Broken Chain’s Denali’s Awakening

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Denali a strong beautiful wolf who has no clue what strenghs she has that lie benath the surface. Being sold by her father to another alpha at the young age of 10 only to be treated as a slave untill the frightfull day that she shifts and they chain her up and use her to fight other wolfs, its a fight to death world she now lives in. will she be able to beat all her opponets no matter how weak she is. what happens when she comes face to face with a luna from the second most feared pack in the united states. read to find out if one little wolf can defy all the odds stacked agaist her and find true love and happiness.

Fantasy / Romance
Ashley Hopkins
Age Rating:

Chapter 1... The Basement

The cold hard floor of the basement has been my bed for the past nine years. I was thrown down here when I turned one. I could actually walk some, ever since then, it has been hell. Well maybe not hell, I bet even hell is better than this. Apparently the Luna, my mother, died giving birth to me, and my twin brother who also died. My dad, the Alpha, and my brother blame me for their death.

I was 2 years old when the abuse first started. It started with a slap here or there, all because I still peed my pants. What two year old can control their bladder? I couldn't even reach the toilet that was in the basement with me.

As time went on, the beatings got worse, and all the chores I was supposed to do in one day got longer and harder. I was their personal slave and punching bag. No one even knew I was alive! They all thought I died with my mom. I was to stay hidden at all times, I was to have dinner done by 5:45 so that they could all eat at 6. I was fed scraps every now and then, only when my dad would remember to feed me.

When I turned six, the beatings got a lot worse. I was so used to the pain and suffering that my body became numb. I was mute. I refused to talk. I knew how, since I taught myself. But I knew that if I did, the beatings would intensify. Unfortunately when my father and brother saw that what they were doing wasn't affecting me muchanymore, they started finding new and more torturous ways to hurt me. They got pleasure from seeing me in pain. Every day was a new beating, every year was a new device brought in to hurt me. Every year on my birthday, things would get so much worse. They would spend hours down in the basement torturing me. I have a mound of bloody blankets that I slept on to try and stay off of the cold floor.

But nothing seems to keep me warm. I'm currently curled up on my blankets waiting for night to come so I can try to get an hour of sleep. My body simply fears sleep as I am awoke by the alpha, or the soon to be alpha, most nights. Some nights I don't sleep at all.

If someone managed to see me they would think I'm deathly ill; my entire body is black and blue, and you can count every bone in my body. Even odder, my blonde hair and teal colored eyes are a rare thing to occur especially together in the werewolf world.

The alpha says I'm a mutation and that is why my mother died. I don't believe that one bit. I know werewolf pregnancies are hard on any wolf and to have multiple pregnancies is even more taxing on the mother. My mother was pregnant with twins and I was the first one born and then my mom coded they couldn't save her or my twin brother. So to them, I'm a curse.

I can finally see the faint light from the moon shining through the basement window and I try and doze off.

I wake covered in sweat and gasping for air from the nightmares that fill my mind, every night that I manage to fall asleep. I wish they were just dreams. What I see actually happens to me except I don't get the relief or finality of death . Like I wish I would most days.

Today is the day I dread the most. Today I turn 10 and I have been trying to prepare my body for the beating I'm going to get. Maybe today will be the day they finally kill me. I doubt that, they like watching me suffer too much.

I gaze outside and it's still dark and I thank the moon goddess for prolonging the night, even for another minute.

I sit on my blankets and hug my knees close my battered body, watching the sky change from the peaceful dark to the terrifying light that has my body shaking in fear.

My body is on high alert. Listening for the slightest noise from upstairs. The hair on my arms stands up as I hear the boards creaking and then the door slowly opening.

The alpha and my brother come down the stairs, each one has a pot in their hands. I know what's about to happen.

My brother goes first throwing freezing ice water on my body, and then a minute later the alpha throws scalding hot water on me. I feel like my skin is melting off my body.

"We have to make today our last day with this curse of thing, later tonight she will be given to alpha Moore and then she can be his burden to deal with," the alpha sneers

"Oh don't worry, Dad. We will make today worth it," my brother seethes as he walks over to me. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me up to standing, only to punch me so hard in the stomach I crumble back down trying to breathe.

"Get up! You worthless piece of trash!" they both yell at me.

My body struggles to get up; my legs and arms are shaking as I finally get to my feet. I watch both my father and brother's faces turn red. They didn't expect me to stand up.

My brother grabs my arms and holds me still while my dad punches me over and over from my face to my gut. I can feel the warm, sticky blood streaming down my face while it splatters onto the floor.

Next thing I know, I'm being tied to an upright table, while my father grabs a whip with nails on it, while my brother has a normal whip. They alternate hitting and yelling profanities at me, but I've lost so much blood and am so blinded by the pain that I can't even hear what they are saying.

I can feel both of them each grab an arm and snap it. I let out a blood curdling scream. After all these years they finally made me scream. The sound only seemed to fuel their rage. After more whipping, I finally blacked out from the pain, praying death would take me. I couldn't get that lucky.

I regain consciousness and instantly want to be knocked back out; the pain is almost too much to bear. I see my dad and brother in the corner making... something. I just close my eyes again. Maybe if they think I'm still out, they won't hurt me anymore. I know that's wishful thinking but it's all I have to cling to right now. I hear them shuffling over towards me... laughing.

"You're so weak and worthless. Why haven't you died yet? ... Huh? Answer me!..... I said answer me! I know you're not still out, you worthless piece of shit!.... That's right. you're a fucking mute! You can't talk can you?... You can't even scream out for help! Not like anyone even knows you exist. You should be dead for murdering your own mother AND brother! What monster does that, you're a sick, pathetic, weak monster" my father spat's at me.

I felt a fresh jolt of pain course through my whole body and bolted upright. I wanted to yell for help but know better. He's right, no one knows that I'm alive; that I have been kept a prisoner in my own home all because of something that I had no control over.

I stare into my father's jet black rage-filled eyes. I try to move, but realize I'm still strapped to this stupid table. I have no idea what my father has in his hand, but from the look on his face, I know it's nothing good. He flicks the button and I see little electrical arcs jumping between two probes on the end of the stick. He takes the stick, almost lovingly for a second, and jabs my side with it. I instantly see white as the electricity causes my muscles to fire all at the same time. I have no control over anything as my body just twitches being both stiff and floppy at the same time. I can smell burning flesh and I know that's coming from me.

When after what seems like an eternity, he pulls the wand away from my body. It is still on fire and sore that I can hardly move more than slumping down as much as the restraints will allow. He is still laughing, why the hell is he laughing at his own flesh and blood suffering?!

He then grabs a glistening, hungry, silver knife from a nearby table and starts drawing up and down my back and stomach with it. I can feel my head get dizzy from the amount of blood loss and I'm done. I can't take any more of this. He has finally won. I've given up on life and there isn't anything anyone can do to save me from the pain he has inflicted.

Or so I thought...

The feeling of my poor body pressing into the damp, cold, concrete floor wakes me once again, thankfully with no one around. I crawl and pull my way over to the pile of blankets and somehow wrap them around me. There is no way I can stand to take care of my wounds. As I'm laying there whimpering in pain, my wolf Skye tries talking to me in my mind. A persons wolf is a part of them they are one once you shift you have full connection with your wolf.

"Denali, you have to be strong. You can't let them win! Remember, we have a mate out there! I told you all about mates; you just have to hold on longer and he will find you and save you" Skye my wolf says to me.

"Skye, I can't hold on any longer. I can't take this pain anymore. I'm not strong enough. I'm just a weak, pathetic excuse of a wolf. My dad was right," I whine

"Listen to me! You are so much stronger than you think you are, you just have to believe!"

"Believe in what? The fairytale of my knight in shining armor, who is going to swoop in to rescue me from this place and treat me like the queen, because that's how I should be treated? I'm done hoping and believing in something that's never going to happen."

"Yes, it will! I promise you, it will! I know just how bad your hurting. Remember I feel it too? I feel everything you go through; we are connected. There is no me without you, and I wouldn't lie to you. If it was safe for you to shift I would have had you shift already so you heal faster. But it's not safe; they can't know that you have me already. If they find out they will kill me," she says glumly.

"I know if I die, you die, Skye, but how can you expect me to keep fighting to live when I have nothing to live FOR. I have been alive ten years now and haven't stepped a foot outside even once! I have no idea what grass, or even snow feels like. I don't know what it's like to run through the woods, or swim in a lake. All I know is this basement, these four cement walls, and my tiny window. How am I supposed to dream of something I never had to begin with? How can I dream of being happy if I don't know what it feels like to even be happy? I know you can't have me shift! If they find out I have you, they will give me wolfs-bane and it will kill you, and poison me"

"You can dream to be happy! You can dream of being loved and appreciated, because one day you WILL be loved and happy. I know it. Now get some rest, you need it to heal," she said in a motherly tone. I knew the conversation was over so I just lay down and let sleep claim me .

The next time I wake up it's still day-light out so I know the other alpha isn't here yet. My father and brother must have gone upstairs for lunch that's the only reason they would leave me. I slowly and painfully sit up my entire body throbbing. I sit there until the pain lessons and then force myself to stand. I shakily walk to the bathroom where I take a rag and slowly wash the blood off me the best I can. And inspect my wounds. I have a busted lip a gash above my eye 3 cuts on my stomach and way too many to count on my back from the cuts from the knife to the gashes from the whip and punctures from the nails on my father's whip. I'm surprised I lived through that, on my side there is a burn from the electric thing they used. I have rope burn around my wrist and ankles. My arms are fractured I can tell in multiple places luckily they aren't snapped in half like I originally thought they were.

After I cleaned up the best I can, I make my way back to my bed on the floor in order to get there I have to walk through puddles of my own blood which I'll be forced to clean up later but for now, all I want to do is lay down. Maybe talk to Skye some more. I've learned a lot from her. What I haven't learned from her I've learned from books I've found in boxes down here who knew there were so many books. I was able to teach myself how to read and write and Skye helped me to learn to actually speak. But I never speak and the books I always make sure to put back so that I don't get caught snooping.

Right as I'm about to ask skype a question I hear the basement door open and pull the covers closer to my body. The only person to come down the stairs is my brother which is odd he is never down here without my father.

"Get up" he yells and I just shake in fear

"I said get up Denali I'm not going to ask again" I shakily stood up in front of him looking down I know to never look them in the eye

"Now you must get cleaned up for when the alpha gets here he can't see you all bloody now go take a shower and brush your hair," he said as he fling's old clothes and a brush at me.

I shakily head back to the bathroom and slowly peel my clothes off. I get the water as warm as I can and slide in the second the water hits my wounds in stings but eventually, the sting goes away and my muscles relax I wash my entire body making sure not to miss a spot. Once I did that I wash my hair and then spend the next 30 minutes brushing it out. As I finish, I put on the clothes my brother threw at me and walk out of the bathroom, He looks up at me and smiles am I dreaming or did he actually just smile at me.

"Denali I'm going to tell you now because I know dad won't but where your going is no better than hear. I hope you know that everything I said and did to you was because he made me I had to act like I was mad at you for mom dying but the doctors told mom it was risky when she found out she was pregnant. She couldn't go through with termination none of this was your fault. I just want you to know that and once I become alpha there will be a lot of changes, just continue to fight to stay alive. Maybe one day we can meet again on better terms" he tells me and I'm just stunned I can't believe he just said that.

After he tells me that he leads me up the stairs, and into dads office. He isn't there yet thankfully, so I just sit in the chair and look around. He has pictures of my brother and mom on the wall and I can't help but see the similarities between my mom in me. There is a family picture of the three of them it looks like right before I was born. They all looked so happy. I want to believe my brother but after all these years why now apologize. While I'm analyzing everything that has happened today in my head, my father walks in my brother right behind him. My brother sits by me and dad goes behind his desk and sits. You can see the rage in his eyes but he is somehow controlling it.

"When the other Alpha gets in here, hear are the rules you are to follow, 1. Do not look at him or anyone for that matter, 2. Keep your head down, 3. When asked a questioning nod yes or no and don't answer anything that will make me look bad. I'll kill you right away if you do. 4. Anything that is asked of you, you are to do without hesitation. 5. At the end of the night, you are to leave with the Alpha and go to his pack you are never to return to this land again. Do you understand me," he asks and I just nod my head while staring at my hands in my lap.

"Father how far out is the alpha?" my brother asks.

"He will be here within the next 20 minutes. I'm glad you were able to get her somewhat presentable" he chuckles

"It was hard to do you know how she is. The alpha will have his hands full with her" he says

"We don't have to worry about it anymore son soon she will be his problem and we can move on and be happy without having this curse on our land" my dad seethes.

I can see he wants to hit me but is holding it in I'm guessing because Alpha Moore is coming. Apparently, this is the alpha who my father sold me to. I wonder what he got in return for selling his own daughter. There is no way for me to even ask that, and even if I wanted to it's too late because in walks a very tall and muscular man he looks to be in his 40s grayish-brown hair and emits power you can definitely since he is an alpha, unlike my dad.

"Alpha Moore welcome to our pack, this is Denali your new pack member," my dad says with a smile on his face.

"Hi, Denali I can see we will have a lot of fun with you! Now Alpha why don't we just get the paperwork done and we will be on our way. I can't stay gone for too long."

"As you wish," my father said and with that, I was officially sold to alpha Moore.

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