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A new student has transferred to Winters University, eager too find out more about the new mysterious guy you develop an interesting friendship, discovering more and more secrets about the crazy world you have placed yourself in...

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1 The New Student

Today I woke up like it was any other boring school day, I woke up, got ready and left for school.

When I hopped in my old rusted truck I felt the cold winters breeze plastering my pale skin with goosebumps, I knew I had to be careful mostly because the roads were buried in ice but also because I haven’t got the best vision.

The reason I don’t wear my glasses is because my school isn’t really the kindest paradise most people think it is, actually it’s the complete opposite and wearing my bright red nerdy glasses didn’t really fit in. I mean I wasn’t trying to be cool I just don’t want to be disturbed by some plastic bitch who uses her dads money for everything.

Living in England also wasn’t the best paradise to live in, in England you had some weirdos on the street, those road men who think their cool and lastly you had the “bitches” that are always on social media 24/7.

When I arrived at school it was quiet as always, most people started to come around 9 but I always came half hour before too enjoy the peace. The first thing I see when I get out of my truck is Mandy with her blonde squad gossiping about anything and everything, I managed too listen to a bit of her conversation and apparently a new student was transferring from Alaska. The first thing I thought was why I hadn’t heard about this before then again I wasn’t really interested as if anyone would want to be friends with me the shy quiet

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