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Angelina is a normal teenager. She goes to high school, has decent grades, and has some good friends. Well, recently, her 16th birthday just passed a week ago, and all of her friends have been acting strangely. Follow Angelina on her journey to find her inner wolf. From multiple points of view.

Fantasy / Other
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|-| 1 |-|Angelina's POV

"Come On Squirt Wake Up!" I heard Axel yell at me and i felt something soft hit me."No Axel! I don't wanna get up!" I yelled back. He thinks he can wake me up at 7 am? Ha, I'd like to see him try."I'll drag you out if i have to!"he replied. Then i felt his hands grab my ankles."No Axel Please!"I shrieked as he dragged me by my ankles.Thump. Really Axel? I thought we were siblings?"Now get up and get dressed."I heard him state."Fine but i'm showering first so scoot on out of here."I told him. The least he can give me is privacy, right?

After showering, I put on my comfortable black ripped jeans with my grey hoodie that covered my weight. I looked at myself, my long black straight hair, my silver eyes. I would look so good if i just wasn't so...fat. I looked at the time. Oh Shoot! I'm gonna be late for school! I ran out of my room, down the stairs and to the kitchen."About time you got her Mini-Me." I heard Callum remark."Oh shut up Callum." I said. He can't be giving me that crap when he's just the same. I grabbed a small granola bar."Lets go boys, i don't think we all want to be late on the first day do we?" I asked playfully."Shut up sis. Me and Axel only decided to redo senior year so we could watch you."Aiden Stated, clearly agitated that him and Axel are redoing the year to protect me.I mean, it was their descision not mine, right? I didn't say I needed protection."Well anyways, lets go shall we boys?" I said, walking out to the car.

I approached the treacherous place called Winterwood high, brothers in tow."Hey girl! Long time no see!" I heard somebody yell. Looking in their direction, I saw my bff Aella. She was absolutely gorgeous, with white hair and faded blue eyes. She had that supermodel body, super strong, and really nice. If you ask me, she looks like she would be the face of the popular group cliche if she wanted."Hey Aella!" I replied, jogging in her direction."What's been going on girl? How have you survived with so many boys?"She asked as she wrapped her arms around me tightly."Aella...Can't..Breathe."I manage to say. Goddess this girl has a grip!"Oh my bad Angel."She said, loosening her tight freaking grip on me."Girl you have strong ass arms." I state."I heard." She remarked."Let's head to class."I said, I really didn't want to be late. I make really good grades, even though I never study."Yeah let's go."Aella finally said, sighing. As we all started to walk to our classes.

|{|Hours later, at lunch|}|

Finally! Half of the friggin day gone! I jogged to my locker at the first floor. I don't understand why they made this school so tall. In total, this school has four stories and the rooftop. The Lunchroom is on the second story and the library is on the fourth. I was putting my books in my locker when I sensed my brothers and my friends approaching my locker. I swear I have a sixth sense sometimes."Hey sis." I heard Callum's voice."What's up everyone?"I asked, already knowing that my friends were there."Nothing much shortie."I heard my friend Damon say."Hey I'm not that short!" I snapped.Why does everybody say i'm short, just because i ended up being like 5'0? "Sorry but it's true."Jax replied.I closed my locker."Lets go, also i'm eating on the roof then im going to the music room."I said. I actually play guitar and bass, what are you suprised? "Girl you are always in that music room."I heard Aella complain."Shut Up And lets go get some food."I said, well kind of commanded.

|{|Time Skip |}|

When i was walking down to the music room, I stopped and sniffed the air. I smelt the most wonderful scent of ocean and lavender. Wait! Nononononononononononono. You see, I'm 17, usually you would get your mate when you were 18. But my family is an exception. I think the moon goddess wants me and my twin to find our mates young. I really don't know why though.But I never wanted a mate! i already know that i'll be rejected, but I don't need him, whoever he is, to reject me. The pain would be to much for my already scarred body to handle. I wanted to run away, but I really needed to get my guitar from the music room. But the scent was coming from the music room!I sighed. I'll go ahead and face him today, it's bound to happen sooner or later right?

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