Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 16: Big Sis(Part 1)

—A Few Days Later—

Given the events, the stress of it all can take its toll. As such, Cyra deciding that a reprieve is of necessity to maintain one’s confidence. They take a rest in a small town at an inn. For a place so small, the inhabitants are active, bringing a wave of bliss along with it. It is nice really, to take things at a slower pace. To enjoy the gentle breeze and the warm sun. To hear the waves of the nearby ocean.

At the time Cyra is laying around in a recliner chair out on a porch. She seems to be enjoying a book at the time. The maiden can only wonder of the last time she ever has been able read one. Perhaps a bit too long really. Her old friend knowing well of her pastime activities, and as such making a suggestion to pick one up on the way.

A few nights at an inn, that is all she requires. To let it all out, to have the stress and sorrow dissipate. For too long she works without end, falling deeper and deeper into despair. At the current pace, no doubt this pattern will result in death. To even have a chance of combatting Ultima, she will need to set her troubles to rest. It is appearing no matter how many conflicts she resolves, there is another one waiting to take its place. Cyra looking ahead, seeing Argent running around the grassy yard. The child joyfully collecting as many bugs as he can find. The devil faintly smiling, glancing to her right, feeling the approach of her old friend.

“You know you don’t have to worry about him,” Valor speaks, walking up to the side of the halfbreed.

The god extending a cup of tea towards her. The maiden setting the book aside on the table next to her, taking hold of the cup of tea with both hands. Cyra lowering the cup, looking upon it with gentle eyes. Ever so thoughtful, even in the older days. Indeed those days are gone, but she knows well that such a time can become a reality again. Those desires of hers becoming more and more possible with each passing day, continuously driving her resolve. Though this time, she will continue to maintain that soft-heart, stepping out of despair, and no longer remaining in limbo.

“I know, I just remember keeping an eye on Maria whenever she went out to see what animal would come and visit. It is a force of habit,” Cyra informing him.

A natural parental instinct, even if the child is not her own. Valor understanding this well. After all, he may not have a family, but the time he spends with her has been most valuable. There is so much he learns over the many years, down to the simpler things.

“Heh, I understand.”

Both looking at the other with those same warm eyes. Valor can still feel the malevolence within her, but it is calm, happy even. The deity continuing to believe that his old friend is still there, and in turn he is correct. Those beliefs he holds onto, that faith he holds does not go in disappointment. No matter how many times he must fall, he will stand back up, because he continues to believe that things will eventually return to how it once has been.

“By the way Valor, no gambling, mainly because you are terrible at it,” Cyra firmly speaks.

“Oh come on, how bad did the last one go?” he questions, shrugging at her.

The devil looking to him in disbelief, clearly wondering if the god actually believes he can pull this one over her. Cyra knowing him for much too long, and is well aware of his habits. A deity that has an addiction problem when it comes to wagering.

“I had to pay off your debt before you were hunted down,” aggravation expressing from her tone.

Such a day he will never forget. Perhaps he gets a bit too carried away, and having a valuable friend to stop him from going overboard is much in appreciation. The god will never forget how often she will assist him out of a bind.

“And I am eternally grateful for that,” he smiles at her.

"Sigh, please, just no gambling,” she holds the side of her head, looking away.

“Fine...” he reluctantly complies.

Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture, the maiden glancing to him. Cyra knowing he will not give in so easy. As such, an idea coming to his mind. The god turning to her, raising his right index finger with a smile.

“And no extreme skydiving with Argent,” she looks to him rather unamused.

The bright mood of the deity fading away into the depths of darkness. A mind reader she is he thinks. That or the halfbreed has become well aware of his childish tendencies.

“Oh come on! Then what else is fun?!” he gestures his hands towards her.

The maiden continuing to be patient with her old friend. Perhaps he is like an extra child she has to keep watch over. Excitable, and very adventurous. That same lovable side that brought them together so many years ago.

“Take him out fishing,” she looks towards Argent.

Valor turning in the direction of the child who is appearing to be engrossed with his new hobby. So many bugs in such a small place. The god slightly looking away, wanting to do his own thing. Knowing that she will never allow him to do anything reckless with the child.

“Aww...fine...” he reluctantly agrees.

Argent turning in the direction of the devil, running up to her. Cyra and Valor looking on as the child presents his collection of bugs. Argent holding the glass container towards the maiden, expressing clear excitement within his eyes. Cyra looking at the collection, seeing the many insects roaming about, crawling up the glass. Boys are indeed different, finding fascination in some of the most unpleasant things. Though nonetheless, she will support his new hobby.

“Oh? You caught quite a bit,” she pleasantly speaks.

“Yeah! Can I keep them?” he questions in excitement.

“Of course. Hey, Argent, do you want to go fishing with Valor?” Cyra questions.

“That sounds like fun! Will you come too?” he bounces up and down.

The boy may not have a family of his own, but it have not taken too long until he integrates into his new life. Cyra thinking on his question for a bit. Most certainly a child around his age will want to engage in activities with those similar to themselves.

“Come now, I am certain you will have no fun with me there,” she assures him.

“Not true! You two are a blast together, I can’t stop laughing haha,” he brightly smiles.

“Hehe, okay-okay,” Cyra smiling at him.

Cyra standing from the recliner chair, taking a sip of her tea. Never a moments rest it appears, but at least this time it is an activity everyone can enjoy. The maiden looking to the child, lowering the cup of tea.

“Better get ready then, we will leave shortly,” Cyra informing him.

“Okay!” Argent quickly running off.

Valor looking to the devil. The god clearly seeing the child is having an effect on her. Perhaps she has been unable to save her own, but that certainly does not mean she cannot give another a chance to succeed.

“The kid is growing on ya huh,” Valor faintly smiling, propping his arms behind his head.

The halfbreed does not deny such. For a moment, Cyra looking up into the vast blue sky, experiencing the gentle sun hitting against her. The breeze feeling refreshing, a wonderful day it is to be out and about. To simply enjoy life at a slower pace.

“Indeed, though sometimes I think I sound like an overprotective sister,” Cyra smiling, glancing to him.

“Meh, with me around, that might be a good idea haha,” Valor leaning a bit towards her.

“Hehe, so true,” she pleasantly agrees.

Argent soon meeting with Cyra and Valor outside of the inn. The child carrying some fishing equipment, and is raring to go. There is clear excitement in his eyes. Though he soon pauses for a moment, realizing that he does not know how to fish.

“By the way, how do I fish?” he props his head in confusion.

Cyra kneeling to the child, placing a hand upon his shoulder. Argent looking into her eyes in confusion. The maiden knowing full well that children may feel such excitement, that they will eventually realize they have no idea on how to do certain activities.

“It is quite simple. I will teach you, and then you can go fish with Valor,” Cyra smiling at him.

“Cool! Okay!” he bounces a bit in excitement.

“What am I? Chopped liver here?” Valor speaks in disbelief.

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