Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 16: Big Sis(Bonus Scene)

To feel inferior, to have to kneel to such of higher authority. Years upon years of hatred building. Remembering that rainy night. The moon in which curses all shining down in a battlefield. Blood coating the land. A pig devil standing upon his knees, looking up into those calm crimson eyes. Darkness trapping them from deep within. Eternally screaming out in pain. Malevolence building deeply inside of the swine. Hatred for the one of crimson eyes.

Is it true? That those who comes before you are eventually destined to be inferior?

That question continuing to plague the mind of the swine. Malevolence intensely building, lashing out in every direction. One eternally standing higher, those crimson eyes piercing down his very soul.

No...I will not believe this...why is it that we the lower ones must bow to you?

Blood red eyes piercing through the depths of the darkness, malevolence wildly raging in every direction. To not accept such a thing. To surpass the one who looks down upon them. Resolve burning deep inside.

—Heavenly Realm—

Odin sitting upon the throne. His hand pressing against his cheek, his elbow resting upon the handle. His eyes expressing some trouble. However so, as it is standing now, such a risk will be well worth the benefit. To destroy the abomination, to rid the Nine Worlds of a god he deems worthless, all is within a grander plan.

Ultima’s awakening is well on its way, and as such, new possibilities are opening. The trick will be in keeping the genie within its bottle. Freya floating at the side of Odin, from deep within, the goddess doubting him. To take such a risk, all for what? To remain in power? To gain a larger influence? To shape the worlds as he sees fit?

Odin may have more of a leader’s characteristics, but the mentality of such, that is where conflicting emotions are coming from. Valor may be a lot of things, lazy might be another word to say, but he always ensure the state of her beloved home. Freya looking away, holding her hand to her chest. Wondering how far Valor will follow that abomination? Ever since the return of that woman, he has been following her like many years before. However so, Freya can see that Valor is intending to do something about this current madness.

“Hopefully lord Odin sees in time that this is not the right path...” she distantly thinks.

Odin glancing to Freya, knowing all too well that she is finding it difficult to follow along. Indeed The Godfather must make many decisions. Some of which may be reprehensible one can say. Even so, to preserve their home, he will do what he must.

“Freya,” he calmly speaks.

The goddess turning towards The Godfather, facing him. Freya looking at him with those conflicting eyes of hers. Continuing to wonder how far he will go. Wondering if there is any boundary he will not cross.

“Yes, lord Odin?” she answers.

The Godfather looking ahead to the door leading into the throne room. Odin knowing that his actions are indeed unforgivable. There have been many times through his infinite years, events testing his own credibility. Sacrifices having to come into reality. All of such in order to push onward.

“I know my actions are questionable. Though, as it is now, Asgard is on a steady decline. I am doing all I can to maintain our home,” he distantly speaks.

Freya looking away for a moment, knowing that those words speaks the truth, yet she cannot agree with the method of such. Odin may be trying to maintain the home they all know. However, the reasoning of these actions. It is appearing there is no limitation of how far he will go.

“If Ultima goes berserk...then none of us can stop them, you are aware of this, correct...?” she uneasily questions.

Odin thinking for a moment, knowing she is indeed correct on such. If Ultima goes berserk, then certainly there may be no containing this threat. A deadly risk this will be. Though, sometimes one must be irrational. In order to protect what they have now, measures must be put into place.

“I am aware of the risk, but trust in me...” he looks down.


Freya turning from The Godfather, unable to even look at him. The goddess holding her hand to her chest, sorrow expressing deep in her eyes. Odin being far from anything that is worthy of a leader. The goddess desperately wishing for Valor to take to the throne once more.

“Valor...please come back home...we need you more than ever...” she pleads from deep within.

In those younger days, remembering how cheery Valor has been, following around that abomination. Though, in those days, he will ensure to keep things in order. Still, now it is appearing as if he is chasing a dream. Ever since Cyra’s reawakening, everything has fallen apart. The worlds moving closer and closer to ruin, the supreme god continuing to chase after his old friend. Perhaps it is causing her some pain, unable to understand why Valor is continuing to cling onto the past.

Valor...our worlds are moving closer and closer to ruin, and that friend of yours will be the reason for the Nine Worlds being no more. Why will you not let go? Are the lives of trillions if not more worthless to you? Will you sacrifice so much for a single person?

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