Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 17: Those Who Are Inferior(Conclusion)



Cyra entering into that all too familiar bar with new company this time around. It is as she suspects, the devils are long gone. The bar being empty, no sound other than some creaking from the floorboards, and maybe even some from above. Ryan recognizing an all too familiar face. The devil sighing in relief, soon giving a wave towards her. Cyra soon standing by the counter. Valor and Argent are a few feet behind her at the time. They take a moment to look around their surroundings. Cyra’s eyes expressing only sorrow, seeing her home in such a state.

“ is as I suspected...the demons have all fled,” Cyra distantly speaks.

Ryan folding his arms, letting out a frustrating sigh, knowing well that his business might be done for. Though, even more painful than that, seeing so many leave, it is like witnessing a family breaking apart. Everything crashing down all around him, unable to do anything to maintain such blissful experiences.

“Cyra, it was complete madness earlier. Devils screaming the end of days is coming, what the hell happened out there?” Ryan holding the back of his head with his right hand.

The end of days, this is seeming about right. After all, everyone is standing upon their last feet. One last attempt to resist total annihilation. It is unnerving really, like a frightening force crushing down. Almost as if one cannot breathe.

“Ultima Weapon...” Cyra looking towards Ryan with brooding eyes.

Hearing those words, Ryan’s expression immediately turning pale. The ghoul taking a step back, of all things out there, he wonders why such a beast will come. Though, it does make sense. Ultima Weapon possessing the necessary power to erase all of the Nine Worlds.

“Ultima Weapon...?!”

“Why did you still remain here? Why didn’t you run like the rest?” Valor questions, walking up to Cyra’s side.

Ryan looking towards him, slowly calming from his shock. A reasonable question this is. While everyone will much rather save their own hide, he cannot do such a thing. After all, the memories of this place, and even more so than this, a location of belonging.

“I had a feeling she would return here, so I kept in place. This place is her home, and she is a valuable member,” Ryan explains.

Cyra slightly looking away, despite the horror, Ryan has always been a most reliable one. Argent looking in the direction of the halfbreed. The bar certainly does not seem to be in the best condition, but it is a home nonetheless. Even if it is not the best place in the Nine Worlds. Everyone has somewhere they can call a home.

“I see...” Valor slightly looking away.

Cyra shaking away the emotions, the maiden looking towards Ryan. Even if the worlds are falling apart. This one devil will continue to remain, holding the place together for her. This bar is the only place she can really call home.

“Ryan, I need to know of any information involving Ultima Weapon,” she positions her arms in a thinking posture.

Ryan scratching the back of his head with his right hand, looking away. The demon thinking deeply on a logical solution. Defeating a god of this magnitude is seeming impossible, but he knows that if there is one exploitable weakness, then she will take advantage of such, and find a way to bring about success.

“Any sort of weakness will be of much appreciation. Stopping the resurrection seems impossible at this point,” she places her hand upon her waist.

“Ultima Weapon...its only weakness I can think of would be the vessel...” Ryan speaks in a slightly shaken voice.

“Vessel?” she looks on more closely.

Perhaps this is the break she needs. A vessel is something to contain a soul within. There still might be some hope. Trying to defeat a foe such as this directly will no doubt lead to her defeat, but if there is some kind of leverage, then certainly there is a chance.

“Right...Ultima Weapon needs a vessel in order to walk this land. Its a god even above myself,” Valor informing her.

Cyra glancing to Valor, taking into account his words. If it needs a vessel to walk, then destroying the vessel will be enough to stop it, but this is still a long shot. However, at least now there is a slight chance of success.

“So you’re a god that’s trying to prevent its awakening? Man these worlds are so backwards now. Demons are good, angels are pricks, gods are not too far from that either. I just want things to go back to normal, sigh" Ryan expressing stress from his tone.

“Ryan, if I destroy the vessel, will that stop Ultima Weapon? Even if I cannot defeat it?” she places her hands upon the counter.

Ryan looking towards her, seeing that determination within the maidens eyes. This does not surprise him in the least. Even if the chances are astronomically low, she will grab hold of this chance, trying to make it into a reality.

“Theoretically, yes, but that’s all that I can answer truthfully,” he slightly looks away.

Valor deeply thinking, the deity positioning his arms in a thinking posture. There might be one more thing that can help turn the tides of this war. The chances may indeed be low, but certainly there is hope. After all, he has been given the title of supreme god for a reason.

“Still...Ultima Weapon will also need great hatred as its base to be a vessel...I get it now...” Valor lowering his arms.

“Get what?” Argent questions, looking in Valor’s direction.

Cyra turning towards Valor. If there is anymore information she can use, then anything will be of great appreciation at this point. This beast, making its way into her life, and even destroying her new family, such an action will not go without punishment. Even if it is but a somber morrow, she will continue on, grabbing hold of whatever hope there is.

“Explain,” she speaks with interest.

Valor looking towards her, folding his arms. Ryan turning his attention towards the god with interest as well. There might be a chance after all. Valor knowing that his old friend is not one to rollover so easily.

“The gods wish to rid mainly you from the Nine Worlds. They will need someone who holds great animosity towards you to make this work. Hatred has to be on a concentrated point, and within some part of reason. Though, that reason could be anything really,” Valor explains.

Cyra slightly looking away, thinking on his words for a moment. Since the hatred must be towards her, then certainly this might make things easier to deal with. There are many unforgivable things she has done. To an enemy, it matters little on who is suffering from the crossfire. At least this way, the damages can be of limitation.

“Hatred towards me...good,” she calmly turns.

“How is that good?” Ryan questions in confusion.

The halfbreed looking towards Ryan. Valor and Argent turning their attention towards her. Valor knowing well that she will rather take on the hatred herself, that is simply who she is. No matter how far she falls into despair, her soft heart always winning out in the end.

“With hatred directed at me, it means everyone else will be safe from least until I am dead. What does bother me though is specifically who holds this hatred,” Cyra speaks in a conflicting tone.


Cyra thinking for a moment. The maiden thinking back to her meeting with that swine ever so long ago. Now that she thinks about it, the swine does appear familiar. That face, that attitude. Her eyes fixating closely on the situation at hand.

“Mark my words! One day! You will die by my hands!” he yells.

“And I will be waiting for that day,” she calmly speaks.

The eyes of the maiden slightly widening. Cyra continuing to think back even more, remembering her encounter with this swine, the one who hires her for a job so long ago. A conniving one this pig has been.

“You the bounty hunter?” he utters.

The maiden turning in the direction of the swine, taking a moment to observe him. Clearly this is no condition for anyone in the slightest to be outside, so why does he confront her? Maria suspiciously looking on while maintaining a calm demeanor.

“Whose asking?” she folds her arms.

The swine turning towards the bar, the maiden glancing in the direction. The pig soon returning his attention to the maiden, their eyes meeting with the other. In the cruel NetherWorld, one must never trust another. That is one of the main rules of survival.

“The bartender Ryan told me about you. So I figured I would hire you,” he explains, holding his hands behind his back.

This is no coincidence, it is appearing the swine does intend to make true to his word, even if it means damning all of the Nine Worlds in the process. The connection from the past and present. Everything coming together in this final moment.

“Hey Ryan, what happened to that client who originally hired me?” Cyra questions in some urgency.

“Who? Reed? That guy fell off the face of the NetherWorld after you spoke to him with your gun,”he folds his arms.

“Ever heard of normal communication skills?” Valor speaks to Cyra rather unamused.

“Never-mind my communication skills. However, he has always been eating away at me...I never trusted him from the moment we met,” Cyra states, places her hand upon her waist.

Now it is making sense, the reason for hiring her, the reason for waiting so long until showing up again. It has all been part of a larger plan. The maiden feeling like a fool for not realizing such earlier, but that is in the past, and there is still time to put an end to this madness. The will to resist, the resolve to oppose. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, she will continue to push against the ravishing tides.

“So you’re thinking Reed might be the one who holds great hatred towards you,” Argent speaks.

“It is very likely. Those from my bloodline have never been fawned over, or at least not in a good way. For now we head to the Tower of Eternity,” she glances to Argent.

“Why there?” Ryan positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

“It is the final point needed to activate Ultima Weapon. Also, my father has something he wishes to share with me. Either way, it is time to bury the past for good,” she explains.

“Well, before you go, why not take a rest? Have a drink or something?” Ryan offers.

Cyra glancing to Argent, figuring jumping into the battle so soon will serve no good. There is some time for a bit of relaxation. After all, this boy is now within the battle. All she can do is try to keep him safe.

“Very well. Argent, anything you would like?” Cyra questions.

The child thinking for a moment. There are certainly many things he will like. However, he is well aware that they are all short on time. After taking some time to decide, the boy moving a step forward. Something more sweet and full of energy will be enough for the child.

“Some fruit-punch will suffice,” Argent smiling.

“Coming right up!” Ryan joyously speaks.

Reaching underneath the counter, Ryan taking out a glass, setting it out on the table in front of him. Afterwards, the ghoul retrieving a bottle of fruit punch, pouring a glass full of it. The bartender soon sliding the glass forward towards the boy. To him, anyone who comes to this bar is family, including the child. One in which is under the watchful eye of the maiden.

“Also, a sundae for the kid,” Cyra states.

“You got it,” Ryan smiling.

Valor thinking for a moment, and a sundae does sound good. The deity raising his right index finger, Cyra glancing back to him. Knowing him all too well, of what is hanging upon his mind. A simple one this god is. Innocence in comparison to that of a child. However, perhaps this is what makes his presence such an enjoyable one.

“You are not a kid,” she is unamused.

“You’re no fun ya know that?” he lowers himself in disappointment.

"Sigh, and one more for him,” Cyra speaks, covering her face with her right hand.

“Yes!” Valor bouncing a bit in excitement.

“Haha, clearly a lot happened,” Ryan laughing.

Everyone enjoying the peace for the moment. Engaging in conversations, telling jokes, and simply embracing the time they have. The end of days is at hand, and certainly this does give every right to panic, but still, it does not hurt to simply enjoy life at a slower pace at times. Cyra turning, placing the money down on the counter.

“If we do meet again Ryan, make sure to put down the heaviest drink you got,” Cyra speaks, heading onward.

“You got it!”

“Heh, I think I might need one as well,” Valor faintly smiling, following behind.

“Wait up sis!” Argent quickly trailing along in excitement.

Ryan looking towards them, the ghoul laughing at the sight of it all. Indeed things have been grim, however, there is always hope in the deepest of darkness. The maiden walking onward, Valor following on ever so faithfully. Argent walking beside her. The weight of it all may be crushing down upon her, but that is fine. After all, it is not the first time such will be extreme upon her, and certainly not the last, one might say.

Ultima Weapon...a weapon of destruction...the ultimate weapon of the gods. Will I survive this? Probably...probably not. I suppose my time has been long gone. It matters little really. Though, there is no going back now. My life has more meaning now, and reason nonetheless. This will be the ultimate test of my potential. An all or nothing gamble. You know...I kind of like it this way...I wonder if it is simply my demonic blood at work. Even so, I suppose this is my punishment for the unforgivable sin I had committed...

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