Vile of Blood

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A young witch sought out by a powerfull vampire for one reason. Her research might aid him in freedom from his curse.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

A thin looking girl sat almost curled up in a dark and cold corner of a cell. The chill coming to her bones even threw the thin straw they had placed down to pad the flooring. Her clothes where dirty and stained. Ripped from the days that had passed by when she was brought into the cell. Her dark brown hair falling around her as she buried her pale face into the sleeve of her white tonic. What got her locked up in this cell? She had been condemned for practicing witchcraft. In truth this wasn't really what she had been doing but you couldn't change the minds of fools once it was set in stone. She had been caring for a small village that her home rested a few miles outside. She then had a spat with the village elder son which resulted in her being turned over to the church on these charges. The cell to the door creaked open as two large man wearing royal guard uniforms stepped into the cell. Roughly grabbing her by her shoulders and starting to haul her out of the cell. She half walked and was half dragged along. They brought her along the long corridor of the cell block, up a flight of stairs to an old wooden door. Threw it lead to a court yard that was boxed in by the garrison. In the middle of it sat a large wooden pool that people where piling hay upon. She wrestled in their grip slightly as they brought her over and grasped her arms. Pulling her back agenst the wood as her hands where tied behind it. There would be no trial and yet, she wasn't too afraid. After all she had been warned once this was what happened to people like her. Burned at the stake in hopes to clean the town. It rarely worked and more times than not caused the town to fall under a curse. Though she held none in her heart but pity. Feeling the heat of the torches and looking up at the blue sky as the hay caught fire.

As the fire took hold and climbed. She let her eyes fall shut and tried to make peace with everything. That is when she heard it. A deep voice caught on the wind. She opened her eyes for a moment and looked around. The voice coming to her ears. "You seem to be in a situation here. I have come to understand it that you where doing some important research before they took you to this place. I can offer you an opportunity to continue this work. If you come with me"

She stopped looking around. Coming to realized this was magic cast and seemed to be for only her ears as the guard stood silently by and watched. She spoke quiet under her breath. "Maybe but what would that require of me and the fact I am strapped to a wooden stake"

There was a deep rumbling as if the voice was chuckling "you have quite the spirit. It surprised me you allowed them to do this. Though i would stress, you don't seem to have much time right now to get your answers"

She looked down to see the flames licking at her feet now. Thinking for a moment between escape into the unknown hands of someone or facing this end. "Alright, we can talk more about it after you get me free of this."

As soon as she spoke the words, the fire came to life. It started swirling around her till she was trapped inside a tornado. There were shouts from outside it about the witch trying to escape. Black smoke filtered into the middle of the tornado, clouding her vision and making it hard for her to breath. As soon as it happened, it was gone. She was then standing in the room she called her living room.

She looked around the room for a long moment. It was exactly how it had been left. The small library/living room still torn apart with supplies and boks strewn everywhere. The mess of metal and glass that one used to sit on top of her desk sitting under a window and facing the front yard. The small kitchen off to the right looked like it had seen better days and standing in front of her. A man dressed in a heavy black cloak. His skin pale and his long black hair was tied back. He had a dark but commanding air about him. What caught her attention was his red eyes that bore down at her. She took a step back from him.

"Hello my dear, seems i pulled you from the fire just in time. You have no need to fear of me. Since I have come to you to ask you a favor. I require your aid in a task it seemed you have just started." From his cloak, his arm pulled free. Handing her a brown leather book she thought lost.

She approached and took the book back. Hugging it close to her chest for a long moment before looking up at him. "My work, they confiscated this. How did you get it back?"

"I have my ways as you can see" he retreated his arm into his cloak "you where studying the strains for both lycanthorpy and vampirieom."

It took her a moment to get what he was going at "yes of course, I was trying to learn about them and a possible remedy"

"This is what I have come here for. As you can probably come to understand. I am afflicted by one of these strains." He puased

She was catching on fast what he wanted and interrupted before he could continue"you want me to make it for you then? Honestly I have no qualms with this since you did save me from the flames. Lest I can do but, I do need a new laboratory and am in your catitve?"

"In a way yes I uppose it can be seen like that" he motioned to the door as it swung open. "Let us departed then to my home and get you settled in" he stepped outside and waited for her to come out to his side. Holding a hand out gently for her to take. Once she did the strange smoke like substance that had brought her here now clouded over them both ansthey vanished from sight.

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