Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 15: Ultima Weapon(Bonus Scene(Conclusion))

Returning to those grassy plains, where her fondest memories are. Seeing the grassy plains extending ever so far. Only this time, she is traveling with the child she can barely even see. Maria holding onto the hand of her mother, it might not be much, but certainly things are getting better. Knowing that her efforts are getting through to the maiden.

Reynas looking on, seeing them returning together. The goddess warmly smiling at the sight of it. Even now her daughter is learning. Life may knock one down, but it takes real courage to get back up. No matter how many times life knocks down Cyra and Maria, both will continue to rise back up to the challenge. Cyra and Maria soon standing in front of Reynas. The halfbreed looking down to the blurry child, thinking of how they feel so familiar. She can really only wonder who it is, and while she does have an idea, jumping to conclusions is not a reasonable thing to do.

“What have you learned?” Reynas softly questions.

The devil looking towards her mother, thinking on those words. Remembering the reflection of herself. That past eternally haunting her, the dread deep in her heart. Those she will harm in the way of her path forward. All to achieve her deepest desires.

“That I have been running from the past...” she slightly looks down.

Reynas faintly smiling. However slow it may be, progress is certainly happening. Even though the end of days is coming, it is never too late to acknowledge oneself. Cyra looking towards her mother, her expression lightening. The halfbreed feeling relief coming over her. Her heart soft at the base, her resolve strong as an ox. Reynas looking on, finally seeing that daughter once again.

“I have been so consumed with hatred, with these desires...running from the past, that I failed to see what I was becoming,” Cyra softly explains.

“And what will you do now?” Reynas questions, slightly propping her head.

The maiden slightly looking down, thinking for a moment on her response. That trial, the past eternally haunting her. It is not one to run from, but it is certainly one to embrace. A faint smile soon coming to her face, Cyra looking towards her mother.

“I will continue to pursue my desires, no matter how far I must go, but this time...I will not forget who I am,” Cyra calmly responds.

Hearing those words. The goddess accepting her path forward. The path towards becoming the Bringer of Demise. If this is where her resolve is residing, then certainly there can be merits within such. Reynas stepping aside with ease, extending her hand to the tree, looking at her daughter.

“Then go on, make another offering,” she softly speaks.

Cyra glancing to the blurry child, and Maria looking to her mother. The girl releasing the hand of her mother, stepping away from her. Allowing the devil to do what she must. Cyra looking at the tree, slowly reaching her hand back. The halfbreed gripping the handle of Lævateinn. Extending the weapon afar, the maiden walking onward. Cyra stopping in front of the tree, staking the weapon down into the ground. Reynas and Maria looking on. The devil holding her hand to her chest. A mixture of malevolence and divinity both extending from her body.

A comforting light shining from her feet all the way to her head. Golden hair extending long. Aureate grieves taking form upon her legs. Black leathery leggings extending up her legs. Aurous faulds extending from the waist. The same with the gauntlets, breastplate, and the familiar feathery aurum helm materializing upon her head. A noble crimson cape extending from the lower half of her back, shining a royal gold. Clad in that familiar armor, the maiden feeling a sense of ease once again. Cyra gripping the hilt of Lævateinn. The halfbreed watching both malevolence and divinity flowing into the weapon.

Looking on, seeing the two energies spiraling around the sword. The maiden removing the blade from the ground, extending it afar. The sword extending far like a scythe. The back of it coating in black scales, and the steel of it being that of crimson blood. Cyra looking at the weapon, hearing its cry. The maiden faintly smiling, knowing that it has been much too long. The devil turning in the direction of her mother, looking upon her with calm eyes. Cyra placing away Lævateinn, folding her arms, taking a step back.

“I am finished with running. I will tackle the future grasp what I most desire, and I will do so as myself,” she softly speaks.

“Well said, Cyra...” Reynas softly responds.

To embrace her imperfections and selfish desires. The past remaining present within her mind. That dreadful night a reminder of why she is fighting so hard. The maiden looking back to the tree which houses so many pleasant memories. That gentle glow extending from it. Cyra soon turning her attention to her mother once again.

“There is still a chance, to not only stop Ultima, but also to bring back father,” she calmly speaks.

The halfbreed lowering her arms. Everything beginning in the past. The answer residing within it as well. Running from those dreadful days will do no good. To embrace those misfortune, that is the way forward.

“Then I will completely put my faith in you. Are you off so soon?” Reynas speaks in disappointment.

“Yes, I am...I do apologize, but time is growing short,” Cyra faintly smiling.

Reynas knowing that there is not much time to spare, but certainly there is disappointment when a child leaves. The mother hoping to spend a least a moment longer with her daughter. The maiden looking towards the blurry child next to Reynas, her eyes gentle upon them.

“Behave now, I will return soon enough,” Cyra softly speaks.

Maria looking towards her mother, feeling comfort in her words. Cyra’s eyes being upon the child. The girl knowing well that there is much for her mother to do. Certainly there will be a day where those pleasureful times can become a reality once again.


For a moment, the maiden believing there has been a voice speaking to her. Perhaps the sorrow within her is finally coming to a rest. The malevolence that she so relies upon coming under control as well. The devil walking past her mother and Maria. Heading onward, feeling the wind intensifying all around, seeing the area brightening all around her. Reynas and Maria looking on, watching Cyra slowly fading away.

For many years I ran...I ran from that dreadful night. I despised those heart in bondage ever since, but not anymore. After all, I am free. My desires may be selfish, but that is okay...we are all with selfish desires. Even if it is but a somber morrow, I will continue onward, and take hold of my own future. The past is gone, but that does not mean I cannot have such a time once our current existence. Old friend...for all the pain I have caused you...I do apologize. You are truly an irreplaceable companion...

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