Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 3: Those Who Regret(Bonus Scene)

Days so long ago, two worlds once meeting on similar ground. A bond between a devil and deity, hearts uniting for many years. Experiences going on for countless hours, a god following one from ever so far below. Emotions residing deep within, souls soaring in the sky. Pleasureful it has been, no matter so, a dream cannot remain as such. Wind gently blowing within the miraculous night, petals moving in the breeze, a flowery field going on for countless miles. Cold the air is feeling, refreshing it is, that velvet moon ever so high above. Cyra, that maiden cladding in gold. Her noble-like cape extending down the lower half of her back, that feathery helm upon her head. Extending her hand, catching a petal inside of her palm.

Feelings remaining within, a heart paining deep inside. A soul falling towards the land, chains shackling those emotions. That young woman holding the petal into view, gently resting her eyes upon it. Turning her attention towards her right, seeing trees from afar. That maiden moving her vision to the left, that same sight being within her awareness. Distant her eyes are, feeling someone familiar. Glancing back, that old friend standing behind her. Turning in his direction, her eyes meeting with Valor. A warm smile expressing towards him, a similar response returning to her.

“Sorry to keep ya waiting,” he scratches the back of his head with his right hand.

That companion being there, two sharing a bond over the many years. Hearts traveling in the wind, a dream slowly coming apart. Sorrow deep inside, yet happiness in the presence of the other. Two meeting so long ago, growing closer with the passing time. Questions resting on the minds of the other, both dealing with the reality to come. That young woman slowly nodding her head from left to right, holding her hands behind her back. Resting her vision up above, gazing into the starry sky. Delight the young woman is experiencing, that old friend always holding true to his word.

“I simply had some time to think is all,” she softly speaks.

Experiences of the past, blissful it has been. Two sharing in their many adventures, growing closer with each passing day. A deity taking a devil throughout the many worlds, following her wherever her curiosity is guiding her. Emotions ever so deep inside, a heart in agony. A dream slowly crumbling, no matter so, wishing for a way to continue on together. That god resting his vision up at those same stars, soon turning away from her. Valor slightly looking away, well in awareness that this dream cannot keep going on forever. Remembering those words, that moment in the arctic never leaving his mind. Glancing back to her, the devil resting her vision in his direction.

“What were you thinking about?” his voice protruding some interest.

Sorrow slightly expressing from her, a heart paining with each moment. That young woman well in awareness, an old friend wishing for their adventures to continue on. Cyra desiring the same, holding onto those many pleasureful memories. A soul falling towards the land, a heart shackling down. Two worlds once together steadily drifting apart, a dream breaking away with each passing day. Placing her hand upon her waist, that young woman thinking for a moment. A faint smile coming to her face, positioning her hand in a thinking posture, teasingly turning from him. Agonizing it may be, but certainly those concerns can fade away, even if for a moment.

“Oh? Why the interest, hm?”


Even through the harshest of times, both always trying to lift the mood of one another. Companions evermore close, a bond powerfully extending for years. No matter the morrow, even if it is ever so sorrowful, hearts forever being there for each other. That deity turning in the direction of his old friend, that posture well within his awareness. Uneasiness gripping at him, a chilling feeling running down his spine. That young woman being much like a time-bomb, a trap readying to explode at any moment. A devil well in awareness of his concerns, holding onto this dream, even if it is for a bit longer.

“Just curious...” he takes a step back in unease.

Two companions remaining ever so the same, despite the hardships upon them. That wind still blowing, one slowly falling to the land. A somber morrow it may be, yet blissful experiences in the present. That young woman taking a step forward, leaning towards her old friend. Those crimson eyes meeting his azure own, his heart rate intensifying. Her smile evermore faint, that young woman still awaiting his move. Turning to her side, brushing him off with her right hand. Confusion expressing from the deity, over the many years, Valor becoming well in awareness of her many tricks. No matter so, that god being unable in identifying the order she will choose.

“If you are curious and all, then I suppose I can tell you,” Cyra teasingly turning her eye towards him.

Pleasureful it is, tormenting her old friend. That young woman taking it ever so far, her awareness of the distance she can go. That deity always stepping into a trap, but always enjoying her many actions. A bond between two evermore strong, years upon years of traveling together. Times of joy, growing so close over the countless hours. Hearts in pain, souls wishing to truly soar together once again. A dream slowly coming apart, yet the will to resist taking hold. Even if it is for a bit longer, perhaps there may be a way in turning the nigh impossible into an actuality.

“Well...your choice...” he scratches his cheek with his index finger, slightly looking away.

“Life, settling down, just putting this all behind me,” Cyra facing her old friend, gazing at him.

That deity resting his vision on her, a sigh escaping him. That young woman trying to lift his spirit, the god knowing that there will come a time where he will have to go his own way. Despite it all, this evermore painful. A friend ever so valuable, a relationship strong between two. Those adventures slowly coming to an end, a bond being on trial time and time and again. That deity desperately searching for a way, any sort of answer. No matter how unlikely it is, Valor extending his hand in this game of chance. Two meeting ever so long ago, a friendship forming between them.

“Putting this all behind you huh...” he slightly looks down.

That young woman setting her hand out on the field, awaiting for that old friend to leave his shell. Painful it is, time slowly running out. Emotions ever so far inside, hearts wishing to continue on with the other. Words remaining in a lock, agony tormenting them. That young woman holding her hand to her chest, slightly looking away. A dream approaching its end, those wonderful days slipping away. Memories ever so pleasureful, joy of the past. That young woman growing a bit impatient, yet lenient with her old friend. Those feelings extending to each other, movements being in place.


Her head hanging low, that voice of hers evermore soft. A heart continuing to reach, that deity unable to move. A bond between two, reality slowly setting in around them. Valor resting his vision upon her, sorrow expressing from his eyes. Cyra carefully thinking, gripping her left arm with her right hand. That young woman walking up to him, holding her hands behind her back. Those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with the other, Valor witnessing the disappointment coming from her. That devil making her displeasure a bit more clear, awaiting him in meeting her half way.

“How long are you going to wait...?” she slightly looks away.

“Wait...?” Valor turning his vision elsewhere.

Countless hours going by, years upon years. That young woman evermore patient, giving her old friend all the time he is needing. No matter so, that one continuously retreating into his shell. Those inactions paining her heart, yet she is continuing to wait. Two remaining in limbo, those wishing in stepping out of the dream, turning those emotions into a reality. That young woman facing away from the deity, placing her hand upon her waist. Gentle the breeze is hitting against her, Cyra glancing back to him. Those captivating eyes of hers piercing down to his core, that god thinking on his next action going forward.

“Sometimes, it simply takes a bit of courage,” she softly speaks.

“Courage huh...” Valor distantly looking into the starry sky.

“Anyway, let us go...” Cyra walking onward.

Sorrow inside of her eyes, a heart continuing to wait. That dream slowly coming to a close, time running out for them both. That deity resting his vision in her direction, feeling her moving further and further away. One remaining in place, that devil advancing even closer toward the end. Turning his attention to his hand, those words branding upon him. Over the many years, that deity achieving countless feats. No matter so, a bit of courage is in requirement here. Valor lowering his hand, following behind his old friend.

Courage huh...our time together is running out, each and every day I feel us growing apart. There is only so long a dream can remain as such, then reality sets in...if I don’t act soon...then...

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