Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 15: Ultima Weapon(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

No matter the morrow ahead, even as she floats in that endless darkness, cries eternally in bondage, she continues to press onward. The past slowly coming together, even if the path ahead is but a cloudy one, even within the deepest mist, she will continue to venture onward. That endless darkness that she is floating in, the malevolence that is taking hold of her, the hatred that is deep within, slowly coming to the surface. To reach out, to grab hold, to shout one’s soul.

Gluttony, the will to consume, and continue to devour. An endless hunger to become stronger, hunger to achieve one’s deepest desires. Wrath, the rage in which is existing deep within, relentlessly unleashing upon their enemies. Anger continuing to extend, but within such, there is a gentle bliss. Envy, the jealousy one is feeling, the helplessness of an individual. To want, to desire.

Lust, one who has worldly desires. Sorrow reaching out, an endless nightmare continuing to be a dream, yet they reach out. The maiden floating there in that endless darkness, four of the seven sins endlessly clashing within her. How much further must she go? What must she do to finally end this cycle? Hard to say really, but she does know that she must continue onward. That the path ahead will eventually lead to a light.

The halfbreed slowly opening her eyes, finding herself upon her right knee. Looking around, recognizing that all too familiar graveyard. The wind being so cold, Cyra feeling malevolence all around her.

This time, things are different, the devil knowing this. It is hard to breathe, and the breeze all around her is strikingly chilling. Cyra standing from the ground, taking a moment to gather her surrounding. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, the maiden trying to lock onto this staggering energy.

“It feels all around me...I wonder...” she lowers her arms.

Turning her attention to the moldy path ahead, seeing the icy trail leading a way onward. To want, to desire, having finally put a part of her past to rest, those desires of hers burning even stronger now. Even more so than that, Ultima is well on its way. Yet another trial to overcome. Whatever she must take, whoever she must trample upon, then she will.

Even so, even as she travels deeper into the endless darkness, she will continue to hold onto who she is. That soft heart eternally remaining deep inside. The devil walking onward, following the icy trail onward. Soon finding herself at an intersection. That familiar breaking point where the paths diverge.

Cyra looking down the path to her left, seeing the familiar gateway. Once again it is slightly open, and she can feel the malevolence escaping from it. The time is not right, not yet either way. The last time that mysterious enemy almost catching her. There are still some things to take care of. Turning away from the pathway, the halfbreed ignoring the calls of temptation.

Cyra walking down a familiar pathway, towards the gate leading to her fondest memories. For now she requires some answers, some of which her mother can certainly enlighten her with. Perhaps this time, she can finally meet that mysterious child. If her suspicions are holding true, then certainly she can feel at ease. Knowing well of their state, but as it is standing, she cannot be positive of such.

Cyra making her way down that pathway, looking up to that moon which curses those in its path. That crimson moon eternally causing her strife, where the night is remaining eternal, where nightmares become reality, those endless sorrows continuing to breakthrough. Even so, even if she is the night itself, it does not mean things are hopeless.

Cyra standing before the gateway, looking at it with gentle eyes. Perhaps some conflicting emotions are inside of her, but that is fine. She accepts such, the path she has chosen, everyone makes their own way forward, and as such, even if she becomes the enemy of the Nine Worlds, then this is fine.

A simple desire, everyone can feel such. Certainly she will not be doing so, if those all around does not try to impede her path. However, that is simply it, everyone has their own dreams. Their own desires, and as such, one must fight for their own to become a reality.

Extending her hands forward, the maiden pushing open the gate. The warm light passing through, wrapping around her in a comforting embrace. The devil taking a moment to relish in such. Cyra soon looking ahead, walking onward deeper into the light. Heading to that place of most pleasure.

Wherever the future leads, then so be it. This cursed night, the one that eternally haunts me. Perhaps I have been denying it for much too long. An abomination, that is what I am, and I accept this. Even so, even if I must damn the Nine Worlds itself, all to achieve that desire of mine, then so be it. matter how far I tread in this endless despair, I shall remember who I am...that is what separates me from being a monster...

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