Not Your Typical Fairytale

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He became a drug I couldn't get enough of and now I'm addicted

Fantasy / Romance
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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What is a fairy-tale?

That’s a question that’s always weighed heavily on my mind until I met my husband. 10-year-old me would tell you that a fairy-tale is a story about things that done exist but have a beautiful ending. 16-year-old me would have told you that a fairy-tale is meeting a man that sweeps you off your feet and does everything your heart desires and you never have to work a day in your life. And 20-year-old me would tell you that we all have different kinds of fairytales, yes it may not be your usual Cinderella type of fairytale but that don’t mean its not one!

Who am I?

That is a good question actually. Who is Ayola Majola?

I always answer the question with “ask me what you want to know and I’ll answer you honestly” why? Because I can’t define myself in words. Because I find it hard to filter out which details about me I’m supposed to disclose and which ones not to.

Ayola Majola is a female, she’s now 20 years old, she’s a rich kid (I’d even go as far as saying she’s a spoilt brat), you could call her a slay queen if you want because she dresses to kill and she’s your typical Instagram beauty with over a million followers, she’s actually smart for the way she looks and dresses, she’s currently studying Law at UKZN Howard campus in Durban, she’s Xhosa so of cause she’s a little extra, attitude wise, she’s from the Eastern Cape in East London but because of her parents jobs she’s in Durban, she has an older brother; Aphiwe who’s working for their father’s company in Joburg and he is 23 working as the company’s technician and you’ll learn more about her as time goes on…

I think that gives you an idea of who I am right or you still need more? Oh right.

My parents, I’d love to tell you what they do for a living but I myself can’t actually pinpoint their jobs because they always travelling out of the country and they never around. All I know is that my mother studied medicine and my father studied business management but now they have a hospital and companies all over so you get what I mean when I say I don’t know what they do. None of us have a relationship with them, every time I need a mother I go to Mamu’Gloria and if I need a father then I go to babu’John; they are the people that take care of the servants in our mansion in Ballito.

So yeah, that’s me and the rest you will know with time.

I have 3 friends: Steve Martins a gay guy studying clothing Management at DUT, Connie Williams studying Law with me in the same class and university and my best friend Simnikiwe Simmy Maqoma and she’s studying in Free State doing Analytical Chemistry. So yeah that’s my life and also I don’t have a boyfriend. I will tell you what happened later on.

“A-Y-O-L-A” my brother shouted making his way towards my room, he knew how much I hated him shouting.

We were flying down to the Eastern Cape for December holidays to our grandparent’s place. Mind you I’ve never spent Christmas in the Eastern Cape, normally it’s just a weekend or a week but never the whole of December.

“I’ll be out in a second” I said tying my weave up in a messy bun sitting in front of my mirror.

“Seriously!” he said opening the door. I looked at him through the mirror and just smiled

“I know. I’m almost done” I said applying lipstick

“you can do your face in the car. We have to go before we miss our flight again”

I rolled my eyes. Yeah sure we missed our flight yesterday but that was not my fault, if mom had sent the money for my weave earlier then we wouldn’t have had to stay at the salon that long. See? Mom’s fault

“take my bags to the car so long I’ll be there in a sec” I said getting up from my chair

“hurry up Ayola!” he said dragging my bags. I looked at him and walked to the bathroom. I took a few things and then walked out. I met up with mamu’Gloria on my way out of my room

“Glory” she laughed, that’s what I called her and she had accepted it.

“oh baby” she said pulling me into her arms “I’m going to miss you”

“I’ll miss you too mom” I said breaking the hug

“don’t let your mother hear you call me that” he hit my nose playfully

“maybe if she was a mom then I’d actually call her that” I said with a shrug. She smiled

“travel safely ok and don’t forget to pray” she said kissed my cheek

I smiled “I won’t mom” my brother’s hooter went off and we both laughed “I should go… now” she laughed as I ran down the stairs. I got in

“next time you will find your own way to the airport”

“sorry” I said buckling up “what’s got you in the mood?”

“nothing!” he scolded. I looked at him but he didn’t say anything further. OK! he is being a bitch.

We drove in silence all the way to the airport with music playing on the radio. We checked in and waited to board. I checked for my phone in my bag but nothing, ok that’s weird. I could have sworn I put it in my bag.


“What?” he answered sounding annoyed

“have you seen my phone?” I said taking things out placing them on the seat

“is it in your bag?” I shook my head

“please call it” he took out his and dialled my number and it rang for a while before it was answer

“Ayola’s phone hello” that was Gloria’s voice

“shiit!” I cursed and Aphiwe gave me a look “sorry”

“never mind Mah, we were looking for the princess’s phone but seemingly she left it” my brother said

“how will she get it?” she asked, he looked at me and I shrugged

“thank you Ma, bye” he said dropping the call. “we not going back for your phone Ayola!”


“No Yola. We not doing this again little sis. You’ll get something when we land” he scolded

I sulked putting my things in my bag. I was really screwed; my phone is my life! After all, that we made our way in and took our seats.

“Excuse me, may I”

A deep and bold voice said standing next to me, we were seating in a three seater and the seat between us was vacant, as If I wasn’t already in a foul mood. I stood up

“I don’t mean to be annoying but may I please sit on the side” I still wasn’t looking at him.

“nigga just sit the fuck down already geez” I said rolling my eyes.

“lady please, I have a problem with sitting in the middle”

“then find another place to sit” I said taking my seat

He didn’t respond, he walked away and I let him be. A while later someone wearing Dior cologne, I notice expensive colognes and also because my ex used to put on Dior. The person sat between my brother and I. I wanted to look at him but I didn’t want to be forward so I looked at his lower body. His watch was a Rolex, he was carrying a white iPhone 8, he was wearing a suit. Ok so he’s obviously moneyed! He took out his apple laptop and put it on his lap, I rolled my eyes leaning back on the seat bored AF!

Someone please educate me, what do you sit and do without a phone? Like how is your life going? This flight was going to be the longest ever.

Finally, we landed, I got up and made my way out, I got down and waited for Aphiwe who walked out after this very handsome dark bone GOD! I say he’s a God because he looked too sexy and hot to be a normal human being, he looked somewhere around Tyrese Gibson or Kevin McCall type of yummy and that suit was doing him all kinds of justice. He walked past me and it was the guy that was sitting between Phiwe and I, my word! I turned with him and noticed he was going to the loo. I’m a pervert ok!

“I need to go to the ladies, I’ll meet you by the rental” I said walking towards the loo. I went to touch up my make-up and as I was getting out, so was he. I looked down on purpose so that I could go bump myself to him.

“I am so sorry” he said

“I’m sorry” I said

We spoke at the same time and we looked at each other. I got lost in his brown eyes.

My GOD where did he come from? In which planet did they make such a person?

“I wasn’t looking, I am sorry” he said, even his voice was GODLY! It was so bold and deep and husky and just sexy in one.

“it’s ok, I should have been looking where I was going” I said.

WOAH! WHAT? Did I just apologise? What was going on with me you guys? This Godly creation before was suddenly humbling me.

“good thing you weren’t. I’m Lwando Mbana” he said with his hand held out

“Ayola Ma…” I paused, my family was a well-known family and I have made the news a few times. He gave me a look “Ayola Mani” I said placing my hand into his and he kissed it

“Nice name for a pretty lady” I couldn’t help but smile “and she has a dimple too. Damn girl!”

I was flushed. If a normal guy had been saying all this, I probably wouldn’t have smiled but because it was him and he was that hot, I couldn’t help myself

“would it be forward of me if I asked for your number?”


“I don’t even know you” I said, my subconscious had slapped me a thousand times for playing that card on the guy

He chuckled “Ayola we’re a little too old to be playing this game. You either want to be in contact with me or you don’t. there’s really no in between”

Ok that did not go as expected. I won’t lie I was somewhat hurt by what he just said

“I left my phone in Durban. Sorry”

“take my card. I’ll be waiting to hear from you”

With that he walked away. What just happened?

Little did I know that MR BOLD would be the reason for 20-year-old me to respond the way I did to fairy tales, I’m still 19 and this is my story.

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