A Devil Falls

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It had been debated amongst the Blacksmiths about whether or not it was okay for someone of the Heavens (a demon or an angel) to fall in love and have children with people of the Ground. They had forbidden it due to implications given to the child at birth for they would become Warlocks. Powerful beings on the Ground who were unable to live in the Heavens and were hated by their own peers. However, Asmodeus and a few other demons hated the rule. They had the enjoyment of sending pain to the Groundlings. Asmodeus was bored. His next target was a young elven lady. Though the question was whether or not she would fall for him. However, that wasn't Asmodeus's problem. As long as Crocell, another demon wouldn't rat him out to Lucifer, he'd be fine. He'd just have to get he elf girl to earn his trust and perhaps that is a bit of a challenge.

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Jewls Reign
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A Short Story

Asmodeus chuckled at the sight of the brown-haired elf girl fetching water for her family. He bit his thumbnail as he stared down at her through the Globe in envy. She was the most beautiful elf he had ever seen in a thousand years. He missed the joy of being passionate for someone for one night and then leaving them the next day, only to discover whoops they have a warlock child.

Despite the elves hating warlocks, they still used both sides of the Heavenly warlocks in battle. One of Angelic blood and one of Demonic blood. They felt as though it would be an even fight that way.

The Blacksmiths had debated about whether or not Demons and Angels should be allowed to make love with a Groundling. There were very serious consequences and it made life for the young Warlocks harder than most other races. That was why they had a strict Ceremony when becoming an official warlock after training.

Asmodeus looked up at the big brown door that stood before him. The Globe was placed in a large glass room where everything could be seen. The Blacksmiths created that room so that no one could escape the heavens without the watch of a Blacksmith. Of course, Asmodeus wouldn’t call the place he was in heaven. Heaven meant joy and peace. The place he was in, however, was not so peaceful. Demons were protectors of the dead whereas Angels were protectors of the Ground.

The large door was an opening to the Globe. If he wanted, he had the ability to type in the place he wanted to visit on a keypad, jump in and arrive in Ranger form on the Ground. The Groundlings wouldn’t suspect a thing. More than half of them didn’t believe in angels or demons at all. It would be a totally harmless thing to do… according to him at least.

Asmodeus slid tongue over his shiny white teeth and walked over to the door. He sucked in his breath and began typing in the city name he wanted to go to.

“Don’t tell me you’re doing it again.”

Asmodeus grinded his teeth, looked over his shoulder and said, “Crocell. What a pleasant surprise.”

Crocell folded his arms over his chest and shook his head. His red eyes flicked over to the keypad and then back at Asmodeus. Crocell laughed and said, “It’s been a thousand years and you’re now going back to the Ground?”

“Indeed. I didn’t think you cared about the rules Crocell,” he said through gritted teeth.

Crocell raised his hands in the air and said, “I don’t. You go right ahead.”

Asmodeus sighed and finished typing up the city name. The door opened and a gust of wind blew in his face and he took a step back. Inside the door was a red type of liquid that transported anyone from the heavens onto the Ground and do what the pleased. Asmodeus enjoyed the feeling of being ripped apart and then being put back together again. It was like being remade into a whole new person.

Crocell took a step forward and said, “However, if you do go down there the Blacksmiths will notify Lucifer and that will get you kicked out and become the worst type of Groundling possible.”

Asmodeus turned to face him, folding his fists, preparing for a fight. Asmodeus eyed Crocell’s black wings, which were now shining. They usually shined based on his mood and right now, he was feeling teasing.

“Lucifer is in a meeting with the other Blacksmiths and won’t be back for another fifty years,” Asmodeus said.

Crocell laughed and his red eyes shone brightly almost like the sun. Asmodeus arched an eyebrow and said, “What the hell do you want Crocell?”

Crocell shook his head and said, “Why do you curse as though hell is a real place and yet you never call this place Hell?”

Asmodeus rolled his red eyes and Crocell looked at the Globe and his eyes were filled with laughter. He then laughed out loud, pointed at the Globe and said, “Really? Her? Aelene?”

“Yes. She’s the most beautiful elf I’ve seen in a thousand years,” Asmodeus said in defense.

“You do love to go for beauty.”

As Asmodeus turned around towards the door, Crocell said, “You’re never going to sleep with her.”

Asmodeus paused and pounded his fist on the wall. He then turned back towards Crocell who looked at him, mockingly. Asmodeus walked over to him, reached forward, grabbed his black wings and pushed him against the wall. Crocell didn’t flinch as he did this. As a matter of fact, he smirked.

Asmodeus leaned in and said, “Watch me.”

He shoved Crocell against the wall one last time, before turning his back towards him and heading back to portal. Before he jumped, he said, “Don’t rat me out to Lucifer.”

Right as he jumped, Crocell chuckled and said, “I’m a demon Asmodeus. I make no promise. If you want a promise, you better go to the Angels.”

The minute he opened the door, he was immediately pulled into the portal. When he entered the portal down to the Ground, his demonic form began to rip apart from him. His black feathered wings torn from his body. He screamed in pain as they ripped away, causing a slight gap where his spine was. It sealed in place and he sighed in relief.

Though he had gone through the door a few times before, the breaking of his wings was always painful. Tears streamed down his cheeks, which he hated but the pain was too much to handle. He crouched into a ball, clutching his stomach tightly. He squeezed his eyes shut and he could feel them changing from red to green and a black iris.

His skin turned from beautifully unflawed to a fair skin tone. He hated the transformation for it was ripping away the Demonic identity and that was everything he had. However, this was always his choice to go down to the Ground.

As a demon, he was beautiful. There were several miss conceptions about a demon’s appearance, but to be quite frank, both angels and demons were beautiful alike. More beautiful than any Groundlings could ever think of. That was part of the reason why it was so painful being transformed into a Groundling and the only Groundling he could transform into was a ranger. Not even an elf or a wizard. A boring ranger.

Finally, his feet landed on the Ground. Asmodeus sucked in his breath, smelling the fresh air of the Globe. The Globe was beautiful in a sense where there were different races. In the heavens, there were only angels and demons.

He scanned the area he was in, searching for Aelene. That was what he was there for, Aelene. No one else, just her.

Asmodeus was on a dirt road that he hadn’t been on in ages. He remembered when the Blacksmiths first created this piece of land. It was a gift for the elves at the time when there was little water from a drought. There were hardly any rivers and now this land was beautiful and green.

He walked straight on the dirt path, remembering she was at a well. Perhaps she was still there. The timing in the heavens was much different from the timing on the Globe, for there was no time in the heavens so he had to make a watch in order to figure out the time on the Ground. It glitched sometimes up in the heavens due to the non-existence of time, but it was useful.

Asmodeus soon spotted a lonely elf at a well. He sighed and put on his best fake smile in order to appeal to the lovely elf girl Aelene. She was very difficult to please and most elves hated rangers, which was what was so unfortunate about only being able to transform into one.

He was jealous of the angels for they can turn into anyone based on their good morals. He gritted his teeth at the thought, shook his head, smiled again and called out, “What is a lovely girl like you doing out here all alone?”

Aelene looked up from the water bucket. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with sadness, but her facial expressions revealed otherwise. Aelene smiled, revealing her bright white teeth. They were almost as white as his only they didn’t reveal a reflection of the other person like his did.

“I haven’t seen you around before. What’s your name?” Aelene said pulling out the bucket of water and dumping it into her own bucket.

“I’m Arod. I’m from the city Holstrum,” Asmodeus side. He was thankful that Groundlings were so dumb. That way no one could figure out that he was not from the Ground.

“Oh, I see. You’re ranger then? I don’t see any pointed ears therefore you’re not an elf,” Aelene said turning to face him.

Asmodeus chuckled and walked over to her. He bent down and grabbed the bucket, carrying it for her. Every girl loved a gentleman. “I am indeed a ranger.”

Aelene quickly grabbed the bucket from him and shoved past him. He cursed silently to himself and hurried over to follow her. God she was going to be difficult.

“I can’t be seen around you,” Aelene said in a hushed voice. She picked up her pace, but he matched it.

“Well, and here I thought elf women loved to be rebellious,” Asmodeus said teasingly.

Aelene stopped and glared at him. He smirked and winked at her. Women hated being teased, but it was the best form of flirting. Typically, demons didn’t have to work this hard for woman. They considered themselves to be more beautiful than the angels. Angels were simple beings and did not care to manipulate the Groundlings. They did not see it as a game to retrieve the most beautiful women on the Ground.

Asmodeus only ever slept with two women out of the five thousand years he had been alive. This was his third and finally woman before retiring the game.

Aelene scoffed, rolled her pretty brown eyes and walked away. Asmodeus laughed and shook his head. It was hard to take her seriously because of how beautiful she was. Her silver brown hair went down to her waist. She was taller than him though that was normal for elves. She walked light on her feet and carried herself confidently. Though he wished gaining a woman’s trust was easy, that was what made the game fun.

Asmodeus followed her down a path that entered into the forest. Elves loved being near water and trees because they were stealthy and sneaky. He took a deep breath in and as he reached up to her, he slightly brushed his hand over her small ass. He enjoyed women with small butts and small breasts. The petite women were much more fun to sleep with.

Aelene slapped his hand and said, “Can you ever take a hint?”

Asmodeus couldn’t help, but lick his lips. He scratched his black beard and said, “I can, but you are so beautiful.”

“Ugh!” Aelene scoffed.

Despite the wind, Asmodeus caught a rustle in the leaves of the trees. He looked over on his right side and noticed a shadowy figure in the trees. He squinted and was able to pick out an elf standing on one of the branches.

He then gasped and jumped backwards when the elf jumped out of the tree and landed right in front of him. The elf was almost as beautiful as him and that made him jealous. The elf turned to Aelene and said, “Aelene. Is this man giving you trouble?”

She didn’t nod or shake her head, so that gave Asmodeus a little hope. He turned to look at the elf and winked at him. The elf rolled his blue eyes and Aelene said, “I apologize Adam. This is Arod.”

Adam nodded at him and Asmodeus held out his hand, but Adam only glanced down at it. “I’m here to take you back,” Adam said, shoving past Asmodeus.

Asmodeus laughed quietly as his back was faced towards them. “You’ve taken quite a long time to fetch water,” he said.

Aelene groaned. “Maybe it’s because I was interrupted.”

This was what made Asmodeus turn around. He waved at her, bowed and said, “Are you accusing me?” he then slammed his hand against his chest and gasped. “I’m shocked.”

“You shouldn’t be!” Aelene was about ready to raise her voice, but Adam placed his hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down.

“Well since you’re not going to leave us alone I’m assuming, I guess I’ll bring you to my house,” Aelene said annoyed.

Asmodeus smiled and straightened his posture. “Excellent.”


They soon arrived at an elf village and Asmodeus was able to pin point exactly where he was. This was his first place he visited when he went to the Ground and then he became nervous. Elves typically live for a very long time depending on their elf, which most were fairly healthy. It was looked down upon to be even slightly overweight for an elf.

He was in Glycon. It was one of the oldest elf cities there was in the Globe. The Blacksmiths built six cities to get the elves started. There were to countries as well and the third and finally was built thousands of years later.

Aelene lead Adam and Asmodeus down stone stares, which was behind a waterfall. It cooled them down in the heat, which was nice. Where Asmodeus lived in the heavens it was rather hot. There weren’t too many houses, despite Glycon being the first and largest city in Tryhollow country. The houses held many elf families and single elves in general. Only the royal elves had their own homes.

Aelene finally took them to a large white stone house. She opened the door and inside was a large entrance room, which echoed when you spoke. There was a diamond chandelier and windows everywhere.

The floors were a caramel brown color and solid. “Wow,” Asmodeus said. He had forgotten how beautiful elf houses were.

On the walls contained family trees of the families who lived in this house. There were several of them, too many to count.

“How many people live here?” Asmodeus asked.

Aelene opened her mouth to answer him, but Adam glared at her and quickly said, “We are unable to reveal anything about the elves to rangers.”

“Even if it’s just a question about the population?” Asmodeus asked narrowing his eyebrows putting all of his focus on Adam.


“Why is that?”

Elves were such curious creatures. They never enjoyed sharing any information to others about them. They only trusted fairies because fairies rarely revealed themselves so they were able to be trusted… although it was very risky.

“Because if we did, then it would allow others to figure out how many soldiers they need for war and they would out number us.”

Aelene elbowed him and he face palmed realizing he revealed information. Asmodeus laughed, turned to Aelene and said, “So is this where you live?”

Aelene nodded and said, “Yes. If you want I can show you to your room.”

Adam gave Aelene a warning look and Asmodeus smirked at him. Adam glared at him and Aelene took Asmodeus upstairs. The stairs themselves were a pearly white and the handrail was a wood brown. They walked up the stairs and went down the gold hallway and took a right turn. They walked down a couple of feet and on the right side was a room and a number on the big red door. “113. That’s your room for now until you go back,” Aelene said opening the door.

He looked over at her and stared longingly into her eyes. She did not smile or glare, but simply stared back. He opened the door without removing his eyes away from her and stepped inside. He nodded towards the bed, which was against the back wall in the middle of the room.

Aelene stepped in with him. Her breath quickening as she did. Asmodeus walked backwards towards the bed, while still staring into her beautiful small eyes. Aelene followed him and did not break eye contact with him.

The door closed behind her and Asmodeus tilted his head to the side and said, “Shouldn’t you be leaving? Adam’s going to be very disappointed in you.”

Aelene scoffed and rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. “Well I am not his child so he shouldn’t have to worry.”

Asmodeus nodded and sat on the bed. He smiled and felt the soft covers beneath his fingers. He looked up sideways at her and said, “Indeed. You are a grown woman and are able to make your own choices. Despite what everyone else seems to think.”

At this, Aelene smiled. She made her way towards him and Asmodeus leaned back on his hands and scooted towards the back of the bed. She then sat on top of the bed and said, “You’re right.”

She licked her teeth with her tongue and pulled her hair back using a silver hair band and leaned towards him. As she reached her hands towards his face, Asmodeus flicked his eyes towards her right pointer finger and noticed a ring he had not noticed before. It was a bronze medal that had individual shaped leaves forming a ring.

“What’s with the ring?” Asmodeus asked.

Aelene lowered her hands and glanced down at her ring. She sighed and said, “My mother gave this to me when I was thirteen years old. It’s an elven ring specifically designed for our family.”

“So, it’s a family ring then?”

Aelene nodded. She then leaned forward, grabbed his neck gently with her hands and Asmodeus gasped as her lips landed on his. She was an aggressive one.

They gasped as they kissed each other, bringing themselves closer and closer. They wrapped their arms around each other and fell backwards. Aelene was on top of him and she paused for a minute, reaching for the chest part of white shirt and ripping it off. She then tore off her dark green pants, throwing them on the floor.

Asmodeus did the same. He smiled and continued to kiss her like it was the end of the world. He felt her body as they kissed on the bed and so did she. Aelene grabbed his face and kissed his cheeks.

Asmodeus grabbed her small breasts, and kissed her chest. He was breathless and he loved the feeling. Being suffocated by another person’s body was the best feeling ever. Aelene gasped and their breaths were loud.

Sadly, the moment didn’t last long and Aelene fell to the side of him and breathed hard, catching her breath. He did the same and when he recovered, he covered his eyes with his arm and laughed. Aelene laughed as well and when she did, it was like the sound of bells in the heavens.

“Wow!” Aelene said.

“Wow indeed.”

He had no idea that it was going to be great and he was rather glad he landed on the Ground and did it. Asmodeus kissed her one last time and said, “I have to go.”

Aelene frowned and threw a pillow at him. He laughed and caught it before it could punch his face.

“I’ll see you later, I promise,” the word promise hurt his vocal chords and he immediately regretted saying it because he knew he couldn’t keep it.

She sighed and said, “Alright Arode.”

Asmodeus put back on his clothes and when he exited, he looked over his shoulder, wondering if she would object to him leaving. Most Groundlings would. Some have said it was the best sex they had and would never do it again. That was why he created such amazing and beautiful offspring. However, Aelene said nothing. She laid there watching him leave and exit her home town for good. That was something he did not expect.


Arod shouldn’t have left her. He left Aelene alone and pregnant. She gasped and screamed in pain while the child was getting ready to come out. Elf caretakers surrounded her as she laid in her bed and gripped tightly onto the bedsheets.

Adam ran his hands through his hair and said, “Why did you have to do that?”

Tears streamed down Aelene’s face when she looked up at him. His eyes were glossy as well and his hands were on his hips. Aelene gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t know Adam. I don’t… I don’t…” she screamed and the caretakers immediately rushed over to her.

Adam bit onto his knuckles and paced back and forth. One of the caretakers went over to him and said, “Please step outside. She is about to give birth.”

Adam did so and slammed the door when he left. Aelene’s breathing was unsteady. Beads of sweat fell from her forehead and a caretaker went over to her and said, “Please I need you to push.”

“I… I don’t want… I don’t want to. I can’t have a child!” Aelene said breathlessly.

“You should’ve thought of that before,” the caretaker said calmly.

Aelene glared and then screamed at the top of her lungs. “Good, good. I can see the head!” one of them said.

Aelene screamed even louder and at last the baby was out. She gasped and released a long breath. She looked up at the baby and the caretaker who held her said, “It’s a girl! You have a girl!”

Aelene smiled and reached out her hands. A woman caretaker walked over to them and reached towards her eyes. “What are you doing?” Aelene cried.

The caretaker shushed Aelene and gently opened the eyelid. She gasped and jumped back. “What? What’s wrong?” Aelene said.

The caretaker turned to her and her green eyes were filled with worry. Then she said, “Your daughter… she’s… a warlock.”

Aelene gasped. She couldn’t believe it. She had a child with someone from the Heavens. Why the hell did they leave her?

“That can’t be. He was a ranger. He looked like a ranger!” Aelene said.

“The Heavenly beings are able to disguise themselves very well Aelene.”

Aelene reached out her hands and said, “Let me see my daughter.”

But the caretaker shook her head. “Why not?” Aelene demanded.

“Warlocks aren’t allowed to live here. They must go where they belong.”

“I won’t have my daughter be parented by someone I don’t know!”

The caretaker sighed and said, “We’ll discuss this with the king.”

They gave her, her daughter and she held her in her arms. Aelene looked down at her daughter in both awe and anger. Though she couldn’t help but love her daughter. She was innocent. Innocent enough to be raised the right way. She was going to be there for her daughter no matter water.

“I’m always here for you Althaea. Even if you’re cursed, I’ll always love you,” Aelene said. She kissed her daughter on the forehead and fell asleep.


Asmodeus arrived back in the Heavenly realms and Crocell and Lucifer were there. Lucifer was furious. His black eyebrows were furrowed together and his black hair stood up. He crossed his arms over his chest and Asmodeus turned to Crocell and said, “I told you not to rat me out.”

“And I warned you not to go,” Crocell said. He held a smirk on his face, clearly not concerned with Asmodeus’s safety.

“You broke one of the biggest rules Asmodeus. You’ll be sent to fire until your daughter is forced to choose her bloodline during the Ceremony,” Lucifer said.

Chains were immediately put onto Asmodeus and the ground opened up. A whirlpool of fire swirled in the ground and Asmodeus looked up at him with wide scared eyes. This was the only thing he was afraid of. Demons and angels were unable to die so he was going to be tortured until his daughter was five hundred and thirty years old.

“Lucifer please! I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you want! Please don’t send me there!” Asmodeus pleaded.

Lucifer waved his hand and Asmodeus fell. He fell down, deep and didn’t stop falling. The fire burned at his skin and he was unable to flap his wings to fly up. When the time would come for him to come out, he was going to get revenge on Crocell and that was going to be pure beauty and fun. But until then, he was stuck and unable to get out of the Heavenly fire.

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