Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 18: Eternal Reason(Conclusion)

Reynas hanging her head low. Time is running out, and the illness is fast approaching in taking the life of her daughter. If there is any hope remaining, then there is one place she can turn to. Perhaps she may have to reveal the birth of her daughter, but if it will save the life of her child, then that much will have to be done. Even if it might mean an eternity of conflict upon Cyra.

“Mommy? Where are you going?” Cyra curiously questions.

“Mommy found a way to make you better. She just wanted you to know that before going to get the medicine,” she smiles back at Cyra.

Cyra looking to her mother, feeling a mixture of excitement and disbelief. If even the best of doctors are saying that her illness is incurable, then what medicine did her mother find? Such the child is wondering about, that she can go back to joining her family with many joyful activities.

“Really?” Cyra speaks, a smile coming to her face.

“Really, just you wait now,” Reynas assuring her.

Reynas slightly looking away, her expression changing to that of grief.


The child looking on, seeing her mother walking further and further away, awaiting the return of her mother. For them to actually be a family again, such bringing her much joy. The dimension around Cyra distorting once again, the maiden soon standing in that endless void. Cyra turning to see Valor and Argent. It is clear to her that they also have bear witness the events of her past. This is something she eternally keeps within her, an event better to leave in the past, and continuously move on.

“She never returned that day...” Cyra looking away with a heavy heart.


They look on, seeing the halfbreed turning to another pure light. It is clear that these events are recalling painful times in her life. More specifically, when everything begins to decline. Such times will remain nothing more than a memory, and as such, she finds it easier to turn away, than to face it. However, it is appearing that this tower will not allow her to flee from the past this time.


“I am well, Argent,” she walks onward.

“Did she really...?” Valor distantly looking away.

Cyra looking upon the pure white light for a moment, feeling the warmth of it, but also feeling the sorrow from within. The maiden hesitating to continue on, soon slowly shaking her head from left for right, knowing all too well that she must revisit the past. Cyra touching the light, the area brightening around her, teleporting her to a different room.

Cyra looking around, realizing this familiar darkness. The devil standing in a corner, looking at her younger self sitting on the bed within her room, patiently awaiting for her mother’s return. Excitement is within the child, and the illness appearing to be completely gone. The door opening, and the girl looking on, her smile shifting to that of confusion. There she sees her father standing with his head hanging low. The child wondering what can possibly cause her father despair.

“Daddy?” she props her head in confusion.

“Hey, Cyra,” he fabricates a smile towards her.

His tone, and also the way he speaks to her is strange to the child. Normally, he will refer to her as ‘princess,’ but this time, he does not. He only ever speaks her name, when there is a problem. This is how the child knows when there is something of severity.

The girl also noticing something is amiss. Normally, her mother will be with her father, or the same in vice. She has only ever known them to be together except in select few situations where some event calls for one or the other. In such a case, she is well informed beforehand. This striking the child with unease. Cyra running up to her father, wishing for answers.

“Daddy? Where is, mommy?” she questions.

“This night...” Cyra distantly looking on.

Alastor can only look at his daughter, seeing the confusion in her eyes. It is hard to know where to begin to explain that her mother will not be coming home. The devil slowly inhaling and exhaling. The child looking into the eyes of the Tyrant in confusion. Watching him placing a gentle hand upon her head. This is another action that catches the girl’s attention. Her father always does something like this, when he is trying to break some kind of bad news. The child trying to prepare herself for the worst, whatever it might be.

“Your mommy is a better place now,” he struggles to speak.

“Huh? Gone?”

The girl looking at her father, unable to understand those words. Her mother is gone? To where? She will come back, right? This is all the girl can think, that perhaps things are not so bad, or so she hopes to believe.

“Yeah...your mommy had to leave us,” he speaks, tears coming to his eyes.

“Why? Daddy? Why are you crying?” she touches his face with both of her hands.

Unable to understand why her father is shedding such tears, why her mother will not return. There is certainly a connection. All of this information hitting the girl like an avalanche. Her father shedding tears, her mother not returning home, there are many questions inside of her.

“I’ll tell you when you are older, just know your mommy made you all better,” he slightly looks away.

Here the child is, ready to show her mother that she is all better now, that she no longer feels sick, in pain, or any of the symptoms from before. This night, she so wishes to make up for the lost time, but it is appearing such desires will have to go without fulfillment.

“Will mommy ever comeback?” she questions with sadness in her voice.

“Probably was your daddy’s fault after all. I’m so sorry...” he hangs his head low, a tear hitting against the ground.


The child looking on, wondering what he can mean. The girl knowing her father will never do anything to harm her mother, so why does he blame himself? Cyra remembering this night all too well, looking on as her father tries, seeing him trying to explain why her mother will not return. The dimension distorting once again. The maiden standing in that endless void, her head hanging low. Remembering that night, that night in which has been the start of a chain of misfortune to come.

“Never I know what you meant. I had an idea for the longest while, but I wonder why I even held onto that string of hope. I understand now...what mother meant when she wanted me to bring you back...” Cyra distantly holding her hand to her chest.

“Your mother...she...” sadness overcoming Argent.

“I know...equivalent exchange...a life for a life. ironic really...” a painful smile expressing from Cyra’s face.

Valor looking away, knowing all too well on why such events are playing out. A life for a life. In order to have something of great value, something of equivalence must be given. In such a case, her mother giving up her life so that Cyra can continue on living.

“The Tower of Eternity will grant your deepest desires. Yours no doubt would be to know what happened to your mother,” Valor distantly speaks.

“How come it doesn’t affect us?” Argent questions Valor.

“Not sure, it’s as if a certain force specifically wants to show her something,” Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

Cyra glancing back to Valor, thinking on his words for a bit. Certainly this does make sense. Why the tower is only revealing her past. The maiden can only wonder if someone is intending for this. For the time being, the devil looking ahead to a warm light, seeing it slowly becoming brighter.

“I think I know what this one will be about...” Cyra walking onward, her heart in bondage.

“Sis...” Argent looking on, unable to do anything more.

Valor looking away without uttering a word. Knowing all too well that she must face the truth at the end of it all. There is nothing he can do, no matter how much he tries. Cyra will have to look into the past, and discover the answers remaining deep in those days.

Cyra touching the light once again. The light expanding, enveloping her. Once more, the tower transferring her towards another memory. This time though, it is not one of her own. Cyra standing there, seeing her father striking a barrier keeping him from her mother. The maiden seeing her mother fading away, her eyes widening in devastation.

“You cannot defy the will of the gods, Alastor. It is a miracle that they will accept this offering, even if I am of divine blood, our child is an abomination. Please, stop fighting,” she faintly smiles.

“How can you ask that of me?!” he yells, tears coming to his eyes.

The devil staking his blade into the ground, desperately pounding the barrier with both fists. Each strike being to no avail. The demon looking around, trying to find anything that can break him through, a void of nothingness extending for miles on end. Alastor hanging his head low, his heart quivering. The fists of the Tyrant shaking in aggravation.

“She still has a father, and even though I will be gone. Will I truly be?” she gives him a bright smile.

Alastor looking towards her, seeing that smile. His eyes widening, the Tyrant slowly falling to his knees, watching his wife fading into stardust. The goddess soon disappearing before his very eyes. Stardust illuminating the endless void. His eyes twitching in devastation. The devil hanging his head low, soon raising it high. The Tyrant loudly screaming, pounding the tiles around him with his fists. The area tremors from the immense force.

“If only I was stronger...some Tyrant I am...I can’t even save anyone...!”

If only he has been stronger, then perhaps such an event might not have even happen. He can only wonder such, pounding the ground in aggravation, his tears flowing out. Perhaps in his older days, where his actions are so reprehensible, then certainly he will deserve punishment at some point. Though, he can only wonder, why her? Nothing is making any sense. An existence with reason? Hardly, logic? Perhaps, though definitely there is nothing reasonable about this.

“Father,” Cyra looking on with such depressing eyes.

“Dammit, Reynas! Just how am I supposed to tell our daughter her mother is never coming home?!”

Alastor looking ahead, expecting some kind of answer. After all, whenever he needs some kind of guidance, she has always been there to provide some. However, it is appearing this time he will have to figure it out. The void remaining quiet, his eyes thickening with more grief. The Tyrant hanging his head low, the devil soon slowly rising to his feet. Alastor looking to where his wife once has been. Despair clear in his eyes, his fists shaking in aggravation.

“Power is meaningless without reason that what you were trying to tell me? Is that why I was unable to break down that barrier?”

The Tyrant looking to his hands in distress. Perhaps if he has been a more reasonable person, then maybe there may have been a chance. Still, it is making no sense, being stronger will have certainly given him an edge he needs.

“I—I can’t accept this! If I had more power...I could have...!” he looks ahead with such eyes of desperation.

Alastor falling to his knees once again, looking to the ground. Sorrow extending greatly from his eyes. The Tyrant punching the ground, causing another powerful tremor. The devil raising his head, screaming out, the sounds of his cries rushing through the endless void. Cyra turning away from the scene. There is sorrow within her, but also enlightenment. Finally having the answers she seeks, but even more so than that, getting an even better look into the person her father once has been.

I think I understand you a bit better now, father.

The dimension around Cyra distorting. The maiden soon finding herself in a recognizable area. Cyra looking ahead in confusion, wondering what is happening. The many energies circulating around the endless void.

“There you are, Cyra.”


The devil hearing an all too familiar voice, turning to see her father. Those same eyes of despair are upon her. To know the past is to gain knowledge of the truth. However, knowledge does not mean enlightenment, it can also mean sorrow. Perhaps ignorance can be bliss. However, sometimes one has to live through the pain in order to move ahead.

“Father...” she distantly speaks.

I understand now...why my father had such a strict upbringing. To be able to surpass the limitations of what us devils can do. Power is indeed very important. Given that I am half deity...and half devil, this was a necessity. Though, power is pointless without reason. is time to bury our conflicts once and for all...

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