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The story the 4 chosen people to destroy the evil that cursed them for years.

Fantasy / Horror
Tim Small
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Start to the end

October 1st 1865

"You must be crazy if you think I'm going to believe that."

"It true Thomas remember in your story you said you saw four kids and a girl screaming that was me". After she said that I knew I had to believe her. cause as I stared at her face I realized it was her I couldn't believe it.

I asked her how she traveled in time. She just looked at me and said. "I had help from a friend and she's looking forward to seeing you again."

I left my house the next day with jill cause I had a job to do.

If Alastor is back i need to do everything I can to end this. As we walked into the forest Jill told me that "before we fight Alastor and meet your old friend.

"We need to make a stop somewhere else in time".

Jill pulled out a Medallion and spoke in a language I didn't understand. When she did a black hole opened up she looked at me and told me to follow.

As we walk through things started to twist and turn I felt like I was back in that Room that I was in when I was 12. We got to our destination everything was wet and cold there were lights coming from metal object sticking out of the ground.

Everything was new to me even the roads Were new they were covered in some kind of Black substance. Jill grabbed my hand and told me to follow.

As we walked I could see houses and picket fences everywhere.

We arrived at a house with a Red Door with blue things covering the windows.

Jill knocked at the door and a boy answered the door he couldn't have been at least 19 years old. The boy asked "can I help you".

Jill looked at the boy

"yes you can, hi my names jill and a friend wanted me to come get you".

The boy asked "what friend".

"Let's just say she met you years ago and is looking forward to seeing you".

The boy didn't understand but he some how knew he needed to help us.

The boy looked at jill and said "ok I'll help and my name is Johnny Phoenix who's your friend".

"That's Thomas he's a friend also".

Thomas Jill & Phoenix left the house towards the creepy forest. Johnny was scared of that forest, but he trusted Jill so he went With her into the forest.

Jill pulled out the medallion again and started to speak in the language that I didn't understand The hole opened.

Me Jill and Johnny walked into the black hole things started to twist and turn again and before I knew it we were in a Building. It was so dark I couldn't see anything then a light came on.

There were boxes all around vehicles I have never seen before weaponry everywhere. But in the distance past the weaponry was one small little stand holding a book. I couldn't believe my eyes I thought the book burned in the house years ago. Then out of nowhere a girl dressed in white walked towards Us.

She came into the light and I couldn't believe my eyes it was Lilith. I thought I would never see her again. Lilith looked at me with a smile and then turned her head, towards Johnny and smiled even brighter.

Johnny looked at jill and said "who's that".

Jill smiled "that's lilith Johnny."

Lilith walked up to Johnny and gave him a hug.

"Its been so long Johnny I'm sorry for back then I just didn't, want you to see me like that".

Johnny just looked at her and said "i can't believe it's you I'm just glad you are ok".

They bolth smiled as tears rolled down their faces. Then lilith came up to me and told me

"I'm sorry for the pain that Alastor caused you, but I'm glad your here."

I looked at jill and asked her how she met lilith. Jill looked at me and explained that she was hunting down a demon in Ohio. when she came across lilith.

They fought until lilith noticed a claw mark on jills arm that belonged to Alastor. Lilith told jill about her and the past after that jill and lilith went looking for the book. I asked jill "why the book".

She said the demon she was hunting used it to summon Alastor again so lilith and her stole the book and ran before Alastor noticed.

After that they started looking for ways to get the chosen ones together.

but since we were all in different time periods they need a way to go back in time.

That's when jill told me about the Medallion of Dagon. A strong magical medallion able to send the user anywhere they want.

I was surprised a item like that existed but if demons exist why not the medallion.

Jill started to inform us on Alastor and told us that Alastor wasn't always a demon. She didn't know Anything about his past. Just that he was human once.

The book of darkness, that was used to summon Alastor also had information on the weapon that could kill him. But unfortunately that page was ripped out.

Lilith came up and started to talk she explained that during the battle at the house of white. Alastor grabbed the book and removed the page.

Lilith told us that she had a lead on were Alastor took it. But she needed help retrieving it, cause Alastor took it to the most dangerous level of hell floor 6.

Floor 6 was covered with the world's most famous and dangerous souls of all time.

We needed to prepare jill took me to go train with her. While Johnny went with lilith to trian. Jill took me to a room that was filled with blue lights I never seen such a room.

Jill looked at me and said. "Alright Thomas you ready, cause this room will help prepare you for the fight ahead".

I shook my head yes. Then the lights started to flicker and the room started to turn into something else.

Before I knew it we were on a beach at night and the water was black as the night sky. Jill gave me a gun and sword and told me to keep my eyes open.

I looked around and saw little creatures crawling towards me. There eyes were red and teeth were shrap they crawled faster towards me. I pointed the gun at one and opened fire the creature disappeared in a black smoke. Then out of nowhere more showed up.

I Swung my sword back-and-forth trying to keep them away. I cut one in half in decapitated the other they just kept coming. I looked at Jill and she was doing just fine killing one after another. I wasn't used to the gun and sword jill gave me. I wished I had my Burnside carbine that my father gave me. As the fight continued Jill ran over to me and said "are you ready to switch Weapons."

She told me to look in my bag and when I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes it was my Burnside carbine.I pulled it out and started to use it. The creatures were going down even faster, now because this was my weapon of choice this weapon was with me during the Civil War.

After a while of fighting the Room switched back to normal. Me & Jill walked back towards the door and we're back where we started. I looked across the room and saw lilith and Johnny coming back as well. I asked Johnny what he did. Johnny said lilith taught him how to fight and how to use spells .

I asked Jill "why did it feel like we were in there for a year". Jill said "we were in special room that was designed by a man called leonardo davinci". I heard the name before but didn't understand how davinci could have built that. Jill explained that davinci was not human he was a alien from another world.

After she said that my mind exploded. I was more shocked then I ever was.

Lilith told us that she met davinci years ago when she was just a teenager. Davinci was a kind soul but lost his life to a demon called Dagon.

I started to ask more questions cause I was wondering how they got Dagons medallion.

Lilith explained that the day Alastor cam to hell. Alastor killed Dagon and threw his medallion into the deepest parts of hell. Lilith said it took some time but she was able to get it.

We continued to train for a few months. I missed my home but I owed mr.white and my father. Alastor needed to be stop.

While we trained the thing they called a radio started talking about Alastor. Death was consuming the major city's of the world. Hundreds of people were being killed like dogs in the streets.

Even the military was falling apart as the white house fell. We just stood there and listened helpless to do anything. Lilith looked at us and said "this is why we train to end this carnage."

The next few days we finished are training and were ready to save what's left of humanity.

Lilith informed us that are first mission would be to retrieve the lost page. For That we had to split up and go to certain parts of level 6. We geared up and lilith opened two black holes leading into level 6. Jill and I went together as lilith went with Johnny .

We planned to meet in the middle once we found it. Jill and I entered the hole and I was surprised how hell looked. Brimstone and ash were everywhere lakes of fire were all around. I could see demons in the distance flying and tortured souls screaming it was like a nightmare here. Jill grabbed my arm and told me to follow with a sad look.

As we proceed we started to hear voices whispering everywhere around us. We tried to ignore them and proceed down the long path. We hid behind some rocks as hordes of demons walked past each one was uglier then the next. Once they passed we continued on everything was hot and it felt like we were not getting any closer.

Then we ran across a cave before we entered lilith and Johnny appeared .

Lilith smiled and said "nice job you found Alastors home now let go and retrieve that page".

We entered the dark cave and as we walked the smell of something rotting was in the air. The cave was wet like it was flooded at one point. As we got closer to the end the rotting smell got stronger. So strong I puked in degust then we found the reason for the smell.

dead bodys were piled up on each other it was the most horrendous thing I ever seen. Lilith pointed at the top of the corpses while she covered her noise. There it was the page we were looking for.

It was attached to a book. lilith crawled up the pile of corpses and grabbed the book and page.

When she did demons appeared surrounding the cave entrance. We grabbed are weapons and prepared to fight. As we waited to see who's making the first move. Lilith yelled at Johnny to do it now.

We looked at him as he wrote a symbol on the ground and said words in another language. Half of the demons were melting and disappearing. Then the rest started to attack.

Me and jill fought them off trying to give lilith time to power up a portal. One cut my leg but jill decapitated him and we continued. Then a bunch of them surrounded jill and I they were going in for the kill. Johnny jumped in the air and hit all of them with a binding spell. It gave jill and I enough time to strike and kill all of them.

Things started to get worst we yelled at lilith and then the portal opened up. We all jumped through landing back at the base. After we took are breath I sat down so jill could heal my leg.

While we waited lilith came up to us and said.

"Guy's the book we found belonged to a Alexander White, Thomas that was mr.whites grandfather."

(Ch 2 untold secrets)

Captains log 03/1/1825.

Me and my crew set sail and have been on open waters for a week no signs of land anywhere.

Captains log 03/23/1825.

Found civilization on a remote island in the Pacific

Preparing to dock.

Captains log 04/3/1825.

Been on this island for a couple days locals call it. isla de paz island of peace.

Captains log 04/20/1825

Met a boy today the villagers were trying to lock him up for stealing. I saved him his name is Alastor.

" is that it lilith", "no there's one more entry the rest were ripped out".

Captains log 10/26/1826

Found a strange relic in a cave off to the north of England.

I hid it in a special place because of the power it possesses

Lost my only friend.

"That's were it cuts out so he found something and I bet it's what were looking for."

So Thomas was there any place that mr.white kept secret."

Thomas thought about it for a while but couldn't think of anything. Then he started to remember his dad telling him to never go to the barn mr.white had on his land.

Thomas ran up to lilith and told her about the barn. She was so happy that she told everyone to gear up and prepare.

Elsewhere in the world Alastor was sitting on a chair pissed that someone took his property.

"Abaddon how did that bitch get into my cave and then survive".

"Well sir it looks like she had help from 3 special people she calls the chosen."

"The chosen! I want you to find out who they are and then eliminate them".

"Yes sir" Abaddon went off to find the chosen and destroy them.

Team chosen went to the remainder of mr.whites old house to find the relic. Remains of the house were burnt to a crisp but the barn was untouched. They slowly went in hoping that nothing was waiting for them. Lilith could feel a darkness coming from the floor and the walls of the barn.

As they got closer to the middle the darkness got stronger so strong that lilith was scared. Thomas grabbed a pick axe that was in the corner and started to swing at the floor. Once the floor was gone Thomas and Johnny started moving the pieces of wood out of the way. Lilith reached down and grabbed something that was covered in a rag with a paper attached.

The paper read who ever finds this then that mean you need it for what I couldn't do. This is only one piece the othere one is in a location that I hope he cant find. Its behind the statue called the father of Olympus good luck.

A month went past, and not a soul was surviving Alastors onslaught. Lilith stayed in her room trying to find were the last piece could be. As we waited we could feel the darkness growing stronger. I went up to lilith's room to ask her about the last piece. But all she could find that it was in Rome somewhere.two more weeks went past without any results. But we kept looking, then lilith finally picked up on the location. But she still needed help knowing where it was at in that location. So lilith told Johnny to come with her to hell, cause there was a demon there that could help locate it. Lilith and Johnny left, while jill and I stayed at the base to keep track where Alastor was.

"Lilith if you don't mind me asking, who are we looking for".

"We are looking for a friend of my family, so don't worry we can trust him."

Me and lilith looked all around hell, until we found a bar call the crown. We went in and there were demons everywhere, and some of them were scary as all hell. Lilith told me to look at the stage and said, "look Johnny there's my friend Amadeus."

Lilith waved at Amadeus to get his attention, he looked over at us and slowly floated towards us. "My star's is that you lilith, it has been to long since we seen each other my dear."

"Yes it has Amadeus, this is Johnny my friend and we need your help locating something".

" that depends what are you needing to find".

Lilith told him what we were doing and the item we needed. He seemed happy to help us, as he smiled with a demonic smile.

Amadeus lead us to the back were his office was, then he handed us a medallion saying. "When you get close the medallion will glow".

While we were talking, Amadeus told us to be quiet, he said there was someone coming . He opened up a secret passage, and told us to run. Lilith didn't want to leave him but I grabbed her and ran for the door. Amadeus looked at me and I could see it in his eyes, that he was thankful for what I did. The door shut and we left we ran into another portal and went home.

"Hello abaddon it's been a while".

"Cut the crap Amadeus were is she".

" were is who", "you know who, now tell me or die".

"Well my darling I guess I choose death so bring it, you stuck up bitch".

Two hours later, "Alastor can you hear me".

"What is it Abaddon," "still looking for them but I captured a traitor , who wont talk Amadeus".

"Bring him two me".

Lilith wouldn't talk when we got back, I asked her if she was ok. She just nodded and continued her work to transport, us to the location we needed to go to. Everything was quite for a few day's then jill and Thomas came back.

Jill came up to lilith with a concern look on her face, jill told lilith that Alastor was realsing the horseman. Lilith looked freaked but didn't care, she knew that if we got the weapon then we could win this war.

"Death it good to see you"

" why was I summoned, what do you want"

"The end is near and I already let your brother's out".

With death out the end could begin, the horseman laid siege to the remaining human survivors. People were dying and being wiped of the map. Lilith finally found the location but there was a problem. War was at that location, lilith knew if they were going to get the last piece. Then they would have to kill war.

They sat around thinking how to kill a horseman. It went on for hours until jill came up with a plan. "Hay guys why don't we just trap him"?.

Lilith jumped up and said "that's a great idea, I know the perfect way to do it to".

Johnny & Thomas went to collect the supplies, lilith would need to trap war. Lilith told jill that to trap war they will need to cast a spell, but it required.

The blood of a demon

The feather of a angel,

And hip bone of a saint.

Thomas & Johnny were going for the hip bone, while lilith & Jill went for the feather. The journey would be rough, but each of them knew what it would mean to trap war. The end of Alastor was insite they could almost taste it. As hours went by Thomas & Johnny returned out of breath, but they managed to get the hip bone. Then a few seconds later lilith & Jill returned covered in cuts and feathers.

The plan was going to go off with a hitch, lilith grabbed Johnny and went to creat the trap.

Lilith and Johnny finished the trap and were ready to attack. Lilith opened a portal to the location of the item, lilith jill Thomas and Johnny geared up and walked through the portal. When they got there the air was thick the land was decimated, cars and buildings were destroyed and on fire.

The smell of dead animals were in the air, as they walked closer towards the location. They could see the area were the weapon piece was. As they grew closer they could feel a strong presence in the area. Then war appeared out of nowhere, riding a red horse. He had long red hair and glowing red eyes, his skin was gray as stone. He wore armor that looked damaged.

As lilith and Johnny set the trap, Thomas and jill stalled war. They fought but were unable to hurt him, then Thomas yelled at lilith telling her to hurry up. Lilith set the trap, and Johnny through it at war. War started to freak out as the trap forced him to go into a small charm. A tornado like thing started to suck up war as lightning shot out each way.

War was captured and with him out of the way, we were able to get the next piece. Then out of nowhere two people walked up blocking the piece. They introduced them self's as envy and cain, envy had a twisted smile and look in her eye. Cain he look like a man in is 30s with brownish gray hair, he had a calm look in is eyes. Cain started to talk, " well well well hello lilith long time no see".

"The last time I saw you, you were just a child, and now it looks like I'm going to have to kill you".

"Sorry cain no chance if anyone is dying it's you and envy".

"Cute your telling me that you can do the impossible, that you can kill me!, didn't your daddy ever tell you about my mark with it I cant die".

"I know about your mark, the mark wont let you die but if someone gets rid of it then you will die".

"Little girl I would love to see you try".

"Cain enough talk I'm getting bored, and I really want to take a bite out of that boy right there".

Johnny moved in front of lilith and sai, "Envy you want a piece then bring it".

Everyone ran at cain and envy striking as fast as they could. Envy and Cain dodged every move they dished out. Cain grabbed Thomas and threw him at jhonny, Envy grabbed jill by her hair and lilith and started to spin them in a circle. After envy was done she let them go throwing them into Thomas and Johnny. Lilith got up holding her left arm in pain, she helped jill up and everyone else. They knew if they don't do anything about cain or envy it could be the end of them.

Cain walked closer towards them laughing with a crazy look in his eyes. " is this all you got, the great chosen ones can't even beat two demons, how sad". Lilth grabbed the necklace around her neck and started to speak a spell. Cain knew what was going on, so he ran at lilith to stop her. Johnny moved in front of lilith and put up a force filled, around them. Cain started to punch trying to break the protective barrier. As the barrier started to crack Johnny looked at lilth and put another barrier around her. Lilith knew what Johnny was planning, she started to scream as Johnny smiled. Cain broke through and stabbed Johnny in the stomach. Johnny grabbed cains arm and held him in place while he smiled and laughed. Lilith cryed as she through the necklace at cain. Cain cut his arm off and pushed envy at the necklace. Envy started to scream at cain cursing him, for what he did. The necklace started to trap envy as cain ran away. Once envy was gone, lilith ran and grabbed Johnny holding him tight. Thomas and jill walked over crying knowing that Johnny was gone. Lilith told Thomas and jill to head back to base with the last piece, as she carried Johnny through a portal. Thomas and jill went back but wondered, what lilith was doing with Johnny's body.

(Meanwhile somewhere in Arizona)

Cain whispered hatred for what happened, " damn that boy (heavy breathing) I promise they will all pay".

Cain went back to Alastor to tell him what happened. But Alastor was not happy, he grabbed cain and told him "it's time we call your mother back to earth".

Alastor proceeded to remove the mark, with out taking away cains immortality. The mark started to disappear as a dark cloud appeared. Darkness started to get stronger as the clouds rolled in. Alastor let go of cain, cain looked and the mark was gone. He turned around to see his mother once again. Alastor got on one knee and said "welcome back Eve mother of all".

(Return of the mother)

" Hello Alastor so I have returned if I'm not mistaken".

"Yes my queen me and your son have released you, from your prison".

" it feels so good to be out, cain my poor baby what happened to you".

"Hello mother it's good to see you again, and this is because of the chosen".

Eve started to smile and laugh, knowing she was set free to kill the chosen. Alastor told eve the plan as he did, elsewhere Thomas and jill waited for lilith to return with Johnny.

Jill & Thomas waited for hours hoping to see lilith but nothing happened. Then a portal showed up, lilith returned holding Johnny. Jill ran over asking if he ok, lilith just put him on the bed and said. "He's ok I hope, he's just got healed and revived but I don't think he's joining us for the last fight".

"Jill Thomas we need a plan and with Johnny down it's just the three of us".

"Lilith me and jill understand this is bad but we wont give up, not on you or Johnny we will fight".

"Ya Thomas is right lilith, and I have a plan".

" what if we find and free Amadeus he might be able to help".

Lilith with a tear rolling down her face, smiled and agreed with Jill's plan. But the problem with the plan was they would have to fight Abaddon. The team prepared for a fight and rested for the night. Cause in the morning they would have to kill Abaddon the last Knight of hell.

(Knight of hell)

After a long night and somewhat descent sleep, the team moved out to find Amadeus. Jill found out that Abaddon was seen In District nine of hell. The team knew that it would be reckless to take her head on. So they made a plan to take Abaddon down quick. If they could take Abaddon down then they could find out were Amadeus was. Abaddon was the last knight of hell and very powerful. She is Alastors second in command and she was his adopted daughter. Lilith , jill & Thomas entered district nine and setup a trap for Abaddon. An hour and a half went bye then a portal opened up. Abaddon walked through, with Amadeus locked In chains.

Lilith through a necklace trap at Abaddon hoping to trap her quick. But Abaddon grabbed it and destroyed it, Abaddon looked up and said. "Lilith is that you, have you come to save your friend".

"Yes down let him go and I'll let you live".

"Please you kill me that's funny"

Lilith and everyone jumped at Abaddon hoping to hit her with the necklace. Instead they were pushed back' flying at the rock wall. Abaddon laughed as they failed, and while she laughed Abaddon destroyed the necklace. Everyone was shocked as there one chance shattered into pieces . Abaddon turned around to grabb Amadeus, but instead she got kicked in the face and fell to the ground. Abaddon looked up only to see Lucifer looking back at her. Lilith with a surprise face yelled dad with a big smile on her face. Lucifer looked at lilith with a smile and said.

"Lilith take your friends and go back home, there's a surprise waiting for you".

"Don't worry about me or Amadeus we can take Abaddon, now leave my princess".

Lilith didn't understand but she obeyed her father's wishes. As lilith walked towards the portal she couldn't help but feel something was off. She turned around and said, " dad will you be ok".

"Lilith it will be ok but do me one favor live your life and tell your mother I'm sorry". Lucifer used his power to push lilith in the portal. Then he closed the doors to district nine forever.

"Well sir it's nice to see you again".

"Like wise my friend are you ready for one last rodeo".

"Hell ya sir let's show this bitch old school".

" ha….ha... I've been waiting for this bring it on you fucking fossils".

Lucifer and Amadeus attacked with speed and strength hitting Abaddon into a mountain. Abaddon got up out of the rubble laughing and smiling. She looked at Lucifer and Amadeus telling them. " is that all you got".

Lucifer looked at Amadeus not saying a word, Amadeus turned his head smiling at Abaddon. Abaddon was confused as Amadeus smiled and then disappeared. She looked all around for Amadeus but couldn't see him. Then Amadeus reappeared behind Abaddon holding her down with a spell that he put on his arms. As she struggled to get away the hold got stronger. Abaddon screamed and screamed" and did everything to get out of the hold. Then Lucifer started to power up, the light coming from his body grew brighter and brighter. Lucifer smiled as he cryed one tear and in a small whisper he said. "Good bye my love and good bye my beautiful princess lilith, may you grow up and live a great life".

The light coming from Lucifer grew so bright that it exploded. Amadeus laughed as he disappeared in the explosion. And Abaddon screamed as the light tore through her body destroying every cell. District nine dissapeared in a blinding light never to be heard from again.

As Lilith and everyone returned, lilith was surprised to see Johnny walking up to her. Lilth cried as Johnny grabbed her hand. She couldn't believe what her father did. Johnny looked at lilith and said "here take this it's from your father I'm so sorry".

Lilith opened up the letter from here father it said.

Dear daughter , " I knowi haven't always been there for you, and I regret that when you were born I couldn't save your mother. She was the love of my life and you look so much like her. I want to tell you that hell belongs to you know. I saved Johnny so you wouldn't be lonely I wish you two a happy life and know I'll miss you my baby girl good bye".

Lilith fell to her knees as she felt her father's life force disappear. Johnny hugged her tight as lilth cried and screamed. Jill and Thomas kept there heads down in silence until lilth stopped crying.

After a hour Johnny told lilith that her dad gave him a weapon. A weapon that could be equipped to the spear, "he called it catalyst".

Catalyst was designed to kill eve and even god if necessary. Lilith grabbed catalyst out of Johnny's hand and put it with the spear. Lilith knew they were ready for Alastor, and ready to end this once and for all.

(The Final Battle)

"Lilith before we go please tell me and Thomas what catalyst is".

" well catalyst was designed by my dad , god and my uncle Michael". "Catalyst was a weapon of great power from what I was told". "God thought if him or anyone else who was all powerful like eve were to go bad, that something had to be created to help the human race".

Lilth went on telling jill and Thomas that catalyst was also designed to start armageddon. Since catalyst is attached to the spear it will only kill one person instead of everyone. Knowing what they were walking into everyone grabbed what they could for the last fight. lilth opened a portal to Alastor's location. Everyone walked through with a strong feeling of fear but they didn't let it show. Once through they couldn't believe there eyes. DC was in ruins everything was on fire and no soul could be seen. They snuck around hoping to catch him by surprise. Instead they were greeted by a sinister smile. Cain returned with a vengeance, he ran towards lilth hoping to kill her quickly. Johnny blocked cains attack pushing him back. Jhonny look at lilth and said.

"Go! I'll keep this one busy".

Lilth didn't want to leave him behind, but Thomas grabbed her arm and told her to go. Lilth knew Thomas would help Johnny. So lilth and jill ran off the find Alastor. Alastor was expecting them to show so he had a army of demons waiting by his side. Alastor looked over as lilth and jill arrived. He smiled knowing he had the upper hand. Lilth and jill knew they were out numbered but rushed in ready to attack. Demon after demon started to die but the numbers kept growing. Then out of know were the head of cain flew into the middle of the field. The demon looked over only to see Thomas and Johnny smiling and ready for action. Eve looked with rage in her eyes as she looked at her sons Severed head. Eve knew if she went down there she could die. So eve ran off ditching Alastor to save her own life.

Alastor knew she was a traitor so once eve left she turned to stone. Alastor laughed at how stupid Eve was and told his men to. "send her to the cage before she wakes ".

All of Alastor men were gone all that was left was him and the chosen. He came down from his throne of skeletons and laughed all the way down. "You kids really think you can kill me well first let me get you more amped up".

"Jill I killed every one you loved I even help your brother kill himself".

"Thomas I gave your wife that cancer that ended her life

"Johnny let's just say your home is gone"

" and now lilth I know you been trying to kill me for a while but guess what I killed your mother".

They were all shocked to find that Alastor had a hand in all there loved one's death. They ran at Alastor with out thinking and one bye one fell on the ground.

Alastor laughed as they got up with tears in their eyes. Lilith looked at Johnny, with out saying a word Johnny ran up to Alastor and placed a spell locking Alastor's arms to the ground. Then lilith charged the weapon hoping it was strong enough to kill him. Thomas and jill shot Alastor's arms and legs. hoping to keep him from breaking free.

Alastor called for more help and a a few demons showed up. They went after Johnny breaking his control over the spell. Alastor then threw bone's at Thomas and jill stopping the shooting. Alastor then turned around to face lilith, but she was gone. Lilith reappeared in the sky falling towards Alastor. Alastor tried to grab her but Johnny and Thomas grabbed his arms. Jill ran up to Alastor and kicked him to the ground. Lilith hit Alastor with the spear. Alastor screamed no as loud as he could. With his last breath he started to laugh As he floated in the air. Lilth with the help of Johnny Thomas and jill pushed the spear in deeper , striking Alastor's heart. Alastor began to glow light started to pure out of his body as he smiled in pain. Then the light exploded and everyone flew back hitting the ground. Lilth and everyone got up and walked towards Alastor's body. The spear was gone and catalyst disappeared as well. Alastor was dead after all this time. Jill jumped up with excitement saying "we did it!".

Johnny looked at lilith "it over".

"Yes Johnny it is".

Lilth grabbed Johnny and started to kiss him. Jill went up to Thomas and did the same thing.

Jhonny:" so do you think we can rest finally".

Lilth:"for now but remember Eve is still out there".

Jill:"who cares all we can do is wait for eve to make her first move".

Thomas:" ya jill is right let's go home, lilth if you need me and jill you know were to find us".

Everyone took off Thomas and jill went back to her time line, and lilith and Johnny went to hell to take over. They parted there ways with a smile but knew they would never say goodbye.

The End

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