Fated Bond

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New Life

Well I cant say that I'm disappointed with this news. I just cant believe that my ancestors are werewolfs, it is kind of a hard pill to swallow. Vicky was still looking at me waiting for a response.

I nodded my head, " ok so what do I have to do to awaken my wolf? Is it even possible?" I asked with hope in my voice.

She smiled at me, " yes misty it is possible. You will have to under go some tests first but before the day is out we will have your wolf awakened."

This almost sounded to good to be true, there had to be a catch.

I tryed to stand up from my chair but i quickly fell back down. I had forgotten that I was hand cuffed to the chair.

I looked back up to her, " ok so what's the catch? I know you are not just going to awaken my wolf for me with out a price. So what is it you want from me?"

Vicky slowly walked back behind her desk and sat down, "well aren't you the clever one. Alot of other people like you just rushed into it with out asking about the consequences." I gulped.

" Now it is true that this is not for free, but we do not ask for any money in return. We only ask that once your wolf is awakened that you work for us. We will be sending you on missions once your training is completed. That being said the missions you will be sent on will be dangerous but I'm sure it will be nothing you cant handle. With the way you dealt with my people earlier I'm sure you will do just fine." She said with a smirk.

I sat there and listened to her every word. I looked down, " what kind of missions are you talking about? Will I have to kill people or somthing?" I looked back up at her.

She frowned, " yes misty, you will be sent on hunting missions. The people that we will have you targetting will only be people who have done wrong. Let's say like someone who is going around murdering innocent people for fun. It will be your job to take them out." She said with a smile.

I pondered at the thought for a moment before I said anything else, she was looking at me so intently waiting for a response. " ok so let's say I agree to this. I'm down with helping you get ride of the bad guys. But I refuse to be treated like an animal. I'm not going to live in some cage and wait for my next mission." She could hear the seriousness in my voice.

She just sat there for a moment before she spoke, " Misty do not worry, we do not keep our wolves in cages. You will have your own place here on the camp grounds. It will have 2 bedrooms and a full bath. I read up on you and what you like to do so we are giving you a 2 bedrooms instead of one. You can have the other one as an art studio. We take care of our wolves here, and all that we ask is your corporation and obedience. We will provide you with food and anything else you need. We will have you go on missions 5 days a week, and 2 days to rest. The days will vary on when and where we need you."

I nodded my head at her, " this sounds good to me. But can I go back to my house to get my stuff?" I asked worried about all my anime stuff and my sketch books.

She just smiled, " we have already gotten all your stuff in your new home. With a few new additions." She said with a wink. I was amazed, this women was remarkable.

I nodded my head and said yes, I will do as you ask.

She smiled and stood up, she quickly made her way out the door. She was gone for a few minutes but then quickly returned with a guard. He unlocked my hand cuffs and I stood up, he looked like he was on edge since I did not stay in my seat.

Vicky put her hand on his shoulder and told him it's alright. She works for us now. She turned around and smiled at me and I could not help but smile back. She then led me to a diffrent room down the hallway which looked like a doctor's office.

She patted the bed looking thing they have in doctor offices and told me to sit. I climb up and sat down. She then goes over to the cabinet and grabs out some cotton swabs and one of those things they wrap your arm in to take blood.

I guess I was right because she drew some blood from my arm.

I then heard a nock on the door behind her. "Come in." She said as she finished taking my blood.

A lady dressed in a lab coat came in and vicky handed the blood to her. The lady then handed a diffrent needle to vicky. It look like it had some kind of blue liquid in it. Then lady then quickly left and vicky turned back toward me.

"Ok this is going to sting a bit, it will nock you out for about 2 hours. That gives us plenty of time to examine your body thoroughly."

I nodded my head in agreement. She gently taped her finger on my arm so she could find a diffrent vain, and injected me with the blue liquid.

After a minute or two I started to feel very lightheaded and sleepy. She gently laid me back on the bed and I fell into a deep sleep.


As misty fell asleep i called in a nurse. Abby my head nurse came in and stood beside me. "Ok Abby, I need you to go get Luka and Mike for me. We are going to take her to the examination room." Abby quickly left the room and returned with the two men and a transfer bed. They gently lifted up misty and placed her on the bed. Abby and myself started hooking misty up to the machines.

"Ok let's go" I told Luka and Mike.

The quickly made our way to the examination room which was a floor blow us. When we entered, I had already instructed everyone in the room to be ready. As we put misty in the xray machine to get a good look at her bone structure I hear a nock on the door.

It was Abby, and she had the blood work I sent her to test. I looked at the paper work and I was amazed. Her blood showed that she had more wolf in her than we previously thought.

I nodded my head to abby, dismissing her from the room. Then one of my doctors called me to come look at Misty's bone structure.

Again I was astounded, her bones where not as thin as a normal half breed. But more of a normal werewolf.

Even I my self wondered why she had not had her first shift if she was almost a pure breed.

We begin to take out some bone marrow and a few more tests. This young girl was exactly what we need here. She will be one of our strongest wolves we have, and I cant denie I cant wait to see what her wolf looks like my self.

After the rest of the examinations I had Luka take misty to the transformation room. This is the room where we awaken the wolf inside our patients.

" misty will awaken soon,"I yelled to get everyone's attention. "Luka, I need to you put the collar on her if you would."

The coller was bolted down to the floor and was inside of a big cage.

This cage and collar was for our own protection. A person shifting for the first time and no knowing that they had wolf blood in them could be dangerous. We have had to put down 2 wolves because of this, they could not control there wolf and went wild.

But I had no dowt in my mind that misty would be just fine. I have Luka gently put misty inside of the cage and lock the coller around her neck.

After a few minutes she started to open her eyes.


I could feel myself starting to wake up. I felt like I was having a bad hangover. Which I wont denie I know I'm only 19 but I did have a few drinks with friends a few times.

I tryed to slowly sit up when I realised there was somthing around my neck. I popped open my eyes and looked around at my surroundings. I was in a cage! And they put a coller on me!? "What the hell is going on!?" I screamed out in anger.

Vicky walked over to me and bent down to my eye level. " Its ok misty, theres nothing to worry about. The only reason your in there is for our own safety. Once you start to shift it will be extremely painful, and we dont know what your response will be. This is only to protect us just in case you loose your subconscious."

I looked at her in puzzlement. But I did agree. I would not want to hurt any of them since they have not done anything to hurt me.

" ok so now what?" I asked. Vicky smiled, " now we are going to inject you with a serum that will awaken the wolf inside of you. Now I want you to remember that the pain will be intense, but once you start shifting more and more the pain will subside. Im going to need you to give me your glasses please. " She said holding her hand out.

I slowly took off my glasses and everything went blurry. I couldn't see with out them and she must have known this because she slowly touched my arm and rubbed it." I'm going to inject you know ok?"

I just nodded my head because for some reason I could not find my voice. It was like I had a lump in the throat.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. The next one will be up shortly.

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