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New beginnings are always tough, but what happens when the new beginnings turn out to be something no one could have predicted, well, they were predicted by Zoee and Zander. The only problem with the kids knowing about what was going to happen was they couldn’t speak on it or they could change the outcome. Follow along as Kaiden, Laci - Kaiden’s mate, Haley, Kaley and Griffith start their new lives far from home. Can they handle the change? Can their parents handle the change? Hold tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Fantasy / Action
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1 - Seperation Anxiety

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A/N: Please read the first two books before reading this one. It will make a lot more sense if you do. If you have read the first two, thank you. It means the world to me. Don’t forget to comment, like, and leave a review.

on to the next saga...

Griffiths POV

It had been a hard day. The fighting, mom losing Justice, mom getting a new wolf - a goddess in her own right. Honor Athena was a hoot though. I knew she would keep mom on her toes. I was sad to leave my siblings, parents and my pack, but it was time for me to put on my big boy pants and do what I was raised to do. I was nervous, but I couldn’t show it. I needed to take my parents words to heart, not letting my emotions show on my face.

As soon as we walked into our cabin I was grabbed and cried all over - my mom soaking my shirt. I knew she was going to miss us, hell, I was going to miss them, too. She needed to remember that we could teleport in seconds, anytime we wanted too. She was the one who was having separation anxiety. After prying my mom off of us my sisters and we went and finished packing, making sure that we had gotten everything - not that we couldn’t come back if we forgot something.

My dad pulled me to the side. “Do you need some money.? You know, some only for you. I’ve put away money for each of you kids. It’s seed money to make sure you can make personal investments, investments you will have when you get old.”

He started laughing at the look on my face. “I won’t be old for a long time, Dad,” I said as I rolled my eyes at him.

My dad handed me a lot of money and a few stock portfolios, making sure I knew what stocks they were off. Not surprising at all, dad has always been business smart. I reached over and pulled him into a side hug, slapping my hand on his back. It was our way of hugging and telling each other that we would be okay.

“Thanks, Dad. You know mom and you can teleport to me in less than five seconds, right?” I asked as I smiled gently at him.

“We know we can, Griffith. It’s the only reason you weren’t cried over too much.” I scoffed at her. “Okay, you were cried over a lot more than I wanted to,” my mom joked with me as she gave me another hug, eyes glassy from unshed tears.

“Don’t cry, Mom, we will see each other tomorrow, if not sooner,” I remarked, mumbling the last part.

My dads laughed at my comment as my dad, Zane, hugged me. He whispered in my ear, “She will probably be at your pack before you are.”

“I heard that, well, I read your mind, Zane,” Mom told my dad as she fake glared at him.

I got on my knees and hugged Trace and Chase, making sure to hug them tight. I would miss these two so much. They had always been the outlaws. They hugged me back and kissed me on the cheek.

“We will miss you too, Griffith. But, we know we can come to see you when we want to, right?” Chase and Trace asked shly or slyly.

I stood up to my full height - six-foot-four. “You can come to see me.” They started cheering. “But, let Blaze, my wolf, know ahead of time. I might be in a meeting and I can’t have you popping in at that time, okay?”

My brothers nodded, smiling mischievously. They disappeared and showed back up in front of me with Asher and Aiden, almost making me jump out of my skin. I grabbed both of my newest brothers and hugged them gently.

“We love you, Griffith,” Asher’s wolf told me as he grabbed my finger and squeezed. It was their idea of a hug.

I softly squeezed their fingers back. “I love you too, Asher and Aiden. Behave for momma and come visit me when you can.” I kissed my brothers on their noses and handed them back to their brothers.

I made sure to go around and hug all of my family, leaving out Autumn and Winter, knowing they would be leaving with me and their mate. I went back around and kissed their cheeks, whispering to the older ones. I wanted them to know how much I loved them. I wanted them to know I was only a call away or teleport away. I didn’t want them to think I was disappearing from their lives - I wasn’t.

I turned towards my sisters, Autumn and Winter, and their mate, nodding my head at each of them, giving them a signal for us to leave. We walked to the packhouses yard and waved, teleporting everyone from the Red Moon Pack with us. It only took a few seconds before we were standing before the packhouse.

I turned towards the Gamma and I told his wolf that he was being named as Beta, but he could still train everyone. I trusted him. I wasn’t sure about everyone in the pack. Time would tell.

I called out to the pack members. “How about we establish the pack link again? I want to make sure all of you are safe. I don’t want anything to happen to you or your family. What do you say?”

They all cheered, smiling big. I gathered everyone together and cut my palm, mixing my blood with every one of my pack members. I had to keep cutting my palm. The damn thing was closing up faster than usual - something I would need to talk to my mom about.

When I was done, several of the ladies offered to help me clean up the old Alpha’s room, one of the women cautioning about the state of the room. She told me Erol was never a neat person and only took a bath when he had to. I figured I was going to need to air the room out and get a new mattress.

One of the women, who’s name I think was named Joey, opened the door and closed it back quickly, just not quick enough. I kicked the door open, the door falling off the hinges, startling two people in my room.

The fuck?”

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