The Revenge Of The Queen

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"Where am I?! What is this place?!" "This is home, my lady!" Ever since she turned ten, Sarah had all sort of weird dreams but what does these dreams mean, she never knew it. After getting a chance to work under her father as an archeologist, Sarah thought that now she would prove herself to her mean friends and betrayer ex-boyfriend that she was all they thought she was not. With her horrific past following her, She found a great friend in a total stranger, Ethan Miles. Eventhough he was a stranger to her but it still felt like she always knew him and found herself always running back to him. Everything was going on just as she planned. But was this the happy ending she was expecting or was this just the beginning of her nightmares?

Fantasy / Adventure
Esma Smith
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The Kingdom of Zandra was burning as the armies of the enemies approached. The whole city was under chaos, the cries and screams rose, poor and rich were shouting alike. Bodies were lying everywhere. The whole city was looking like a living hell under the moonlight. The once beautiful and strong city beside the Nile River was now burning. It’s not that their queen could not save them or was not strong enough but at this moment she herself was struggling.

She was under labour when the city was attacked. Her husband, the King was fighting in the war front and she was doing the same in her bedroom. At that moment nobody knew whether to be happy or sad as the news of the King’s death came along with the news of the new born princess. But the queen was too strong to be affected with such a news. Even though she loved the King more than her own life, she didn’t cry over his death because she knew too well that where ever her husband is now, she will be there soon, to accompany him.

She looked at the new born girl with all the love in the whole world and tried to memorize her face. She had her brown eyes and the nose of her father. Her lips were plump and red. All together she was a healthy child. She smiled slightly and giggled as she looked at her mother. A lone tear escaped from the Queen’s eye.

She picked the baby princess up and kissed her forehead. As she fed the little Princess with her breast milk, she ordered a maid to summon her Chief Bodyguard, the one and only utmost loyal person to her who didn’t leave her side even during such hard circumstances. As she finished feeding the baby child, the Chief Bodyguard entered the royal chambers. He bent on his knee.

He was handsome man in his mid-thirties. Though he was a young, handsome and a smart warrior, he was still single. He never married anyone nor that he passed that age but because he never got the time. He knew better than anyone else that a family needed time and loyalty. And he didn’t have both. All his time from day to night was spent in ensuring her safety. And a warrior’s loyalties were always bound to the throne.

“You may rise.” The queen ordered in her stern voice.

“You asked for me your highness.” The Chief asked as she slowly took in his ever-strong Queen’s condition.

She wasn’t looking weak, just tired and exhausted. Her tanned cheeks were now red from being in labour. Her lips were pale from constant pain. But it was her eyes that held him in his position. Those dark brown eyes which looked black in the dim light of the room were emotion less. Those eyes made her look like the devil himself on the rampage. There was something in her eyes that told him that she would rip his throat apart if tired to deny whatever she was going to order.

“You have been beside me ever since I first sat on the throne.” She said quietly but sternly. “You have been beside me through ups and downs of my life, like loyal soldier.” She paused as her eyes moved towards the new-born princess. She took a long sigh and continued. “I want to give the last order of my life to you Chief. Protect my daughter. Protect her just like you protected me all these years. She is our last hope.” She kept on speaking as tears formed in her eyes but she didn’t raise her head from her now sleeping daughter’s face.

“Your highness……” the chief spoke softly. He could not form any words. He just kept standing there looking at his Queen. He had seen her ever since she was a young. After the death of the royal family in an attack, he raised her to be a perfect queen and warrior. She was just like his daughter but most importantly his Queen. He knew that she would die a warrior’s death than run away like a coward.

“You will take her from the passage that opens on the other side of the Nile before the enemies enter the Palace. Once you are on the other side go to my King’s kingdom and raise her without anybody knowing that she is my daughter. Her safety is now in your hands if anything happened to her, then I promise to hunt you down and finish you.”

If it had been any other moment then he might have had thought that she was joking but looking at her face, laugh was the last thing that came in his mind.

“As her majesty commands.” He said and bowed slightly. He didn’t ask her to come with her because he knew that she would fight for her people till the last drop of blood. He could see it in her eyes.

With one last look of her daughter the queen handed her only daughter to the man she thought was loyal to her the most.

“What should I call her your highness?” The Chief asked as he wanted her mother to name the little princess.

Hearing this the queen chuckled. Her eyes were distant as if thinking of some old memory as she named the princess. The Chief Bodyguard took her leave and ran towards the secret passage below the palace.

Only the trusted few knew about that passage which was made specially for the royal family. Nobody knows where the passage opens except the one who has ever used it. He didn’t know how The Queen knew about it, nor did he want to know. He looked at the precious bundle in his hands and a small smile crept upon his lips.

I will make you so strong that Her Majesty will never regret her decision of giving you to me.

He thought as he exited his present for the future. As told the tunnel opened on the other side of the Nile river. Before making a run for the life of the little princess, he turned back to look at the kingdom he has been serving for years. As soon as he turned back, he regretted his decision. The city was burning in the hell fire. The screams of the commoners were ear piercing. His hands automatically held the princess near his heart. He then made a run towards the Kingdom of Sithalia, the rightful kingdom of the King of Zandra.

Meanwhile, in the Palace:

The Queen was lying on her bed when she got the news of the defeat from the sounds of swords and screams that were coming from within the Royal Palace. She rose from the bed and moved towards her double dagger swords. She expertly took them in her hands and took the position to fight.

The voice behind the golden gates of her room were getting louder slowly and slowly, telling her that her enemies were coming closer and closer. She knew that she won’t be able to defeat them alone. They had already defeated them and were only advancing for her. She knew better than anyone else that what would happen if they caught her alive.

Yes! Like any other war prisoner, she would either be sent to brothel or taken as a slave or would be raped by the royal men. At that moment she remembered what her mother had told her.

“Sometimes death is better than to die pieces by pieces. At least your soul and body will remain pure and loyal to you. You will be a Queen my child, and you will make many enemies. If they get a chance to torture you, then you better kill yourself. Never give them that happiness. They will automatically fail in their motives.”

She knew that she would die today but not like a coward. Not without fighting like a Queen. She would fight them and make sure that they never forget her and her people. She would make sure that her soul keeps on haunting them when they sleep.

The noises were now coming from right outside her room. And soon the gates of her room started opening, slowly but stealthily. She waited for the door to completely open and the first soldier to came fully into the room before attacking. She advanced with her full strength, aiming straight for the throat.

The soldiers of the kingdom of Memphis were trying their best to capture her alive. The news of the Queen being in labour had spread like a wildfire. They had thought that she would be weak and won’t be able to fight them. Had they known that she would be prepared to kill them even before they came into the room, they would have mentally prepared themselves.

They had got strict orders from their King that he wanted the Queen alive and the baby child to be killed on spot, in front of her eyes. Nobody could deny the fact that he was cruel but she was much crueller than him. The way she was moving with the double dagger swords could determine the fact that she was a great warrior. Had she not been in labour, they would have never won in the war. One slash from her infamous weapon and the soldiers were dead already.

While she was busy fighting, she didn’t realize that she was at somebodies aim. As soon as the last soldier fell on the ground, two arrows came flying from behind her and hit her straight in her right shoulder and left knee. She fell on the ground with a loud thud but not before throwing one of her daggers at the coward who dared to hit her from behind. When she somehow managed to turn back with her remaining strength to see who had hurt her, she saw him.

Narmer. The King of Memphis.


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