Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 15: Ultima Weapon(Conclusion)

Their eyes meeting with the other, the god standing silent, expressing clear signs of doubt. Even if he does not have the answer at the time, shouldering such is the least he can do. Knowing all too well of what his old friend will do for him, in the least, he can try and make her smile. When she sees through him, perhaps sometimes he retreats into a shell like a child, uncertain on what else to do, or to say as a matter of fact.

“There are a lot of things you can do Valor, but not even you can take on the full force of the Heavenly Realm and the NetherWorld alone. You know as well as I do that the gods would have given access to the demons to hunt us down,” she softly speaks

The Heavenly Realm, and the NetherWorld, two massive forces locking onto them. Even now they are suffering a small portion of the full assault. The weight of it all may be small now, but if it is the full force of both worlds, he doubts if he can handle this much. However, the deity knowing that his old friend will not relent, even in the face of adversity. His old friend constantly setting that fire, the god continuing to hold onto hope as a result. Even in her years of suffering, the halfbreed continuing to hold on. Even in those times of nightmares. As such, intending to right those wrongs, to continue following in her example.

“Even so, we have tackled many challenges together. I am positive we would have found a way. If there is one connecting point between us. Out of all the other places we don’t see eye to eye, we never give up,” he confidently assures her.

Those words he speaks, the maiden believing him like many times before. A faint smile coming to her face, the deity witnessing her turning from him. Cyra holding her hand to her chest. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, her old friend will certainly find a way. Perhaps her own insecurities after her loss against her father, and having Ardin overpower her so many years ago. Her vision distorting because of this, but not anymore.

“Could things have gone differently...?” she softly questions.


Valor looking towards her, those words leaving him with conflicting emotions. Certainly he wonders if those earlier days may have been able go differently. The god looking upon her, seeing Cyra lowering her hand to her side.

“I always wonder that...”

“You and I both...” he looks away.

The night of their dreadful parting, that night he fails to reach out, and as such, these unspoken emotions eternally lingering within. The devil warmly smiling, turning towards him. Valor looking in her direction, the deity definitely feeling the malevolence inside of her, but it is appearing different this time, almost as if it is at a rest.

“Let us go, old friend,” she brightly smiles at him.

Seeing such, the god returning a similar smile in kind. It is not long until they reunite with Argent outside of the shrine. The boy looking towards the two of them, uncertain on what to make of the situation. One moment things seem tense, the next they appear chipper as can be.

“You two okay?” Argent questions.

Cyra and Valor looking down to the child. Sometimes it is better to leave events unspoken, this much remains true for Cyra and Valor. Emotions can lose meaning once being put into words. Maybe they may not be able to say what it is deep within, but certainly those messages can come across to the other.

“We simply had a bit of closure as the saying goes. I I misreading the situation again...?” Valor looking towards Cyra.

“Hehe, perhaps you are, perhaps you are not,” she walks ahead, giving him a bit of a teasing smile.

"Sigh, you’re such a tease,” he follows behind, scratching the back of his head.

“Those two...I want to ask...but at the same time, I feel like she will tell me to wait until I’m older...” Argent thinks as he follows behind, confusion is deep within him.

Indeed closure it is, her heart no longer feeling in bondage. The malevolence within her finally coming to a rest. Even if it is but a somber morrow, it matters not where tomorrow leads, so long as those dreams can become a reality.

—Heavenly Realm—


The Heavenly Realm, world of the gods, and home to the angels. Odin a god amongst gods himself, sitting upon the throne. Thinking about the current events, knowing well that a great threat is awakening. The deity well aware that no matter how far Cyra ventures, that Valor will follow, which this in itself is a danger to everyone of the Nine Worlds.

“Valor, you have always been a thorn in our side. You continue to follow that abomination. Apologies Valor, but Ultima Weapon will have to silence you and that woman...” Odin distantly speaks.

The door opening far ahead, Odin looking on, seeing Ares entering the room. The god of war walking through the glamorous room. Looking at the statues of the gods, feeling the refreshing breeze coming through the windows all around.

“Preparations have been made, and the vessel for Ultima Weapon is in holding for the transmutation,” Ares informs, standing before Odin.

Odin looking towards Ares, there is some uncertainty, but he knows well that extreme actions must be taken. To harness the power of Ultima will certainly create a benevolent future. Such a future can only come with the loss of blood, this much he realizes, and as such, a strong leader sometimes have to make a regrettable decision.

“Good, just a bit longer. The Tower of Eternity is the last piece left,” Odin calmly speaks.

Ares positioning his arms in a thinking posture. Uncertainty protruding from his eyes, and Odin noticing it all too well. The Godfather urging his servant to speak. The god of war taking a step forward, complying with such.

“Do you really think Ultima Weapon will be enough to kill her?” Ares questions in uncertainty.

Odin thinking on his question for a bit. Ultima is indeed the god of gods as one may call it, but the rate in which Cyra is growing, the calamity that she is becoming, to embrace the seven sins, it is unnerving. However so, Odin continuing to hold strong, believing in the power of Ultima.

“I cannot say for certain, but I am confident it will,” Odin answering with eyes of certainty.

“Very well then.”

That night, Cyra, Valor, and Argent setting up a camp. A long day it has been. Nightmarish events returning to light, and an even more stressful situation at hand. Cyra wondering how she can combat all in which is to come. Those desires she holds, wondering if her resolve will be enough to trample those before her. Still, she pushes such doubts out of mind, embracing the current time. Her desires may be selfish, and for certain she is no hero, but in the least, her vision might be able to do something for others as well.

Cyra and Valor are sitting next to each other by the fire, on the opposite end is Argent. The child is fast asleep. After such a stressful day, the boy is deserving of a rest. Cyra does wish she can provide the child with much more comforting arrangements, but for now they will have to make do with what they have.

“Ya know, I thought taking in a child trained for war would be a bad idea, but it looks like I was wrong fortunately,” Valor faintly smiling.

“Well, you lack the parental instinct. I can spot out an innocent child in an instant,” she glances to Valor, faintly smiling.

“Haha, I guess so,” he agrees.

It feels good to laugh Valor thinks as he sighs. The god looking up into the starry sky, seeing as they stretch all across high above, connecting to each other. Perhaps telling a story one can say. The pattern of it, the gentle breeze. A simple but pleasureful night.

“It feels nice ya know. To have one normal night,” he gently speaks.

Cyra looking up into those same stars, her smile revealing warm upon them. It has been years, and much too long for her liking. The time in which she and her old friend can simply look up at the stars, and enjoy life at a slower pace.

“Indeed, it has been much too long,” she pleasantly agrees.

Her eyes becoming distant. The maiden resting herself against him. The god looking towards her, seeing as she closes her eyes. Dread eternally clawing away at her. Her soul endlessly shouting out. Everything being one long nightmare.

“I just feel so tired...the fighting never stops...” she speaks with a heavy heart.

Ever since that night, where their two worlds divide, things have never been the same. After so many years, at least there is one night where such stress can be put to rest. The deity knowing all too well of the suffering she endures day into day out. However so, now he can only wonder how much more she carries, how much more is remaining away from his line of sight.

“I know the feeling...once you’re’s very hard to get out...” he slightly looks away.

“Hey, Val?” she softly speaks.

“Yeah?” he glances to her.

“When this is over...I want to go back to that place...” she tiredly speaks.

“Of course...”

To return to that special place, where heaven and earth meets. Perhaps this time, things can go differently, such they will continue to hope for, no matter how much time passes. No matter where the future leads, no matter the morrow ahead, there is always hope.

To return to that place once again. Where it all began...where there is no worry, no sorrow. How many lives must I trample over to achieve this selfish desire? One? A hundred? A thousand? A million? I lost track...but there is no going back now. Only when every threat towards me falter...only then will that dream become a reality...

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