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Fantasy / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Akis P.O.V

My first day of hopes peak academy 'c'mon aki make your brother and father proud your going to walk in there and make some friends'. With every step my vision got blurrier by the minute "what the fuck am i goin blind?".

Everything went black

My eyes fluttered open to a hallway and a closed door,sound of people chattering on the other side 'when did i get in here?'. The chatter got louder and louder 'ok no clammin up now be confident' i thought sliding open the door. 16 other students were crammed into the classroom some don't even look like teens they look like grown ass adults. "Ah you must be my classmates but isn't there saposed to be other folks outside?". Most of them looked at me "yea were trying to figure out about it-oh! did you feel dizzy and blurry when you got here?" A brown haired boy asked. "I did so that means we all blurred out before getting in here but why?" the last part was mostly twords me. A chick with black hair with pink,blue and white strands pulled me by the arm and placed me next to a pink haired student "whoa ibuki thinks you two look alike". He blushed vigorously "w-what's your talent?" he studderd "I'm Aki Idabashi ultimate robotics mechanic you?" i asked which made him blush more " kazuichi souda and I'm the ultimate mechanic". I nodded and walked off but a bunny apeared on the desk "hello I'm usami your teacher for hopes peak academy" blah blah blah was all i could hear. But my attention was brought back by one thing "were going on a field trip". 'A field trip huh? On the first day of school wow'

'This should be fun'

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