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Red Havens has been living her life scared that her mate will reject her after all her brother was rejected and killed.But she made sure that she would not kill herself over a boy,she and her wolf made a pact promising to protect each other.. she always expected the unexpected but what she did not expect was Creed Kingsley the future Alpha to be her mate . The same creed that has bean in a relationship with Annabelle Montgomery for the past five years. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "oh you do not get to call me a whore when you are the one who rejected me your mate over her . I am all broken tied together by strings. You do not get to call me a whore for the way I chose to heal myself. God why could not I have a mate that would love me for who I am ". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- follow Red as he fear comes true.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Happy Birthday

Waking up early in the morning ,not my forte. Waking up to an excited girl squealing and jumping on my bed not at all my forte.

“BIRTHDAY!” Mia squealed again after seeing me sit up .I could not help but roll my eyes at her it is not even my birthday it was hers .“Happy birthday” i mumbled to her still dazed from my sweet slumber.

“Thanks babe . Are you excited. I am so exited .Finally I am going to find my mate after eighteen years of waiting”. Mia said with a well rehearsed faraway look in her eyes.

“So you were waiting for your mate since the day you were born”.

“shush I was having a moment”.

“yeah right”.

I untangled myself from the blankets and was streching my limbs when i saw the clock I had like an hour and ten minute before school.Glaring at Mia I asked ” why did you wake me up this early”.

" I was so excited yesterday that I could not sleep well so I woke up early and thought I would wake you up .Plus you are most of the time late”

“who even opened the door for you and no I am not always late”.

“your dad was going for a run and really”.she asked raising her eyebrows in the process.

“ok maybe”.

“get ready we are leaving early today I have mate to find. I will be in the kitchen devouring the birthday pancake your mum is making for me”.Mia said almost squealing out the pancake part.

After cleaning myself up I got dressed up in a cropped panda hoodie , skinny jeans and some sneakers.As said Mia was there eating pancakes after having some pancakes myself and yelling bye to my parents off we went to Tartarus .

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