End of the Line

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Katsuro was nothing but trouble, being God of Death should have made that clear. Once the council of Initium realize how much of a threat Katsuro is, rumour's begin to spread that a war against the realm of dead is on the horizon. Will Orion, God of Stars, be able to put a stop to this?

Fantasy / Romance
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When Initium calls for a conference, it can only mean the worst; Law and Penn only order the rulers together when especially severe issues are brewing. Unlike what most mortals believe, the universe only really needs 8 main divisions to function; plants, water, war, music, justice, rules, the dead, and the stars. Each division has a god or goddess in charge, some being more desired than others. But if you ask me, I can’t seem to put my finger on why certain gods are more despised. Well- it’s only really one god, but you get my point. He’s an uh- lovely man, he should be treated as such! I mean, come on, Katsuro is the god of the dead for a reason. He obviously will be slightly more corrupt than the others. His stunning red eyes and horns should have given that away.

As I walked the halls of the Initium, I could already hear the goddesses of music and war, Lyra and Ember’s, booming voices and laughter. Just watch, as soon as I open this door it’s going to be... you hear that? Exactly. Silent.

“Orion,” Penn, the God of Justice’s voice echoed, prompting everyone to snap their heads towards me.

Oh, and would you look at that, no Katsuro! Wow, how shocking. He always does this. Not that I mind, I get an excuse to write to him. Even if it’s only about the conference, it’s better than nothing. No wonder the others are wary of me, sticking up for the most hated god and writing to him? I’m just begging for the others to, if not dislike me, question me and my motive. But I choose to ignore that.

“Hello there, sir,” I smiled, “a lovely day for a meeting. Shall we begin?”

“Yes, of course,” he cleared his throat, “as you probably have all heard, Katsuro is yet again being problematic. He has decided to speed up the process of people entering his division by traveling to the Mortal Realm and killing the most dangerous criminals, gathering their blood, and summoning them in his district to create armies of undead mortals.”

Oh my stars, Katsuro really doesn’t like making it easy on himself. This man will be the death of me.

“If you do not remember, that breaks one of the many universal laws. Section 1.7: No god/goddess shall harm another division or realm unless they are being targeted by said division or realm,” Law, the God of Law and also Penn’s twin interjected, “and in Katsuro’s case, he harmed subjects from the Mortal Realm.”

“Would you like me to gather my troops and storm his district?” Ember, Goddess of War, questioned.

“That will not be needed,” Penn and Law proclaimed in unison, “we have been in touch with the Chaos Realm. They have agreed to deal with our little Katsuro problem.”

From the corner of my eye, I could see two of the most innocent members of the council, Gia, Goddess of Plants, and Arra, Goddess of Water, glance at each other. Arra shifted her gaze off Gia and back onto the twins, “I’m sorry to question your tactics, but do you really think involving the Chaos Realm is a good idea?” she asked in a soft yet puzzled voice.

“Do you know who we are dealing with? Katsuro is a force to be reckoned with, he must be dealt with accordingly and in a professional manner. This is where the Chaos Realm will come in. It is the only way, Arra. Accept it,” Penn finished with a snarl, causing Arra to sink into her seat.

“So, you’re basically just going to wipe his district?” I asked.

“Is that a problem?”

“I mean yeah, you can’t just get rid of his district. He’s part of the main realm for a reason, the universe needs him and his subjects,” I explained while standing up from my chair and brushing the invisible dirt off my pants, “the universe needs him as much as they need all of us.”

I don’t think Penn agreed with that; his face looked disgusted.

“You truly are a fool, Orion,” Penn remarked in a disgusted tone, “I pity you. You have no idea what you are going against.”

“Leave loverboy alone, Penn,” Law smirked while leaning back in his chair, “why are you so defensive, Orion? Perhaps you are worried that your precious Katsuro will be nothing but dust once the Chaos Realm is done with him.”

“No, I’m worried that you and your twin are losing your minds.”

“Come on now,” Lyra, Goddess of Music, spoke up, “dealing with Katsuro is a significant step towards living in harmony. By wiping his realm, we will be able to lower the number of crimes throughout the entire universe.”

“I see where you’re getting at, but I think you’re forgetting that we need a balance of good and well... not so good, to live in harmony,” I said, my hands now on my hips as I hovered over the long, marble table, “yin and yang, anyone?”

“It is final, Orion. The Chaos Realm will be wiping the Death District as soon as they gather their troops. I apologize, Ember,” Penn turned to Ember, who seemed to be lost in space, twirling her kinky, red-dyed hair, “but your troops will not be needed, nor are they welcome to assist.”

“I understand,” Ember said, crossing her arms and clicking her tongue.

Penn continued, ignoring her annoyance, “your peaceful approach towards wars are too, dare I say, dull. We need a murderous army to eliminate Katsuro.” I watched as Ember scoffed and rolled her eyes, Penn wasn’t really wrong. Ember isn’t a harsh person, her motivation is to bring peace to the world. Why would Penn want that? He wants to make Katsuro suffer, it’s clear as day.

“Anyway, I need you all to sign here. We need at least half of you to agree so we can follow through with eliminating Katsuro’s district,” Law announced. Both him and Penn quickly signed their own names on the bill before passing it around for all to sign.

The bill passed through Gia and Arra, both signing without further questions, Ember was reluctant to sign but caved in after a few seconds of resting her head in her hand. Once I was handed the bill, I barely even acknowledge it; I glanced at the header that was hand printed in large, black ink, “The Bill of Extinction: the Death District.” It’s safe to say the twins really have lost their minds.

I slid the bill to Lyra, who obviously signed immediately. She passed it back to Law who had yet another growing smirk on his face, “we have everyone on board except for Orion it seems, not a worry, we can now proceed with our plan. That will be all for today, are there any questions before we leave?”

Gia shyly rose one of her hands while tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear with the other, “um... how exactly are you planning on destroying a god?”

“The Sword of Deicide.”

I never knew 4 words could make me lightheaded. I gripped the table to steady myself, which resulted in my knuckles paling. Of course, they’re using a fucking sword with the sole purpose of fucking killing immortals, why couldn’t they make it harder for me? They might as well force me to juggle for the rest of my life while they’re at it. Katsuro is a fucking idiot. I can’t wait to write to him, he will be oh so pleased with the news.

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