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Aisha is a very charming, beautiful, outspoken,kind,fragile at times most importantly cares about her tradition,religion,friends and her family. Amir a very handsome, dashing as ever. He is the perfect man every girl dreams of. He is the first son of a very rich know business man . He is religious,honest,kind buh can be a jerk at times. But what happen when fate decided to sperate Aisha from her first true love the person who made her recognized what true love really means. Will she find happiness with the one whom fate have brought them together? follow me on the story of Aisha and Amir with a little bumpy ride,sadness and romance.

Fantasy / Romance
Aisha Aliyu
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My name is Aisha Kabir Umar Sagir, I'm 21 years old turning 22 in sha Allah. I graduated from baze university in Abuja this year. Am from kano state. I have four brothers and two sisters from my mum Hajiya Asma'u(Ammi). First born which is Ya Hindatu(Amouna),Ya Aslam,me(Ummi),Abdullahi,Amina(Meena),Jawhar(Ayan),Jawdan(Asad).Note;Jawhar and Jawdan are twins. I have a step mom Hajiya Maimuna we call her(Yaaya) she is daddy first wife she lives in borno. She has Five children, four girls and one boy. Then my other step mom Hajiya Fatima(Mommy) whom is in Chadian,has three girls and two boys, the last wife Hajiya Bilikisu(Maama) has four children two girls and two boys. All in all we are 21 in number and i have nine younger ones. Mashaallah my dad is blessed with beautiful girls. In time in sha Allah i will tell my half siblings name and whatnot. can be rude cus i don't take shit. Some people say I am a snub(I don't talk to pple am not familiar with cus pple can be annoying), loves meeting new people. Am a big fan of of Haidar Aliyu AKA Badman Binladin😆.

My hobbies

Loves reading, listening to music, dancing,traveling and loves watching Korean drama. My best friend name is Amatullah Ibrahim Abubakar buh I call her (Meenarh).

My favorite Actor is Kim jae wookk i love him xo much💕 especially his long hair that am jealous of😊.

My favorite Actress is Jan ji hyun she is cute😘.

Jan ji hyun😙



My name is Amir Yusuf Aminu Qaism, I am 26 years old i have two sisters and one brother Mustapha who is 20 years old,Ya Hadiza 27, Zeeanah 17. My dad is from Adamawa state while my mom is from Kastina. I lost my mom when I was 5 years old😔. My dad got married again, my step mom who is Mustapha and zeeanah mum is from Maiduguri. My father is a business man that own a lot of companies, I am now the CEO because dad can't run the company alone and he say i'm his first son the responsibility is on me. My best friend name is Aslam Kabir Umar Sagir buh I call him (Anrav).

I graduated from high school when I turned 15 and from college with my my masters 21 from Nile university in Abuja. Am one of de elite bachelor's in town, girls fling themselves at me and i ignore them pretty or not they weren't the "One". For me it Allah's love and guidance, my work,my family and my best friend.

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