Fated Bond

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First Shift

As Vicky injected me with the serum, I could feel the liquid flowing through my veins. It felt kinda weird to be honest.

As the serum moved through out my body, I could feel my self geting hotter. It felt my my hole body was on fire. Then I could feel and hear my own bones starting to snap and realign. The pain was excruciating but not unbearable.

The pain lasted for a few minutes and I found that my body had collapsed to the ground. The pain is gone finally, I thought to my self. I still had my eyes closed but I could hear everyone in the room gasping and talking amongst themselves.

I could here foot steps coming closer to me, and I could smell there sent. It smelt like peppermint. I slowly opened my eyes trying to get them reajusted to the light in the room.

I saw vicky kneeling down at me with her eyes wide open and her mouth in the shape of an O. I looked around the room and everyone was staring at me with wide eyes. It was then that I realized that I could see, and i didnt even have my glasses on.

That alone was enough to get me exited. I then tryed to slowly stand up when i realized that my hands where now paws. But somthing seemed diffrent, one paw was white and the other was black. Maybe i had spotted fur.

I was so exited I leaped for joy and ended up bumping my head on the roof of the cage. I looked up to vicky and she was smiling. She slowly moved her hand to the cage and instinctively I sniffed her hand and licked it. I had to show her I was no threat to her or anyone else.

She moved her hand inside the cage and rubbed her hand through my fur. This feels so nice, I thought to my self.

She then takes her hand out of the cage and orders Luka to open the door. He was hesitant at first but then he unlocked it.

I slowly walk out, making sure not to scare anyone. I still had the coller around my neck and it wouldn't let me go to far from the cage. I looked up a vicky and she pointed so somthing that was beside me.

I quickly turned my head to see a mirror beside me. I was in shock. Half of my body was black with my eye on that side a deep red color and the other half of my body was white with a sky blue eye color. Know I see why everyone was looking at me with there mouths open. This was amazing!

I turned back to Vicky and rubbed my face in her chest.

My body was so huge, standing on all fours brought my hight up to her chest and she had to be aleast 5'8 in height.

Everyone but vicky backed away. She looked at everyone and smiled, " If she was going to hurt us, she would have done so by now." She said trying to comfort them.

She then took both her hands and started rubbing the fur along my face. I'm not going to lie, it felt wonderful being petted like that.

She then raised my head so that I was look straight at her, "Misty, you are absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen another wolf like you before. Every wolf is assigned to one of our humans here on campus. They tend to train together, but not live together. I myself do not have a wolf yet misty. How would you like to become my wolf? I wont be able to go on missions with you, you will be going solo. But I will take care of you." She said with a pleading tone in her voice.

How could I deny her, after she helped me awaken my wolf. I lifted up my head and licked her on the nose. She giggled in response. " I'll take that as a yes then."

I nodded my head to her. She quickly ordered Luka to take off the coller, and as soon as he did I walked over to her side and sat down beside her.

I know that right now I'm nothing more than a pet but once i complete my training, i will do what ever my master commands of me.

Vicky starts to order everyone to leave the room. They all quickly grab there things and head out. Vicky and I where alone now. She then leans down to look at me, " ok misty, I need you to try to turn back. You did absolutely wonderful for your first shift but we cant have you staying like that forever. Just try to picture yourself as a human and you should start to feel yourself turn back." She said smiling at me.

I took in a deep breath preparing my self for the pain i know will hit me once i try to shift back.

I imagine my self as human, every little detail i could think of. I start to feel my body heating up again, along with the pain I was waiting for. I closed my eyes and endured the pain. As suddenly the pain came it was gone.

I could feel vicky's hand on my back and the other hand trying to help me up. I held onto her with both my hand, I was afraid I was going to fall. My legs felt like jelly underneath me.

Vicky patted the table next to her and told me to sit. I sat down on the table and she went over to the counter and grabbed what looked like clothes.

I quickly looked at my body and realized I was completely naked!

Vicky just laughed at me, " it's ok misty, this will happen everytime you shift. If you dont want to rip off your clothes during shift then just take them off. I will get you new clothes in the event that you do rip them, so not to worry misty."

I looked her way and smiled. She so was my new master, atleast that's how I felt about it anyway. I quickly put the clothes on that she handed me and tryed to stand up.

She quickly grabbed my arm when I was about to fall to my knees and held me up.

"Its ok misty just take your time. It will take some time for your body to get use to the shifting. I'm going to go and get a wheel chair ok, I'll be right back."

I nodded my head at her and watched as she left the room.

She quickly returned with the wheelchair and helped me into it.

This time she had the man she called Luka come in with her. She told him to follow and he pushed me out the door.

We followed her out of the building and onto the campus. There where so many houses around here. I'm guessing most of them where werewolves like me.

I was so focused on the other houses I did not realize we had stoped moving. I looked toward vicky and saw that we where standing in front of one of the houses.

It was beautiful, it had a wrap around porch with a porch swing. There was even a few other chairs siting outside. There was only one step so it was not hard for Luka to get me on the porch.

Vicky turned to me and smiled," Are you ready to see your new home?"

I nodded my head at her.

She slowly opened the front door and we where greeted with the living room area. It was absolutely amazing, the inside had hard wood floors and the walls where wooden to. On the floor was a red and black carpet with matching couches. I could see a few nails hanging on the walls and I looked at vicky in confusion. She said that they where for my paintings if I wished to hang them.

I never thought of hanging up my own art work. I wont deny, it sounded like a plain to me.

Luka pushed me around the couches and into the kitchen. The counter tops where a black and white marble and the floors where white marble with a few little designs on them. It was breath taking, I never thought I would be able to live in a place like this.

They then brought me into the dining room which had a sliding door that led outside to a back yard.

Since it was pretty dark outside now vicky said I could take a look out side tomorrow. I nodded my head in agreement.

I was then taken to what had to be my art studio. There was a desk with every kind of paint and color pencils I could think of hanging on the wall, and on the other side of the desk was an easel to set my canvas on when I paint. This room was everything I could imagine in an art studio.

After going through some of the stuff in the room, I was then led to the last room in the house. My new bed room.

It was huge! It had a queen sized bed, which i usually sleep on a small couch bed.

The covers and pillows had a wolf howling at the moon on them. It was perfect. There was 2 lamps, one on each side of the bed. Both had little wolf figurines at the base of them. I then noticed something above the bed and it was a wolf dream catcher.

It had diffrent color feathers hanging from it.

There was also a dresser and cabinet. But there was one thing missing I thought to my self. A tv. Vicky must have seen the look on my face because I heard her chuckle. She walked to the side of the bed and grabbed a remote from the drawer.

She clicked a button on it and the wall in front of my bed started to move.

I was baffled, it was a hug tv and underneath it was a few diffrent game systems and all my anime movies pluse some I have never seen before.

I looked at her in awe. " where are my manga books?" I asked her confused because I did not see them.

She had luka lead me to the cabinet and opened it. It was filled with nothing but manga books. Now keep in mind I only had a few books to my name, but this cabinet was completely filled!

"There is enough books here to keep me reading for months!" I yelled out, not realizing that I was actually talking out loud.

Vicky and luka both started to laugh along with me. I was then lead to the closet which was filled with my old clothes on the right and new clothes on the left. All diffrent colors and designs on the shirts.

This women really did do her homework on me, she knows what kind of style I like and everything.

"I really hope you like the clothes I picked out for you misty." I nodded my head at her, " yes i do, you really got my style right down to a tee" i giggled.

She gestured for luka and me to follow her into the bath room. Again it was hug! The bath tube even had water jets, and the shower was built with stone. There was no glass door or anything but it was kinda like a walk in shower. It had 2 diffrent shower heads, one on the wall and one above my head.

This was absolutely amazing, I thought to my self. Vicky must have noticed the expression on my face because she was smiling.

She told luka to take me back to the bed. He gently lifted me up and sat me down on the bed. Jeez he lifted me like I was a rag doll. Vicky then told him to leave and he did along with the wheelchair.

She then walked over to the dresser and pulled out a one piece night gown.

She helped me change out of my clothes and into the night gown. Taking off my bra was a bit of a challenge but I managed to get it off.

She then sat on the bed right beside me puting her hand on my shoulder, " well misty I hope you like your new home. I will be back in the morning to go over your training schedule with you."

I nodded my head at her and I couldn't help but give her a hug.

She hugged me back and patted my head, "now get some sleep you had a long day and need to rest. You should be able to feel your muscles again by tomorrow." She then got up and walked out of the room turning off the light. I could hear her opening the front door and locking it behind her.

Man today has been a long day and I feel so exhausted. But my mind was also racing. What about my friends back at school? Wont they be wondering where I am.

I could help but wonder about them and my family.

But befor I knew it I had drifted off into dream land.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter as much as I had fun wrighting it.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

I will have the next chapter up as soon as I can. :)

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