Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 16: Big Sis(Part 2)

Argent looking to Valor, uncertain how to lightly break the news to him. The boy thinking for a bit, soon figuring given Valor’s nature, that the god will quickly get over it. Well or so he can hope either way. For certain the deity is a special case. A man with the heart of a child. Refusing to ever grow up, remaining that ever so pleasureful person.

“Sorry...but sis is cooler,” he props his head towards Valor.

“Sis? The hell did I miss in these past ten minutes?!” Valor speaks in shock, looking to Cyra.

Cyra standing from the ground, the maiden turning in his direction. The halfbreed proudly raising herself, Valor looking towards her unamused, knowing her much too well. Clearly the maiden managing to pull one over him without his realization. That old friend always one-upping in some way. Cyra continuing in her endless mischievous habits. Once a devil always a devil one can say.

“Face it Val, big sis is more popular than you,” she teases, leaning to him, poking his nose.

“You one-up me when I wasn’t aware huh...” he suspiciously states, his face slightly reddening.

The maiden playfully moving around to his side, the god holding the side of his head in disbelief. This is certainly something that should have been of much expectance, yet it did not occur to him at the time. The signs have been everywhere during the past week or so.

“Hehe, maybe,” Cyra lightly hitting her shoulder against him.

The halfbreed walking off, waving him away without turning in his direction. Valor holding his hands to his chest in frustration. Ever so that old friend, always gaining one over him. The deity refusing to accept such a result, pointing at her.

“Oh this is so not over you devil woman!” he declares, following behind her.

Argent can only look on in confusion, uncertain of their relationship to the other. Are they friends or not? Hard to tell really. One moment they are as close as can be, the next moment these sort of events are happening.

“I can’t tell if they like or hate each other...” Argent speaking, following along with confusion deep inside of him.

Valor pressing forward many questions upon the maiden as they make their way towards the park. The god keeping a time stamp of everything between meeting Argent, towards the revelation not too long ago. To his dismay, she does not directly answer him, the devil continuing to torture him. Argent merely looking back and forth between them, uncertain on what to make of the situation at hand.

It is not long until they arrive at the park. To their fortune, it is appearing to be pretty empty this day. For certain there are a few fishing spots open, but for such a wonderful day, it is a bit odd for it to be so vacant.

Cyra standing by a cliff with Argent, explaining to him the basic functions that will make him able to fish. Valor merely looking on in displeasure, soon turning away, folding his arms much like a child. There must be something he can do to get back at her. Though, if there is anything, he knows he will have to be quite sneaky. Even in the older days, she has always been able to see right through him.

“Now it is quite simple. Once you open the reel, simply get a good grip, motion back, and fire forward,” Cyra explaining.

Cyra demonstrating for the child, and Argent looking on. The boy seeing the line of the rod extending far out into the lake. The boy looking on in amazement. It does not appear too hard to do he thinks.

“Ah, I see!”

The child looking to his rod for a moment, taking note of everything. Soon looking ahead, the boy mimicking the demonstration from earlier. Cyra and Argent looking on, watching the line of the rod extending far out into the lake.

“Just try not to get your line tangled with another one,” Cyra smiling down at him.

“Haha yeah, that would be bad,” he agrees, smiling at her.

Valor turning in their direction, the deity standing from behind. Frustration deep inside of him. Perhaps a bit too competitive he is, after all, the child is not even his own, but something is driving him to compete with Cyra. Valor looking towards his right, seeing a father teaching his son how to fish as well. Since there is nothing else he can do about the arrangements from earlier, he might as well enjoy the day ahead.

Valor walking up to the railing not too far from the father and child. The god looking towards the lake, a sigh escaping his lips. The deity leaning against the railing, thinking deeply on what to do. However, all he can do is hear the father’s instruction towards his son.

“Now you have to be patient. When you feel a tug, and see the bobber go under the water, that is the time to begin reeling in. Though, do it at a steady pace. You have to know when to reel, and when to give it some slack,” Cyra explaining.

“I see, so patience is the key,” Argent slightly looking up, processing the information.

“Precisely,” she confirms.

“Nice one Jimmy!” the father speaks in excitement.

Valor looking on, seeing the child drawing in a sizable catch. The god soon looking to Argent who is appearing to be doing okay. The boy joyously drawing in some small fishes if anything. A simple day it is. Perhaps a bit too normal if anything. Now and then this may not be a bad thing however.

“This one is pretty large!” Jimmy bouncing in excitement.

“I bet you can catch an even larger one,” the father encourages.

Valor looking towards the two, an idea coming to his mind. The deity cannot remain in boredom the entire day, plus it is not like he is causing trouble. At least this is what he is hoping that is. One can say this might be a recipe for disaster. Which in all reality, one may be correct on this.

“Oh yeah? I bet my son over there can catch a larger one,” Valor challenges, pointing back to Argent with his thumb.

Jimmy and his father looking towards Valor. The son looking at the god in confusion, as for the father, he trails the direction Valor is pointing in, seeing Argent pleasantly in a conversation with Cyra. The father merely laughing, hitting the railing. Jimmy is uncertain what is so hilarious. The child seeing the frustration within the eyes of Valor for certain. The deity leaning back against the railing, cooling off for a bit, casually shrugging.

“Oh what? You afraid?” Valor challenges, glancing to the father.

The father experiencing alarm to such, taking a step towards the god. The father slamming his hand down on the railing in frustration. Enduring much offense by the statement of the deity. Thinking that the god is quite an arrogant one. Fire igniting from deep inside of the father. Unable to accept such words.

“Hah? My kid can run circles around yours pal,” he folds his arms.

Valor laughing, shaking his head in disbelief. The god brushing off the father, looking towards Argent. The boy drawing in yet another catch. The deity using this moment as yet another piece to push even further. Perhaps this day might be an exciting one. Fishing is nice, but to the deity, taking things a step further is always of much enjoyment.

“I mean, sure, that is what you believe. If you are so certain, then let us make a wager,” Valor folding his arms, looking to the father.

Jimmy is uncertain on what is going on at this point. For certain there is a conflict between his father and this mysterious man, but he is uncertain on why this is even happening in the first place. After all, it is such a pleasant day for peacefully fishing.

“Oh yeah pal?! You’re on! The bet is five grand!” he folds his arms, glaring at Valor.

Valor chuckling, the god standing straight, turning towards the father. Now things are becoming more interesting. A wager it is, and one in which only one can come out in victory. Two contestants playing for keeps. In the end, only one will walk away with the prize.

“That is more how I like it,” he speaks in determination.

Valor, the deity who seems to cause unnecessary trouble, and the father who believes his son can do much more. Both of these challengers looking at the other with fire burning in their eyes. They turn from the other, walking away. Jimmy following behind his father in confusion, he can gather at this point that a bet is in place, but he has no credible reasoning on why. Valor glancing back, seeing the father returning to his fishing post with his son. The god feeling a chill running down his spine in that moment. His expression growing pale, feeling as if a fist is crushing his heart.

“Crap! She’ll kill me if she finds out I made a bet!” Valor thinking as he panics.

The deity looking to Cyra who is unaware of the events, enjoying her day with the child. Soon turning his attention to Jimmy and the father who are vigorously trying to catch the largest fish they possibly can. Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture, quickly tapping his foot against the ground.

“Okay-Okay...calm’re a god, you can just go kidnap a damn fish, and put it on a hook without anyone realizing it,” Valor thinking, cold sweat running down his spine.

The god turning in Cyra and Argent’s direction. At this point, it is all or nothing. If he fails, there is no telling of the wrath that will rain down upon him. The deity in much desperation now, his heart wildly pounding within his chest. Valor already hearing the voice of his old friend ringing through him. The punishment that is to come as well.

“Yo, Cyra! I’m gonna go for a bit! Be back in five!” Valor waving his hand at her.

“Okay!” she waves him off.

Valor racing off without anytime to spare, the god completely vanishing from the area. A heavy gust of wind rushing through the surroundings. Jimmy and his father looking around in confusion, soon turning their attention towards each other, shrugging at the other. Cyra and Argent looking at each other in confusion. However, they figure Valor must have something of importance to take care of.

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