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A 65 year old woman feels that there is no love and strong bonding in her family and tries to change her family by playing a game. To her surprise something strange will happen to her while playing the game.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1:

Life is a precious gift. Most of us don’t understand the value of life and our loved ones. I am also that kind of a person. I have been married to John since 40 years. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. We live with my eldest son. He has two sons. Me and my husband always fight and have so many misunderstandings. Nobody is happy at home. My grandsons keep on fighting whole day. Our day starts and ends with a fight. I feel that there is no strong bond among us. Here comes my grandson Peter.....

Peter: Granny!!!! look at George. Do you know what he did??

Me: What happened?

Peter: He broke my mobile. That’s why I don’t give my mobile to him. Why did you give my mobile to him??? I am very angry. You don’t like me. You like my brother more than me. I want a new mobile right now!! And I will not leave him. I will see the end.

Me: Be cool. Maybe he did by mistake. Try to understand him. Sometimes it happens.

Peter: You always support him. Nobody likes me in this house ( Crying....)

George: I will also see the end!!

Me: Please don’t fight. You both are brothers. You must understand each other.

George and Peter: Nobody will understand our problems!!!

Peter: I am going out. I don’t want to live in this house.

George: Me too. Goodbye!!

John: You don’t know how to manage small kids. You changed a lot

Me: Are you crazy?? What are you speaking?

John: Now a days you are not showing interest in our family. I don’t know why? I feel that you are changed.

Me: I didn’t change. Why do you think like that?

John: What I said is true. I need peace of mind. I am going for a walk. Bye

This is the situation everyday. Now that we have vacation, these people are fighting more. My son and daughter in law will come home in the evening. My husband and grandsons will come home for dinner fight for sometime and sleep. Next day the same schedule repeats. I am fed up with this life. I must do something to change my family. I must create a strong bond among us. I will plan something within 2 days. I hope that the situation becomes better.

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