, and for many years she holds onto such hope. Believing that one day heaven and earth will finally meet again. Where those times can meet with smiles rather than sorrow. Cyra standing in front of her mother. Both faintly smiling towards the other. How long it has been, since she can ever spend any time with her mother. Those many years ago, wondering of where she is. When the whole time she has been looking over the maiden.

“I was a bit worried, but I guess I should not have been. You have always been a tough comer,” she softly speaks.

Cyra slightly looking away, now that she has some time, she wonders on what to even say. It has been many years since she has last seen her mother. The many questions she has, those many answers she desires. The maiden looking towards her mother, placing her hand upon her waist.

“Why did you disappear so many years ago...?” Cyra looking towards the woman with sorrowful eyes.

Her mother looking away, feeling dread deep within her, knowing all too well of the pain she causes the maiden. Those many years ago, wondering what have become of her mother. It must have truly been a difficult time.

“The time is not right yet...” she depressingly speaks.

“Not right? I am at least owed this much mother...” she takes a step forward.

The mother looking at her daughter, knowing all too well that the maiden is deserving of an explanation. However, the woman reluctantly nodding in refusal. The time is not right, not now either way. Though perhaps well in the future the maiden can know. Cyra’s eyes slightly widening, grief clearly expressing from her eyes. The maiden looking away, her head hanging low.

“In time you will know,” she softly assures Cyra.

In time she will know, and it is appearing this is the moment her mother speaks of. Events of her past coming together, necessary information coming to light. In order to combat this frightening foe, she will need to arm herself with as much knowledge as possible. Such in which residing in a place that eternally haunts her.

“The answer you seek will be there,” Alastor calmly speaks.

The maiden looking on, seeing a crimson pentagram revealing itself below the feet of the Tyrant. Cyra, Valor, and Argent looking on, witnessing the pentagram invoking. A red light stretching far and wide. In an instant, the Tyrant teleporting far away from the Sunken Temple of Nirva.

“You never change old man...I will be there soon...” she speaks from beneath her breath.

“He” Argent propping his head in confusion.

Indeed he is mysterious, from her younger days, her father has always been a peculiar one. Ever since her mother’s disappearance. At the time, she has been unable to understand such, but now, the pieces are slowly fitting together.

“He has always been like that,” Cyra distantly speaks.

“I see,” Argent propping his arms behind his head.

Valor turning to the child. Some things are better off only between adults. Such questions the god wishes to discuss alone with his old friend, rather than doing so in the presence of another. Deep within, wondering of how much horror she endures in those earlier days.

“Hey, Argent, can you give us some time alone?” Valor calmly questions.

The child looking towards the god in confusion, unable to understand why. However, seeing the serious look within Valor’s eyes, the child figuring it must be something really personal. Even if it does not make much sense.

“Huh? Okay...”

Cyra and Valor looking on, seeing Argent leaving the room. Confusion lingering inside of the child, but he knows for certain that it is something of importance. Cyra knowing all too well of what her old friend will ask. Such of which the maiden hopes that he will never find out. Cyra and Valor turning, facing the other, whatever comes from this point onward, she will not suffer any surprise. Perhaps it may have been a certain amount of time until he finds out. To have him know, it has been quite difficult. Lying to him for so many years.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he questions, sorrow expressing from his voice.

The halfbreed looking away from him, uncertain on where to even begin. Deep down, such strife she wishes to remain in the eternal abyss. Still, as events are coming together, then certainly her past as well will come to light. The pain never truly going away. The sorrow continuously gripping at her.

“It did not concern you...” she bites the lower half of her lip.

The deity merely looking on, unable to accept that answer. It does not concern him? She has been his closest friend for countless years. To find out that someone that should have been a friend, has been hurting her for so many years. Unspeakable actions, emotions clashing within him. Trying to hold back his anger, knowing that she is suffering a lot more with this. Shaking his head in refusal, the god taking a step back.

“Did not?! We traveled together for many years! Don’t tell me it didn’t concern me!” he raises his voice, sadness expressing deep within his eyes.

Naturally, she expects such a response from him. The maiden turning from him, holding the upper part of her arm with her right hand, hanging her head low. This topic, one in which she wishes to eternally remain inside of her. Something too hard to stomach, but she knows eventually that she will have to face up to it. There is no turning back now, there is only one way forward, and as such, she must keep moving.

“It is a demon’s code. We fight for our freedom, I failed, and that was my punishment,” she glances back to him, sadness extending from her voice.

“Don’t give me know I’d have come running if I had known what he was doing to you!” he speaks, slightly looking away.

Indeed, he will have come running, that much there is no denial of such. Still, in those earlier days, where heaven and earth slowly moves away from each other. Their bond slowly becoming that of a dream. It pains her to think back, knowing the repercussions of such actions.

“I know...”

“Then why?” he questions in confusion, looking towards her.

“Why else? If you made any action, not only the heavens would come after you, but the demons as well,” she responds, her expression lightening a bit.


The god pausing, thinking on her words. In those days, there is no doubt that those of the heavens, and the devils alike will oppose such. No matter where they may have been able to hide, their efforts will have been fruitless. His influence may have been vast, and certainly that might have made things easier, but certainly there will have been a price to pay. Even so, he refuses to believe this. That there remains not a choice, even in those earlier days.

“Or did you forget that only my father knew about our travels,” she glances back to him.

The deity looking away for a moment, knowing that her words speaks the truth. Still, he cannot believe those words. If he had known in those earlier days, then certainly their dreams may have been able to become a reality. To imagine the suffering she endures over those many years, such sending a chill down his spine.

“It would have been fine, there were many other worlds we could have gone to. Only a god have the ability to leave a dimension as they please. I would have only had to deal with the gods coming after us. Which really wouldn’t have been much of a threat,” he shrugs.

Such a response, Cyra expecting this as well. Always trying to do everything. Even in the earlier events, in those times, the happiness in those darkest days. Those emotions bringing back pleasant memories. Even so, the devil has always been one to look on the realistic side of things, knowing well of the possible results.

“Still playing that, ‘I can do everything card,’ huh,” she turns towards him.

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