The God of The Wild. (Book Two)

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There is a God within the Greek and Roman Woods. One that Is feared and respected. He Has not Spoken to a Living Soul in over a Century. Until a Striking Woman Needed his Help, One that Defies all He has Known.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The God Pan

Throughout the world, there are many Gods, most of their names already known to Man.

They were attention-seeking Gods, Gods like Zeus flaunting his lightning and Hades his fire, Poseidon his Trident controlling the Seas.

Many Gods were feared and respected.

The Greeks and Romans designed lavish Temples for their most feared and respected Gods.

They brought them gifts of fruit from the forest and used stone from the soil to build these Great Temples.

Goats and Animals were slaughtered as to pay homage to these great Gods.

But the fruits from the forest and the farm animals and stone from the soil belonged to a God no one knew much of and understood very little of.

He was a silent and vengeful God that remained within his domain as its protector.

His domain was feared by the Romans and the Greeks, they traveled very rarely through his domain preferring their lavish and large cities with Villas and buildings pinched close together.

Pan was the mysterious God that ruled the Wilderness.

The God of the Wilderness and Farming.

Any natural earthly being was placed in his charge, except for the humans, He did not have any respect or tolerance towards those greedy beings.

He was the protector of the Goddesses Nymphs within his thick forest.

He had but only one companion Mavros, the Black Panther who stalked and walked the length of the Forests and Deserts that surrounded the world at Pan's Side.

His Domain did not supersede the domains of Poseidon and Zeus but it was the largest and most Misunderstood Domain, just as he was. misunderstood by all.

His presence in mythology and stories were minimal as he kept to himself, he rarely visited Olympus to meet and chat with the other Gods, He preferred his isolation.

He only did so when absolutely necessary and so he has not spoken a word in almost a thousand years.

He remains with his companion Mavros, they understood one another. Mavros was connected to Pan, acting on emotions Pan felt, but did not show.

Pan tolerated Humans that Farm and use his lands for their needs, as long as they did not bring Mans evil deeds within his Domain, there would be no trouble.

He resided within his favorite Forest close to Greece and Rome, although he never admitted it.

He found his Domain here the most peaceful, his residence was a large wood cabins buried deep within the woods, far from any City sounds he despised.

His Cabin rested a few meters away from a large dam that was filled by a small fountain surrounded by flat boulders. The dam wasn’t deep, It only reached His shoulders at its deepest but yet again he was between 6 & 7ft.

The sound of the fountain lulled him to sleep at night when Mavros disappeared to hunt.

He enjoyed the peace and would read scrolls or scripts he had found or purchased by trade with Farmers, none aware as to whom he was.

Although he enjoyed his seclusion, he would visit the Farmers once a month to hear their stories on what the great cities were planning.

Although he never actually sat and spoke to them he remained in the shadows and listened to their conversations.

Always wary of whichever Emperor or king was in charge.

Wars and expansion of cities always brought great loss to his Domain and he wanted to be aware of any news of gossip in order to prevent or save as much of his domain as possible.

But that’s all his long life was.

He forever will be the Protector of his domain.

Forever its King and God.

Forever Alone...

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