Tales of Gnome

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The story begins with Lady, a gnome from a humble home that dreams of greatness, but to reach it she will face many challenges, from conspiracies and rebellions to giants. Lady finds herself trapped in an adventure that will change her life due to the simple choice of saving his father.

Fantasy / Adventure
K.R.G Molero
Age Rating:

Prologue/Chapter 1

This story is a long one, but it can be summarised in a word, ‘mistakes’ the characters in the story are full of mistakes, they are by accident, others are by just thinking a plan was perfect. If you expect a happy ending maybe you’ll get one or maybe not, in the end, the characters just get the results of their actions and decisions. The decisions that the characters not often make are good ones, but because they made the mistake of thinking it would end well. There are moments where a bad decision will result in something good but not instantly but after time passes.

And all of this starts in the very small kingdom of dwarves and gnomes, Kleidom a kingdom rich in precious stones and mineral, home of Lady Gnometress, a young and small gnome that wants a different life, a life where she is not digging to live. What she didn’t know was how the small a simple decision she was going to make will change her life so much.

chapter 1

Lady Gnometress finds herself in her room in the early morning thinking if today is the day she’ll find a rare mineral or even an Ever Glow, after working as a digger for 5 years she hasn’t found a rare mineral even less a shining gemstone.

Come on girl, get your head in the game. She said as looking at herself in the mirror.

You got to find something good today, let’s prove those dwarfs that you don’t need an extra sense for digging minerals.

Dwarfs are very well known for their digging abilities, they say that it’s because they have an extra sense that lets them track minerals and precious stones. Some gnome in the past have said that they have developed that ability after digging among dwarfs for years, but nothing that can be proved. Lady was not a dwarf, just a simple gnome, smaller than the average ones, her helmet didn’t even fit at first, so she let her hair grow more so the helmet would stay put.

LADY! Get down! Breakfast it’s getting cold!. Said a voice from downstairs accompanied by some loud banging pans.

Coming down pop, give me a sec!

Cooking in deep in a cloud of smoke Lady found her father. Her father was a robust dwarf with a big red beard that at this moment was actually black due to all the smoke of his not very good cooking skills, tall for a dwarf and eyes black as coal, a least as black as the so-called pancakes and her daughter’s hair.

I thought I was called for breakfast, not for some blacksmith training. Lady said while trying to find her father in the smoke.

I was trying to make some pancakes for a change. Said her father while opening the window to let all the smoke out of the kitchen.

Well, I think it has been proved that cooking skills it’s still at the bottom of the list you can do pop. She said while inspecting what it looked like a pancake shape coal.

Though that maybe something different from the same bread and butter of every day would be nice.

Her father grabbed the burnt food from the table and threw it away and passed her the bread and started to clean all the messed from the kitchen, which with the smoke cleared it could be seen.

Whoa, pop you really made a mess, there is pancake batter even in the ceiling. She said while looking at all the mess of multiple failed attempts to make pancakes.

I really wanted to make something nice for you kid.

Come on dad, you know I don’t care that you don’t know to cook, so what’s going on? why the sudden interest to make me pancakes?

They are sending me to the pitch-black caverns. He said without turning to her so he could not the expression of horror Lady had.

Lady just stood there, thinking, analyzing what she just heard, she knew what her father said, she understood perfectly but what she didn’t know was why was this happening. The pitch-black caverns were the worst place a dwarf or gnome could be, there was a phenomenon that kept the caves in pure darkness, it didn’t matter the number of torches you light in that place they place just stayed dark, you could barely see your hand in that place, many had been lost in there. The only reason to go there is that it’s home for a very rare mineral, dark night, a mineral that Lady didn’t why it’s was so important, at least not for know.

When Lady managed to get her thoughts in order and decided to say something multiple hard knocks were on the front door.

That most be Cob. Said her father. It’s already time for your shift to start, you should get going or you’ll be late girl.

Dad. Another set of knocks was heard interrupting her before she could say more. Dad, please don’t. Another and loud set of knock was heard interrupted again.

Cob for the love the ancients I heard you just give moment! Lady screamed at the door impatiently.

Sorry. A voice from the other side of the door said.

Dad, you cannot go there, please. That place is dangerous many are lost in there.

I know you are worried but you know that an order from the castle cannot be denied.

Just say you can’t or something there… Before she could finish her sentence her father interrupted her.

It’s not that easy if they want me there I must obey. And now you must go, it’s late.

Dad, please.

Lady please, we’ll talk when you are back, but for now, just go to work.

Lady just stayed silent not knowing what to say, she wanted her father to stay but she knew how the orders that come from directly from the castle work, no one can say no, never, if the king wants you to do something one must obey. She looked at her father and went to him and hug him.

It’s not fair. Lady said burying her face in his father’s chest.

Come on girl, be strong. Now you just work and then we’ll talk, there is a lot of things I must tell you before I go. But like I said first work, you can’t dig with your thoughts distracting you.

Lady let go of her father looked at him and she could see he was sad behind his big smile but knew he didn’t want her to see that, so without saying anything else grab her bag and left the house.

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