Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 15: Ultima Weapon(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

Those grassy plains endlessly extending. Lævateinn standing tall in the background, and even more so than that. The tree from afar stretching high. The warmth of the sun shining down upon the area. Reynas standing in front of the tree. The woman deeply thinking, knowing well of the situation in the world of the living. The seal in which Ultima Weapon is within, such unnerving her.

Without her presence in the world of the living, certainly the end of days is coming. There is only one hope remaining, but even she is having difficulty believing in the possibility. Perhaps if there is more time, then certainly she can be much more confident, but as it is standing now, Cyra is still awakening to the power deep inside of her. The goddess letting out a troubling sigh. Maria walking up behind Reynas, looking up to her in confusion, wondering what can be troubling her grandmother.

“What is wrong?” she props her head in confusion.

Reynas looking back to the child, uncertain on how to even break the news. The goddess turning in the child’s direction. Thinking on how to even begin the process of such. Time is growing short, and the necessary phases to even combat Ultima is only halfway to completion. Perhaps if she has been able to foresee such events to come, then certainly there may have been a chance to hasten the process.

“It appears a grave threat is on the rise,” Reynas reluctantly informing the child.

Maria taking a moment to process the response, uncertain on what Reynas can even mean. A grave threat is on the rise. The girl having hope that her mother can overcome any sort of challenge there is. Wondering why her grandmother is feeling such distress.

“What do you mean?” she curiously questions.

Reynas closing her eyes for a moment, uncertain if she should even continue to tell the child. Due to the current situation however, there is a reason in telling her. The girl must know in order to prepare herself for the worst possible outcome. No matter how many challenges Cyra might be able to overcome, there is even a limit to what she can do.

“I mean, there is someone that not even I believe your mother can defeat,” Reynas looking down to the child, sadness expressing from the eyes of the goddess.

Maria taking a step back, shock expressing from the child. Those words her grandmother speaks. Desperately trying not to believe those words. The girl slightly looking down, wondering if there really is someone that strong out there. Even if there is, Maria refusing to believe. Reynas watching the child taking a step forward. The girl revealing such determination within her eyes. Maria holding her hands to her chest.

“Mom will win! She always does!” Maria refusing to believe.

Reynas slightly looking away. The goddess knowing of the great feats of her daughter, but in such a case, not even the Nine Worlds together can bring down this foe. Even worse than that, she is unable to return to the battlefield without risking the existence of her daughter. The way this situation is appearing, there is little hope remaining.

“She may possess the blood of both a deity and a devil, but she has not awakened to her full potential, try and understand this,” Reynas softly speaks, looking to the child with eyes of sympathy.

Maria continuing to refuse. The girl holding onto hope. That her mother can overcome this new challenge as well. Reynas can only look on. A child always believing that their parents can do anything. It is not a surprise that Maria will continue to hold onto hope. That the girl will continue believing in her mother. Such innocence really, and even though the chances of success is almost nonexistent, perhaps this once Reynas will believe in the nigh impossible as well.

“Very well, if you believe, I will believe as well,” Reynas smiling at her.

The child hearing those words, smiling brightly at Reynas. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, she knows Cyra will continue to hold on, making that chance a possible reality. That is simply who she is. Reynas noticing the approach of the maiden, the goddess looking past the child. Maria noticing such, turning to see her mother coming closer.

“Welcome, Cyra,” Reynas smiling.

The halfbreed soon standing in front of her mother. Cyra looking down, seeing a blurry image of a child. Her eyes distant upon them, still being unable to make them out. Maria noticing that her mother is looking straight in her direction. Hope shining inside of the girl. Cyra looking towards Reynas, the devil positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

“Mother, I need some advice,” she speaks in uncertainty.

Reynas knowing all too well of why her daughter comes before her, and in all reality, she is uncertain on any sort of possible advice to give. There is only a limit to what someone can do. The goddess much rather to keep her daughter away from the fires of this battle. However, Reynas also knowing well that Cyra will continue to fight on.

“Ultima Weapon, I know,” Reynas speaks, her tone is more serious.

Cyra nodding in assurance in her mother’s direction. It is appearing that this threat even reaches the world of the dead. If there is any chance of victory, then perhaps her mother may have some valuable advice. Any sort of edge against this foe will be most beneficial.

“As it stands now, I do not believe I can win against it,” she places her hand upon her waist.

Reynas slightly looking away, expecting this all too well. Maria looking on in surprise, hearing those words from her mother. The maiden even admitting it herself, that she may not be able to win against this enemy. The goddess knowing that there are ways to turn the battle in her favor. However, these options might not be the most favorable ones.

“There is one way to stop it for certain, well...two ways, but the second is very unlikely at this point,” Reynas informing her.

Feeling the gentle breeze hitting against her, the maiden paying close attention. Two options, and one in which may not be a plausible solution. Either way, these are the only hope she can hold onto at this point. Even if the chances are almost nonexistent, it is still something to hold onto.

“How?” Cyra questions in a more serious tone.

Maria looking towards Reynas, listening for any sort of solution that can assist her mother in her success. The child thinking that perhaps she can do something as well. From their current positioning, it might not be much. However, any sort of answer is better than none.

“The first of which, you have been visiting the reaction points. First the Tower of Time, then the Sunken Temple of Nirva. The last is the Tower of Eternity. All three of these points holds a secret in sealing away that beast, but this is for you to figure out,” Reynas calmly speaks.

Cyra looking into the eyes of her mother. The halfbreed slightly looking down, thinking on her words. Perhaps she does know what her mother is implying. The devil may not care if she makes it out or not, but certainly she knows her desires must become a reality. This is not an option to consider at the moment.

“And what is the second option?” Cyra questions, placing her hand upon her waist.

“Complete the trials, there is one trial in particular that will become a deciding factor. As it stands now, I fear your father will do something regrettable. There is still time, so make haste,” Reynas warns.

Cyra calmly closing her eyes. The maiden turning from her mother. There is still time, and that is all the devil requires to know. Though, how much exactly? Hard to say really. For now, she will continue diving deeper into despair, unlocking which is resting deep inside of her. The halfbreed glancing back to her mother, her eyes gentle upon the goddess.

“Very well assure, I will bring father back to you,” she faintly smiles.

Hearing those words of her daughter. The goddess feeling at ease. Reynas seeing the faith Maria has in Cyra. Certainly bearing witness to the same thing as well. No matter the danger ahead, no matter how fruitless one’s efforts may be, Cyra will continue onward. The maiden looking ahead, heading off deeper into the nightmare. Within such a nightmare, the devil knowing for certain that there is a light at the end of all of this.

Even if the chances of success are minuscule at best, I will take hold of it, and make it into a reality. These desires of mine, perhaps they are selfish, but certainly there is a certain point where it connects to everyone else’s as well. funny really, still...I am no hero, far from it really. Time may be short, but that simply means there is a chance. This threat...I may be uncertain whether or not I will be of success, but certainly I do not intend to give in...

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