Where Do Broken Hearts Go ?

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I have come to accept that a female like me will never get a happy ending. I mean what can I expect if my own mother thinks that I am a curse to the point that she dumps me at my grandmother's house when I was just a month old. I don't know who my father is apparently I am the reason why he left my mother. Unwanted with no friends that is my portion and I have come to accept my fate. I mean what is the point in trying to fit in any way I will never be accepted. Then my naive self fell in love and got married to Luke and here I was thinking that I am going to get my happy ending. Unable to give him a child and after going through a miscarriage he turns to another for comfort. She then gives him what I have been unable to give him a baby and what's worse is the snake came to my home disguised as my friend helping me grieve for the loss of my child. They both played me for a fool. So I just picked up the pieces of my broken heart and I moved on with the motto to love myself and never trust or to fall for anything that is called a male. I decided that I don't need a male to be a mother so I went through an artificial insemination procedure. Unknowingly my life takes a different turn when I am suddenly thrown in a v new world of the supernatural and secrets of my true identity come to light.

Fantasy / Romance
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Copyright© 2020 by Zessytina123

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English is not my first language so be wary of bad grammar.

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Suggestions and improvements are always welcome and highly appreciated however I will not tolerate rude comments if you do not like my book then simply bow out gracefully.

Copyright© 2020 by Zessytina123

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