The Demon Sorceress

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My name is Aurora Summers, and I live in this big mansion that I inherited it from my grandmother, that I didn't even know about. I also inherited all of her properties and money. The properties include a couple of castles outside of the country, a farm, the mansion that I moved into, and another mansion in the UK. The amount of money that I inherited was billions. I also was given instructions to find a letter that was left for me.

Fantasy / Adventure
Cora Morris
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1: Shopping Trip

"Come on." My best friend, Zahra whines. "It's your twenty-first birthday, we have to celebrate."

"No!" I whine back.

"Pleeeeaaase." She begs dragging out the word. "We'll go for an hour, two max." I sigh, I know she's not going to give up.

Why did I tell her it was my birthday again? Oh yeah, because she found out about it when she had to take me to the hospital for my broken arm.

"Fine." I groan and let my head drop back onto the back of the couch in our little two bed, one bath apartment.

"Yay!" She squeals while jumping up and down excitedly. "Now all we need to do, is find you something sexy, because let's face it, your clothes are boring." She exaggerates the word boring.

"I just don't like wearing skirts or dresses." I say in a defended tone.

"You don't have to wear skirts or dresses to look sexy." She says smugly, knowing that she has me.

"Fine, let's go shopping." I say in a defeated tone.

I get up off of the couch and go into my room to get my shoes and wallet. I put my grey Converse on and put my wallet into my back left pocket of my blue boot-cut jeans.

I go back out to our living room and grab my car keys and phone off of the coffee table that has turned into our junk mail and key table.

We head out and go down to the parking lot and get into my old two door Dodge Charger. We head to the mall and we go into Macy's department store first since I have a coupon for them.

Zahra and I do couponing, because even though we both work two jobs we can barely keep up with the bills of our living expenses and our college tuition.

I am going to college for Veterinary and Zahra is going for Pediatrician doctor.

We go straight to the women's clothing area and I find these cute black leather pants that has a lace on the sides of the pant legs. I also find this red satin crop top with lace on the sides and is a low cut. I won't be able to wear a bra with it. Zahra finds a short dark purple cocktail dress that also has a low cut and is strapless.

We head to the lingerie section and I get a red lacey panties and she gets a strapless black bra the lace at the top and a matching black lacey thong.

We go into the dressing rooms and try on the clothes. I look at myself in the mirror after I change my clothes and then step out and show Zahra my outfit and when I see hers I give a low whistle.

She blushes and giggles, I know that she likes me in a non-friend way, I have told her that I am not like that but I will always be there for her.

I spin around to show her how I look and she returns the whistle. When I stop and look at her, we start cracking up. I go back into the dressing room and change back into my clothes.

We go to the shoe section and I find these cute black three inch heeled biker boots. I look over to Zahra and see her still browsing and I show her the shoes the I picked out.

"Wow, those will look amazing on you." She says in awe.

I give a small smile and look at the shoes that she is looking at and they are black studded three inch stiletto heels with a peep toe.

"Those are cute." I say.

"I know, but they are too expensive." She says in a sad voice. I look at the price and think of the coupon that we have for half off of our shopping price.

"I can help pay for it with my left over money, because if we put the stuff together and use the coupon on everything, then we will just need to pay the rest." I compromise.

"Really? You'd do that?" I roll my eyes at her hesitant tone.

"Of course, you are my roommate and best friend Zahra."

She squeals and hugs me while jumping up and down on her heels. I laugh at her antics and we head to the cash register and we have about thirty dollars left over from paying everything together, instead of us paying our things separate and decide to also go get something to eat, before we head home to get ready to go to the bar.

We go to the food court and get A&W, mainly because Zahra wanted to get the rootbeer float.


After we get home we take turns taking a shower, she lets me go first. When I get out she instantly hops into the shower. I go into my room and get dressed in my new outfit.

I was even able to get a leather jacket today to go with the outfit.

I go back into the bathroom and I use the hair dryer and dry my hair. I decide to curl my hair today. Zahra comes in here and she starts using the hair dryer and uses the hair mousse. If she doesn't then her red hair gets frizzy unlike mine.

I start doing my make-up and I make my eyeshadow dark, my eyeliner thick, I also put on some red lipstick to match my crop top. The eyeliner and eyeshadow make my green eyes pop.

Zahra is doing her makeup now and she puts on purple lipstick.

"We look hot." She says when she notices me watching her do her makeup.

I haven't admitted this to her but, ever since she told me on how she feels about me, I have seen her in a different way, but I don't think I am ready to try that yet.

"Are you ready to have a great time?" She asks with a mischievous smirk.

I sigh, knowing that smirk means that she is going to make me have fun whether I want to or not.

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