Fated Bond

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This is a story about a young girl who lived just an ordinary life. She went to high school, loved to draw and even love anime. But all that changed on the night of a blood moon. You see, she always believed that the wolf was her spirit animal. She just didnt know how right she was.

Fantasy / Romance
Dustie Thurmond
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Here I am again, waiting for school to end just like any other day. Hi my name is Misty, I'm just your ordinary high school girl. Except I never really got into cheerleading, or any kind of really girly stuff. Then what am I you ask, I'm your typical nerd girl.

Constantly playing video games and watching anime movies and reading manga books. Hey what can I say I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it.

I start off my day in school with homeroom, totally boring may I say. So to pass the time I just ended up sketching in my SketchBook.

I really loved to draw wolves, they have always been my favorite animal and I always believed the wolf was my spirit animal. As the bell rang I got out of my seat and walked to my next class.

Apparently I wasn't paying attention and bumped into something or was it someone. I looked up and saw matt. He was a good friend of mine, he was pretty much into the same stuff I was.

He looked at me and smiled, "Hey misty, what's up? Not paying attention again I see." He said with a chuckle.

I just rolled my eyes at him and smiled. " Sorry kiba, I've just had alot on my mind lately." Kiba was his nickname, only a hand full of people called him that.

He looked at me and began to laugh. "Haha! So that's why I see smoke coming out of your ears! You should be more careful, you brain will catch fire!"

He was now holding himself up on the lockers laughing.

I just ended up punching him on the shoulder and walked away. He finally stoped laughing and ran up to me, " hey you know I'm only teasing. Come on misty done be angry. Besides if I didnt pick on you then you would think I didnt want to be around you anymore."

He did have a good point, but I was not angry with him.

But I will let him think that I was, a little punishment is in order here. I just giggled at the thought. We both then headed to our next classes, which lucky me mine was history. Yay me I thought to my self.

I never was really into history class, unless we where talking about mythology. That's about the only subject in this class I would pay attention to.

So I just sat in the back corner and got out my books. I did have my history book out but i had my sketch book inside it. As i was finishing the outline of my new wolf drawing the teacher walked up to me.

"Misty" hey said to me with frustration in his voice. I quickly closed my book and looked up at him, "yes sir?" I said trying to sound like I was paying attention. He then picked up my book and took my sketch book out of it,

" what have I told you about drawing during class? We have a test next week and you need to be paying attention."

Being the shy person that I am I just nodded my head and looked down.

He placed my history book back on my desk and took my sketch book with him.

I could here some of the students whispering and the others giggling.

The bell finally rung about 30minutes later and I quickly walked over to the teachers desk.

He looked up at me, "yes misty?"

I had to think of a way to get my book back, I always thought of myself as being pretty clever when it came to stuff like this.

"I just wanted to apologize for today, I shouldn't have been drawing during your class and it wont happen again. May I please have my book back?" I tryed to sound sincere.

He just looks and me and raises an eyebrow, "well I'm going to hold you to that promise. But if this happens again I will be sending you to detention, do I make my self clear?"

I nodded my head, "crystal."

I quickly grabbed my sketch book and headed out the door. When I was out of his hearing range i started to laugh. I always draw during his class and this is the first time I've been caught. Oh well, what he doesn't know wont hurt him.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly considering I only have art and PE class left.

Art I absolutely loved but PE not so much. I would just sit there and draw, the PE teacher rarely payed me any attention. Since I never caused trouble for her like some of the other students so she just let's me do what I want. Except when we have to run the mile, but then I just walk it.

After school I meet up with my friends in the cafeteria, and we all walked together to our cars. Matt quickly makes his way over to me and puts his arm over my shoulder. " so did your brain ever melt from all the thinking you where doing earlyer? He said with a smirk on his face.

I just punched him in the arm again, "well since your so curious, would you like to know what is on my mind? I've been having this weird feeling that I'm being watched. It's kinda creepy." I said with a sigh. He just looks at me and blinks his eyes a few times.

He then took his hand off my shoulder and patted me on the head, "I'm sure it's nothing you tend to over exaggerate sometimes, and besides tonight is the blood moon. And you know what they say, when the blood moon is out the werewolves come out to. Who knows we might run into one tonight." He said with a wink.

He really knows how to get to me. He knows that it has always been a dream of mine to be able to turn into a wolf. It was a dream of his to. I guess you can say that's another thing we had in common.

After saying my goodbyes to everyone I got in my car and drove to the local library. It wasnt really all that big but we did live in a small town. As I got out of my car I suddenly felt chills go all the way down my spine. It was that feeling again, like I was being watched.

I quickly turn around and saw a black car park behind me. Three people got out of the car and walked over to me. One was a man who had jet black hair and was muscular in body type.

The other man had dark blond hair and then the other one was a woman with bleach blond hair, about shoulder length. All three surrounded me and it was the women who spoke first, " misty, We need to you come with us please."

Somthing is up with the people, I thought to my self. I dont know who any of them are and they just want me to willingly go with them. Not a chance.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said no.

She didnt seem to take that every well, she snapped her fingers and befor I knew it the 2 men grabbed me by the arms and forced me into the car. But I was not giving in with out a fight. I had a pocket knife that I always carried with me, so I slowly reached into my pocket and grabbed it.

I then flipped it open and they must gave hurt its snap but befor they could respond to it I quickly stabbed it into one of the guys arms and tryed to reach for the door.

The other guys was on my other side and he tryed to hold me down by my legs, I tryed to kick him off and ended up smashing his nose. He screamed in pain and held his nose as blood poured out.

The other guys then grabbed my arm which I had the knife in that hand so he held on to it tight. The women then stoped the car and got out to open the door.

This was the only chance I had at the moment to escape so i had to take it.

I turned and punch the man that held my arm in the neck and he started to gasp for air.

The women was trying to put hand cuffs on me but I ended up punching her in the gut. Now's my chance to run, I thought to my self.

I made my way out of the car and bolted for the nearest building, which was a gas station.

I quickly make my way inside and just walk around. I did not want to make a scene and someone else geting hurt in the process. Luckily they did not take my phone away from me so i quickly got it out and called the police.

I tryed to tell them that some people tryed to kidnap me and that I got away. But I was pretty sure that they were going to follow me.

They asked me for my location. I took a look out the window and noticed that i was in the town square, down the road from the library. But befor I could tell the operator my location, the 2 men ran into the store and shot his gun in the air.

"Alright listen up! I know a young red headed girl just came in here so give her to us know and we will leave." He said with anger in his voice.

I was hiding behind one of the food stands they had in the store when I heard a young girl scream.

He shot his gun again in the air, " misty you better come out here or I will blow her brains out!"

I could hear the little girls crys and the mother was screaming at him to let her go. I could not sit idly by and watch this happen, I knew I had no choice but to go with them.

I quickly stood up and walked toward them. The man holding the girl smirked, " that's it. Now drop the knife and get over here."

I dropped the knife but did not walk over," ok I dropped the knife but befor I go over there, you have to let the little girl go. I wont fight back, i will go with you willingly ok."

The man then shoved the girl into her mom and pointed the gun at them.

" Now get over here." He said smiling.

I walked over to them and the younger man grabbed both my hand and locked me up in hand cuffs.

We made our way out of the store and into the car. The women drove off slowly, I'm guessing to not attract attention to them. We started heading down the road for what seemed like hours but was only about an hour and a half. So I was pretty close.

One of the men grabbed my arm and we started walked towards a large building.

It had 2 smaller building next to it and there where alot of people around. Next to the building on my right, it kinda looked like somthing you would see at a bootcamp. People where training, running, and doing pushups.

Where the heck have these people taken me.

When we got inside we went straight for the elevator and went to what I think was the basement. When we got out of the elevator, we went down a long hallway that lead to the only door. There where no other doors down this way. I was starting to get even more scared.

The women opened the door and we all went inside. It was actually a very nice looking room. The room was a solid white color but had a few paintings I had never seen befor. The floor was not stone but wood, and there was a few couches and from what I counted 2 TVs.

They then take me over to the counter and tell the lady behind the desk that the girl is here.

The women behind the desk picks up her desk phone and tell someone that the girl is here. She then hangs up the phone and says go in.

I'm then dragged into a different room which looks like an office. They force me to sit in the chair that sits right in front of the desk and hand cuffs me to the chair, then they turn to leave.

No one else was in the room so I tryed to get out of the hand cuffs but it was no good. I couldn't even get one hand free. About 5 minutes pass by and I hear the door open behind me.

I try to turn my head around to see who it was. She was a women about in her 30's with brown color hair and green eyes. She proceeded to walk behind her desk and sat down.

She looked at somthing on her desk and then back at me with a smile, "So, you are misty. I'm glade I finally got to meet you. My name is Victoria but you may call me vicky. I heard about the little struggle you and my members had earlyer and I must say I'm quit impressed." She said with a smile on her face.

All I could do was just look at her. She then got up and walked in front of me, leaning herself on her desk. " Now I bet you are wondering why I had my people bring you here. We have actually been keeping an eye on you for a while now. Going through your family records and such, and may I say that you are very interesting indeed." I raze my eye brow at her, " what do you mean by interesting? I'm just a normal high school student and nothing more. If you did your research correctly then you should already know that!" I screamed with anger in my voice.

She smirked and leaned down to cup my face with her hand, "oh my dear, you are so much more than that.

You my dear are no mere human."

I looked at her in confusion, what the heck is up with this women and what is she talking about, I thought to my self.

Seeing me lost in though she stood up and went back to her desk.

She was going through some files when she pulled out a picture. She then came back around the desk and put it in my lap.

I instantly recognized this man. He was my great grandfather. My family always thought it was important to know our family line.

She pointed at the picture, " do you know this man?" She asked.

I looked at her and nodded my head,

"Yeah that's my great grandfather. But what does he have to do with this? He died years ago." I said with a hiss in my voice.

She smiled, " do you know anything about his past or origin?"

I shook my head no. Dad never told me where he was from.

" your great grandfather was the alpha of the blood moon pack, a pack to the west of here." She said still smiling.

A pack?? I thought to my self, what does she mean like a wolf pack?

She could tell I was really confused, so she leaned down to face me. " He was the alpha of the blood moon wolf pack. Your great grandfather was a werewolf misty, and you carry his blood in your veins. But your grandmother was never accepted into the pack because she was only half wolf, and could not transform.

And now here you are misty, at the age of 19 and still have not transformed. The proper age of the first shift is on the 16th birthday."

I quickly looked away from her, I had to think for a minute. Werewolf!? I had real wolf in me!? This was almost to good to be true. I mean this is what I always wanted, but she said that the first shift starts at the age of 16. I had to ask her if there was a way to awaken the wolf in me.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter! The next one will be up soon.

Thanks for reading :)

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