The Magic of the Realms

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What starts as a normal day for Ales, lost in her thoughts about her family drama all of a sudden turns upside down when she finds herself in a place that looks quite different from her own in a body that looks quite different from her own. She is lost and alone and she must discover a way to escape this realm, and do it fast.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The beginning

I wake up from a sound of loud beeping next to my head. I try to open my eyes but they are so heavy. Whoever decided that school should start so early have to burn in hell. I turn of the alarm and get up fast before I fall asleep again. It is only Tuesday and I have already had enough of this week. I get dressed as fast as I can putting a plain black hoodie and ripped jeans and run down for coffee. My only saviour in the morning. When I go down my dad is already dressed and ready, with a coffee in one hand and newspaper on the other.

-Good morning Ales- he says without looking up from his newspaper.

-Good morning-I say and go for the coffee.

We don’t talk much. We do get along pretty well but mostly I like to keep for myself and he likes to keep for himself. I guess I took after him my love of my personal space and being left alone. I don’t have many friends either. I have this policy that quality is better than quantity and I use it on everything I do in life, including friends. My mum and dad had divorced two years ago, haven’t seen her since. I always assumed that she just wants to run away from this family but a part of me always hoped that I was wrong. Apparently not.

I have barely taken a sip of my coffee and I hear my phone chime indicating I have received a text message.

From Ro


Ro is my best friend. One of two.

-Gotta go- I say to my dad and he simply nods.

When I go outside it is cold. Looks like it is going to rain, the sky is grey and there is a soft, icy cold wind blowing which is making even bigger mess of my curly hair than it already is. I curse at myself for not putting it in a bun. I wrap myself in my jacket burying my face deeper in the collar and jog for the car in which Ro and Dalir are waiting. When I get in she drops her phone and starts the car. It is warm inside, and it smells of warm coffee and a cinnamon. Dalir is in the back seat on his phone not giving any indication that he has noticed me getting on the car. Dalir is my second-best friend. He is tall, dark and handsome, and I would definitely have a crush on him if he wasn’t as gey as he is.

-That’s for you-says Ro, pointing to the cinnamon roll in a paper bag and the cup of coffee standing on the mug holder.

-Thanks-I reply by taking the warm cup in my hands using it to warm my freezing fingers. Dalir also has a cup on his hands which he is resting on his knee.

-Do you want to do something after school today? There is a new coffee place opening in (insert street), we should check it out- says Ro without shifting her eyes from the road.

-Yes, I heard that they have the biggest collection of book you can read while drinking your coffee. We should definitely go!-says Dalir from the backseat, not looking at his phone anymore.

-I guess we can do that- I simply reply, a lot less enthusiastic than both of them. The truth is I am not in the mood to be going out anywhere lately. This week is the anniversary of the divorce of my parents and I have been spending my days in my room reminiscing about the past and how things would’ve been different in my mother has been with us. Ro knows that, so does Dalir which is why they have been trying to drag me out of the house and get me to do something to distract me. I have been refusing again and again but I started feeling bad, and just for that I agree this time without making a big deal of it.

The school day drags itself and by the time the last bell rings I am drained out of energy. I am now looking forward to checking that coffee place out. We get in the car and Ro drives to (insert street place). She parks the car at the closest parking lot, and we get off to walk. It is good 20-minute walk to where we are going and I look nervously at the sky.

-It looks like it is going to rain-I say worriedly to Ro putting my hands in the pockets of my padded jacket.

-It always does, its England.- she says with a sarcastic tone. Behind her sarcasm I can see that she is at least as cold as I am as she takes a big scarf out of her bag and wraps it around her neck. Dalir is walking behind and as I look at both of them I start wondering again how they are friends with me. They both look way cooler than me, Ro super daring experimenting with different styles literally every day going from e-girl to tomboy to sexy effortlessly. She is really into fashion wanting to become a designer someday, and to be fair I think she would be pretty good at it. Dalir most of the days stays casual but he has that coolness about him, that makes him look like he doesn’t care about how he looks which makes him all the more attractive. I think that is the reason why he has had more boyfriends in a month than I have all my life.

We start walking and I check my phone to see what time the forecast says it is going to rain and Dalir and Ro are walking in front of me now, talking something about the latest episode of some reality show they are both watching. I never got into those. The forecast says it should start raining any minute now and just as I put my phone back in my pocket heavy rain starts falling and we start running going in the closest shop we find. Inside it looks like an antique place. There are shelfs lined with different statues, crystals and porcelain figures. There is a thin dust that has started settling on the shelfs. There are windows but they have been blackened out with different kinds of posters illustrating what I assumed to be magicians, so the place is quite dim. A feeling of worry settles in my chest.

-Hello- Ro yells walking slowly towards the inside of the store -is anybody here?

-Oh hello, hello, I am so sorry I didn’t hear you walk in- says a man emerging from a door which is at the far end of the store. He looks old and thin, and he has a white stubble formed on his face, like he hasn’t shaved in a week. – how can I help you?

-Oh, we are just hiding from the rain- says Ro with an awkward smile. The man’s demeanour suddenly shifts from being smiley and cheerful to being what I can describe as angry. He says something under his breath which I don’t quite understand and toddles back to where he came from.

-That’s rude- says Ro dismissively -let’s get out of here as soon as the rain stops.

-You don’t have to repeat that twice- says Dalir and settles in the leather couch that is placed against the wall. Ro takes her place next to him.

- Nothing can make me stay- I say with a smile. They continue about talking that whatever show they are so interested in and I start walking between the shelves looking at the different antiques displayed there just to kill time. Creepy porcelain dolls look at me from shelves lined on the walls opposite the couch on which Ro and Dalir are sitting. There is a mannequin dressed in a beautiful antique dress what looks like the renaissance times, red and long with interesting long sleeves. I continue walking and my attention is drawn by a red wooden box placed on one of the shelves behind a porcelain statue of an angel with a broken wing. The box has carved golden symbols on the top. It is pretty. I carefully take it on my hand and open it taking extra care to make sure I don’t drop it.

Inside there is a not very attractive looking necklace. Why did they waste such a beautiful box for such crappy looking piece of jewellery. I take it out of the box to observe it. It is silver and there are different symbols on it similar to the ones on the box. It is heavier than it looks. There are stones next to each symbol but one. It must have fallen. I turn the pendant and at the bag there is a writing ubique, quo fas et cor ducunt.

I read the writing quietly to myself and just then my phone rings and startled by the sudden noise I drop the necklace of my hand and it fall on the ground going under a shelf. I curse to myself for my clumsiness and lean to get it from under the shelf. I manage to get a hold of the chain and drag it thankful that I didn’t lose it. I straiten and go for the box to put it in. not risking dropping it again. But the box is not there. What? Even more disturbing. Nothing is there. The shelves are gone the couch where Ro and Dalir were sitting has vanished, I don’t hear the distant sound of rain anymore. All I see is just an empty, white room. Even the windows are not covered. It is bright and sunny inside. Did I hit my head? That can’t be real. I rush out the door holding the chain tightly on my hand. Yes. it is not raining anymore. But that is not the biggest anomaly. The tall buildings of London and the crowded street are gone. In front of me there is a cobbled street, lined with houses in both sides and people on horses and carriages passing in front of me. And that is not even the biggest anomaly. I turn around and look at my reflection on the window of the shop where I came from. That’s not me!
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