Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 18: Eternal Reason(Part 1)

—The Past Revisited 2000 Years Ago—

—Tower of Eternity—

A place void of reasoning, where time and space endlessly seeming to go on. An abyss continuing on and on, driving those who dare to enter through the gates to madness. One of the three reactor points, within these reactors resting a horrible secret. One who is worthy, one who can dive through the deepest depths of despair, they may obtain a single wish, but at a price no doubt. Resting deep in the endless abyss residing a deity above all else. So is the wish worth it? Hard to say really.

Running through the endless void is the Tyrant, desperation expressing from his eyes. The demon making great haste towards Reynas, the goddess standing in front of a floating azure crystal. The Tyrant looking around, seeing malevolence in every direction, feeling the energy directing at her.

“Reynas! There has to be another way!” Alastor desperately speaks.

The goddess closing her eyes, expressing such pain. Reynas soon opening her eyes, glancing back, seeing the Tyrant breaking through the restraints the tower places upon him. The woman turning in his direction, seeing his burning resolve.

“You and I both know that there is no cure for our daughter’s condition,” she speaks with depressing eyes upon him.

The Tyrant shaking his head in refusal, seeing pure white energy slowly surrounding Reynas. Witnessing such, his eyes slowly widening, perhaps fear the demon is feeling. An emotion that has not been known to him until this moment. The devil desperately wishing to hold on, unable to accept this.

“And you think giving yourself up to Eternity will save her?!”

The crystal reacting towards the desires of Reynas, the object beginning to glow a pure bright light. Reynas turning, facing the crystal. The goddess holding her hand to her chest, hanging her head low. The woman knowing how hard this is on the Tyrant, but more so, wishing more than anything to save the life of their daughter.

“I have to believe. It is a natural thing for a parent to do, and you know this,” she depressingly speaks.

The Tyrant making his way towards her faster and faster. Refusing to let go, even if it is without reason, such he cannot believe. Reason? Who needs such, there is always another way. The life he forged with her, this is something he cannot give up. There must be another way. The devil reaching for Reynas with such desperation, a powerful force pushing him back.


The Tyrant skidding back upon his feet. The impact taking him by shock, soon regaining his composure, looking forward with eyes of unease. Uncertain on what is even happening here. That powerful impact which is even enough to knock him away.

“Wh—What is this?!”

“The offering to Eternity has been cannot do anything, Alastor,” she softly speak, glancing back to him.


Alastor standing there, uncertain on what to do. There she is, being so close, yet he cannot reach her. Time is running out, and the Tyrant is beginning to lose hope by the moment. However so, the demon refusing to give in.

Reynas turning towards him, the devil looking on, seeing the tears in her eyes. The Tyrant seeing her smile, his vision upon her tear falling below. Witnessing her tear hitting against the ground, a mesmerizing light encircling her, his eyes trembling at the sight. Alastor looking on, seeing Eternity slowly consuming her. His eyes trembling, seeing stardust rising into the air.

“Dammit! Reynas!”

The devil gripping the demon sword Lævateinn with great haste, frantically striking the barrier. The malevolence thickening, repelling each assault that the Tyrant tries. Though, the demon continuing to press on. There must be a weakness he thinks, that it cannot be hopeless.

“You cannot defy the will of the gods, Alastor. It is a miracle that they will accept this offering, even if I am of divine blood, our child is an abomination. Please, stop fighting,” she faintly smiles.

“How can you ask that of me?!” he yells, tears coming to his eyes.

The devil staking his blade into the ground, desperately pounding the barrier with both fists. Each strike being to no avail. The demon looking around, trying to find anything that can break him through, a void of nothingness extending for miles on end. Alastor hanging his head low, his heart quivering. The fists of the Tyrant shaking in aggravation.

“She still has a father, and even though I will be gone. Will I truly be?” she gives him a bright smile.

Alastor looking towards her, seeing that smile. His eyes widening, the Tyrant slowly falling to his knees, watching his wife fading into stardust. The goddess soon disappearing before his very eyes. Stardust illuminating the endless void. His eyes twitching in devastation. The devil hanging his head low, soon raising it high. The Tyrant loudly screaming, pounding the tiles around him with his fists. The area tremors from the immense force.

—Present Time—

—Tower of Eternity—

Alastor standing in that all too familiar room, looking at the spot where his wife spoke her final words in those days. That day still causing him nightmares, the feeling of helplessness. All because of their child being an abomination. Reason? There is no reason in tearing apart a family. There is no reason in her losing her life. For all the sins in his earlier days, he continuously thinks that it should have been him. In those days, the Tyrant constantly wondering if such is his punishment. However, if it is, then there is no reason for that to happen. After all, the demon knowing Reynas does not deserve such a fate.

“She’s just like you. Carrying your will of reason. Though, she is also like me, being rebellious to the end. Heh, I know you would be proud of her—” he turns, looking ahead.

“—Even I will have to face up to the wrongs I have done in my life. Though, first...I believe she should know why you disappeared so many years ago...”

The Tyrant looking on, awaiting the arrival of his daughter. Perhaps such events will not have to repeat, but deep down, the demon also knowing of the unforgivable act he will commit. For years he distances himself from his daughter, more for her safety than anything else. Though now, without having a choice but to confront her, the Tyrant feeling dread, horror returning from those endless nightmares.

From the lowest reaches of the Tower of Eternity, Cyra, Valor, and Argent entering. They look on, seeing the endless space, watching stardust floating along the void. Cyra looking on, holding her hand to her chest, feeling as if something is shooting right at her heart. The feeling of dread, that is what she is experiencing. Though, she wonders why.

“You okay?” Argent looking to her in concern.

The maiden looking around, seeing stardust slowly circling the area, feeling the negative energy in every direction. The wave of malevolence crushing down at her. Normally, she will be able to handle this, but this time, it is different. It is feeling as if she has done a great wrong.

“I wonder why...I feel guilt...” she looks on with painful eyes.

Valor looking to his old friend for a moment, the god thinking for a second, soon looking ahead to the endless void. Knowing well of what the Tower of Eternity may hold, he can only make assumptions in the possible connections she may have to it.

“Guilt? Well...the Tower of Eternity holds many secrets. Perhaps something happened here to indirectly affect your life,” Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

“I wonder if that is why father called me here...” she looks ahead to a light shining at the center of the room.

Argent looking on, clearly seeing the distress in her eyes. Even her posture revealing to be more tense. He can only wonder what is eating away at her so much. Valor on the other hand, he has an idea, figuring this might be yet another trial for her to take. Cyra walking ahead, and Argent taking a step forward in concern, the child reaching his hand towards her. However, Valor extending his arm, blocking the path of the boy. Argent looking to Valor much in confusion, the deity turning his attention to the child, slowly shaking his head in refusal.

“She has to do this alone. Do not interfere. We are merely spectators here,” Valor gently speaks.

“But...what if she needs help?” Argent looking towards her in unease.

Valor looking in the direction of the maiden, seeing her moving closer and closer to the light. Whatever is eating away at her, this is the time to put these troubles to rest. After all, with the end of days fast at hand, facing up to the darkness lying deep in one’s past is essential.

“Cyra has never been the type to rollover and die, she will be fine,” Valor assuring him.


Cyra extending her hand, soon stopping herself, wondering if this is really what she wishes for. Deep down, every part of her screaming to turn away, but she knows that she cannot flee. That there is something of great importance that she must unravel. The devil shaking away those emotions of doubt, soon touching the light. The warmth of the light enveloping her, the energy teleporting her to a different part within the endless void.

Cyra soon standing in an all too familiar place. A room which has once been her own in her days as a child. The halfbreed standing there in a corner, looking at her younger self laying in bed, perhaps an inch away from her life slipping away.


The child can only weakly look on, seeing as her mother can only offer a hand of comfort, and that familiar smile. Cyra remembering this day all too well, this dreadful day. Though, she can only wonder what the purpose is of replaying this horrible scene from her past.


“Cyra, how are you feeling?” Reynas warmly smiling at her child.


Reynas knowing well that Cyra is in a much worse condition than she speaks. That the child only speaks as to try and alleviate concerns. The goddess knowing that the illness within her daughter is much more grave, this deeply paining her. Even so, she has to try and keep things together. After all, whatever hope she does have will be taken away if the child knows the true severity of her illness.

“Don’t worry, you will get better one day,” she speaks in a soft tone.

“But...they illness is not curable...” she depressingly responds.

Reynas looking away for a moment, the goddess thinking for a bit, that all she needs is a bit of time. Nothing more. Reynas looking towards her daughter with those warm eyes of hers. The mother still holding onto hope.

“Don’t listen to them Cyra, so long as you still breathe, you can come back from even the most hopeless of situations,” Reynas assures her.


Cyra slightly looking away. The child soon turning her attention towards her mother, the girl continuing to believe the words of her mother. The child watching the goddess turning from her.

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