Fiery Rein

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***Work In Progress***girl named Micah who has trouble through anger and anxiety has one dream. To forgetting what people truly thinks she is. From other people’s prospectives, she is a monster awakening. But some people know who she is. And try to kill her. When someone gets a hold of her, they destroy everything. Now, it’s her turn.***Only on Inkitt***

Fantasy / Drama
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I can only remember my mother’s face. It’s warm, pale. I can only imagine how father was. For I had none. No siblings, not anything. Depression. I am a monster to most people. But it’s just me. My anger gets out of control and I have to let something out. From my life’s prospective I’m a lonely girl who’s best friend is fire. It’s only a matter of time when someone can say ‘Hi.’ But I can’t answer because I’m a “monster” and I can’t speak. And I don’t. That’s how people think I can just get pushed around. But when I get anger pushing out of me. I can’t handle it. I turn my hand into a fist and fiery fire is in my hand. The “humans” run and scream. The only people I have are the people I live with. They aren’t realated to me at all. I was just took in by a boy the same age as me. Gale. We have to stay hidden. That’s the only reason Trayvon, the man who thinks I’m going to take over the world, killed everyone I loved.

“Micah,” I looked up. “What, Gale,” He tried to point out what it is. “We need to go,” we move around a lot. Mostly moving houses. “Where to this time,” he pointed south. “Mhm,” I got up. The raggedy house we were in, wasn’t the best. It seems like every day we move. Along with my “siblings” Ivy, Dee, Angel, and Moriah. At eighteen, we had tons of money. College. I’m not all that sure why there is college. We have learned everything in school, now there is more. I did the same hairstyle to my very short hair. When I was smaller Trayvon shaved my head. I used to have long, very long hair. But then I was rescued. And it aloud it to grow back. I had fire red hair. They say it was a gift from my mother. She had red hair exactly like mine. I only did a small braid in my hair. And the same red sweater is worn every day. As if it was some kind of prize. My eyes were green and that is basically my fave color. “So, where?” I asked. “New York,” I thought on that. “That’s not south,” He smiles and seems to know what he is doing. I sit in the back seat. Thinking about the big school she would be attending. Staying behind is my only option to get out of college. I grab my phone. Gale was a master at tech. When he saw what I could do. He was delighted at finding things he could do to me. He says when the world can see this, I will be there girl on fire. He is a tech nerd. But makes outfit finely, and fire proof. He has something coming up for me something big for the world to know that I can help. He means a “super hero”. Nerdy. I can’t imagine it. “Micah, can you hand me that,” I looked down at my phone. “My phone?” He looked at me and said, “ look outside. I saw buildings as tall as skyscrapers. “What is it,” He grinned. “The next big thing,” It was his tech palace. FT. Fire Technology. “You made this?” Gale rolled down the window. “Eighteen years,”

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