Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 16: Big Sis(Conclusion)

—Middle of the Ocean—

From deep below the surface, far out into the ocean, Valor frantically looking around. The god seeing many fishes, desperation clear in his eyes. No matter how many are passing by, none can possibly help him to get out of his predicament. Valor knowing that he has to put on his A-game, otherwise punishment is coming his way for certain.

“Me and my stupid gambling addiction. Okay...calm just need to catch a large fish...can’t be that hard, right?”

The deity holding the side of his head, thinking on where he can find a large enough fish. Feeling nearby movements, the god turning around. His eyes resting upon a Great White Shark, the massive fish looking straight into his eyes. Valor blankly staring at it for a moment before regaining some composure.

“Of luck...” he thinks, the color fading from his face.


“Come on Jimmy! Reel in a big one!” the father cheering.

Jimmy’s father loudly cheering him on, urging the child to get an even larger catch. The son continuing to pull in one larger catch after the other. The father folding his arms, glancing around. He does not see Valor anywhere. The father wondering if the god is not going to make true to his word. Then again, he thinks for a moment, realizing that the deity does not seem like such a person. Either way, when Valor returns, the father will ensure a massive catch. Something so large that it will put the god to shame.

“Hmm...this is taking a long time. Am I being too nervous?” Argent questions Cyra.

Cyra placing a hand upon the shoulder of the boy. Argent looking at her, seeing a reassuring smile towards him. A nice activity in passing the time. The child knowing that he has to be more patient.

“No, give it some time,” Cyra assuring him.

When fishing, patience is key. Such Argent is quickly learning to understand. At that moment, from deep below the surface of the lake, Valor is carrying the Great White Shark through the water. The god looking around, seeing many hooks. Valor swimming around, eventually finding the correct one.

“Now simply attach the hook to this damn thing, and my hide is safe...hopefully...” he thinks in unease.

Argent feeling a pull, the force of it being quite heavy. The child struggling against it, feeling the immense resistance. In much alarm, the boy pulling against the force. Though, it is appearing that it is much too large for him to handle. Cyra noticing such, wondering what sort of fish can be out within these parts. The devil noticing the massive ripples.


Cyra immediately grabbing Argent, holding him in place. If anything, at least it will make quite a catch. Argent sighing in relief, looking out to the lake. Reassurance that he will not fall into the depths of the water below.

“Now just reel it in,” Cyra softly encourages.

“Okay!” he speaks in excitement.

The father of Jimmy looking to Argent. Witnessing the massive ripple, uneasiness growing within the father. After so much ill fortune, it is appearing the boy is finally nabbing a massive one. The father hoping that it is no more than a large object.

“It must be a big one...” he thinks.

Much effort indeed the god has put into covering his tracks. After doing such, and more to his displeasure, the deity returning to Cyra and Argent. Valor sighing in quite a bit of relief. The maiden looking towards him in confusion, seeing the god drenching in water from head to toe. Wondering what he has even been through.

“Why are you wet?” Cyra questions.

Naturally a question of expectance. Valor glancing towards his left, then in the direction to the right. Soon enough holding the back of his head, facing the halfbreed with an uneasy smile. Cyra and Argent looking towards him, awaiting an explanation for his condition.

“Ah...kid sprayed me with a water hose...ya know, kids, haha? They do stupid things,” he awkwardly laughs.

“Okay...?” Cyra and Argent looking to each other in confusion.

Perhaps not entirely unbelievable, children can be quite mischievous one can say. Cyra and Argent continuing on, the head of the shark soon revealing to the surface. Seeing such a thing taking the surrounding people by shock. Jimmy and his father speechlessly looking on.

“Woah! A shark!” Argent speaks in excitement.

Cyra assisting Argent in reeling in the shark. The maiden suspiciously looking on. Something definitely does not appear right here. Even more so than this, the shark is no longer alive. Nothing is adding up here. For instance, why is there a shark at a lake? And a Great White Shark that is? And what may have been able to kill it?

Valor pointing to Jimmy’s father, the god proudly laughing. The father holding the railings in deep frustration. Jimmy looking to his father, and back to Valor in confusion. The father soon sighing, accepting his defeat. The man walking up to Cyra who is piecing together the events. The devil upon her knee, carefully noting the condition of the shark. This is definitely outside of a shark’s habitat, and for it to be dead, nothing is making sense. Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture, carefully fitting together the clues.

“Excuse me, you must be the wife,” he calmly speaks.

Cyra looking straight ahead for a moment in confusion, soon looking up to Jimmy’s father. Valor slightly flinching, hoping that things will work out. This is not according to his complex plan. The intention of the deity being to win the bet without any further confrontation. Knowing that his old friend always have a sharp eye for these things.

“Wife?” she stands from the ground.

“Okay...coulda played along ya know...” Valor thinking, his stomach churning.

“Oh? Well, I’m very impressed by his son here who fished up such a magnificent beast. So I will concede, and will pay the fair wager,” he folds his arms.

“Crap...” Valor thinking, losing hope.

The maiden looking to the shark, then towards the lake. Everything making sense now. Why the shark is dead, and why it is within the lake as well. It even explains why Valor is drenching in water. Cyra looking in Valor’s direction, her eyes expressing fury. The deity quickly turning, soon freezing in place. Valor feeling her cold glare upon him. The god quickly praying, hoping for the best, but at this point, he knows that all hope is gone.

“Ahem, mind explaining a thing or two, dear?” she speaks with annoyance in her tone.

The heart of the god skipping a beat, and not in a good way one can say. Hesitantly turning towards her, the devil standing face to face with him. Valor clearly seeing the displeasure in her eyes. His will slowly breaking from her icy glare.

“Um...well...funny story that is...—” he holds his right index finger up with an uneasy smile.

“—What did I specifically tell you?” she interrupts in a strict tone.

Valor flinching at the sound of her voice, much like a child will. The god taking a step back, slightly looking away. Jimmy and his father merely looking at each other, uncertain on what is even going on anymore. Argent propping his arms behind his head, waiting for the punishment to be over.

“Do not gamble...?” he slightly whimpers.

“And what did you do?” she questions, folding her arms.


His reluctance to answer causing some more anger. The maiden raising her right hand. Valor looking on, quickly trying to think of something. The halfbreed grabbing his ear, ringing it hard. The deity feeling an intense stinging sensation.

“Argh! I’M SORRY!!!” he flails around

“This is...normal, sir,” Argent glancing to Jimmy’s father.

“Okay...?” the father looking on, uncertain on how to comment.

Valor soon holding his ear with a tear to his eye. The god trying to recover from the punishment. Looking on, seeing Cyra making her way back to Jimmy’s father. The maiden soon standing before the man.

“I do apologize. There is no need to pay anything out of this childish game,” she places her hand upon her waist.

Jimmy’s father merely looking on in surprise. Wondering why anyone will pass up a payday like this. After all, no one will normally cancel a winning bet. The devil certainly is a peculiar one through his eyes. For certain the father will not be expressing any complaints with this arrangement.

“Are you sure? It was a fair bet,” he holds the back of his head with his left hand.

“Hardly...” Cyra thinking, glancing to Valor.

“Yes, I am positive,” she smiles at him.

Hearing such relieving news, Jimmy’s father thanking her. A foolish decision to make a bet, one in which he himself will learn from. The man soon returning to fishing with his son, both in quite a pleasant mood. In the end, perhaps it has not been so bad. The event having been an enjoyable one if anything.

“Um...sis...did Valor capture a Great White, and kill it to escape punishment?” Argent looking up to her.

"Sigh, yes, you would be surprised on what he will do to cover up his blunders,” she holds the side of her head a bit in agony.

The maiden taking a moment to calm. In all honesty, such actions are not surprising really. Cyra knowing her old friend well by now. The deity becoming carried away within the moment. Such in which is one of the things the maiden has to accept about him. Ever so the child, that lovable goofball.

“Now, Valor,” Cyra turning towards him.

The god looking towards his old friend, much like a child after punishment. Not wishing to escalate things even more than it is. Hoping that there is some way to calm the situation. Having things returning to normal will be nice, but the deity being well aware that his lecture is not over yet. Valor hanging his head low.


“Do you not think this was a bit extreme to try and gain the approval of a child?” she questions, folding her arms.

The god thinking for a bit, knowing the situation is calming. Propping his arms behind his head, Valor taking a step back. Cyra knowing all too well that her old friend is one to bounce back quite quickly. In all honesty, it is one of his better traits. That happy-go-lucky child at heart of a person.

“I’ll be honest with you...your definition of extreme, and mine of extreme are kinda far apart,” he smiles at her.

A sigh escaping her lips, the maiden shaking her head in disbelief. This much she can agree on. Both of them having different definitions on such. Always an adventure with him for certain. That old friend always keeping her on her toes.

“Why don’t we all just fish together sis?” Argent suggesting.

“That is a wonderful idea, Argent,” Cyra smiling at him.

The boy returning a smile in kind. Finally things can get back to normal. The day is still young, and there is still much to do. Cyra walking up to Valor. The deity bearing witness to that proud expression on her face. Valor preparing himself for what is to come. The maiden leaning in towards him.

“Face it Val, I am the favorite here,” Cyra proudly smiling, pointing to herself.

Deep within the god, every fiber of his being refusing to give in. The devil teasingly tormenting him. Valor holding his hands to his chest, taking a step forward. The deity’s resolve burning from deep inside.

“This means war...” Valor speaks with determination.

“Oh? Is that so? Anytime, anywhere, I will take you down,” she winks at him.

Cyra teasingly turning from him, soon heading off. The god following behind her, trying to hold his composure, but it is appearing to be of little effort. Argent laughing, looking on as Cyra riles up Valor. The child seeing Cyra continuously escalating the situation, and Valor no doubt falling into her many traps.

It felt nice, to have a normal outing for once. This will probably be the last time we can just have fun like this. Though, even if it is, these new memories are ones I will always treasure...

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