The Half-Blood

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"I always see him here, in the same place, and every time, he takes my breath away. He's like a magnet, drawing me to him. " ************************************************************ When Nala travels to the Kingdom of the Werewolves to take a break, the last thing she expects is to participate in The Hunt. An old tradition where the males chase the females to spend a night with them. Nala has no choice but to compete in this absurd game and will have to rely on her sister's tricks and her own strength and agility as a werewolf. Can she win The Hunt or will she finally be captured? Nala can only hope for a miracle so that none of the troglodytes will capture her. *********************************************************** This story progresses slowly. *This book is in the process of being edited*

Fantasy / Romance
Laura B. L.
4.9 87 reviews
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Alaric’s boots were mud-covered with every step. On a dark afternoon, the incessant rain heralded the last battle of this war for the throne of the Lycanthropes. In the distance, Alaric saw the shadows of those creatures. He began to undress, and his soldiers followed his movements. The sound of hundreds of bones breaking in unison was the only thing that accompanied rain tumbling down from the sky. This had to be the final battle, Alaric thought. Many of their soldiers were lost because of his mistake, all because of his lust and passion. All because of her.

She, the woman who blinded him and almost drove him mad with jealousy. She was there in the front line, staring at him with a devilish look in her eyes. Just by glancing at her, Alaric felt weak again, weak with her, but this time he promised himself he wouldn’t make the same mistake. Alaric watched as she raised her hands, casting a spell. Within seconds, thunderous lightning began to descend from the heavens, one more potent than the last.

Today would be the day of the final battle. Many had perished. The Lycan race was one of the strongest of all, but it could be the weakest if faced with a large group of creatures with the ability to conjure up almost any spell. And that is precisely what caused the loss of many of their men in the first place. But this time, it would be different because Alaric decided to use his enemy’s power to his advantage, making the Lycan race almost unbeatable.

Alaric’s mighty roar filled the entire place. That was the signal. Hundreds of soldiers and hundreds of her followers took to the field to fight the final battle. Alaric opened the communication channel with all his soldiers. “She’s mine.” The creatures launched themselves without any effort. Alaric could tell they were barely touching the ground.

Soon, Alaric’s loyal soldiers and such creatures were fighting each other. This time would not be like the other times. This time, Alaric used his enemies’ weapon against themselves. Alaric tore apart every creature he saw in his path. He could see how many of the creatures were surprised by the sudden change in his soldiers. The last time he lost hundreds of his battle peers, the faithful defenders of his kingdom.

To win this war, he had to come to the aid of one of these now so despicable creatures. Between blood and spells, he saw her, waiting for him with a half-smile. She knew the effect she was having on him—his love, his love that had now turned to hate. But still, feeling hatred, he couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful she was. Yet, the memories of the attack on the kingdom a year ago flooded his mind. Hundreds of bodies scattered in the kingdom’s halls were the only thing he remembered when he saw her. How could she do this to him? How could she betray him like that? He would have given anything to be with her. Even giving up the idea of finding his true mate. Long ago, only her, who now faced him, betrayed his trust and love.

Alaric roared with all his might and charge against her. She moved quickly, blocking every blow Alaric threw at her. Alaric grunted from the sudden pain he felt in his right shoulder. She had used a silver dagger. It was the Templar dagger with the few blue rubies embedded in it. It was the same dagger he had given her long ago. It represented the love and trust he felt for her.

The dagger was one of Alaric’s most treasured possessions. Now how much he regrets giving her such a gift.

The rain and thunder continued to flood the battlefield. Alaric tried to attack her neck, but she dodged him every time. When she lunged at him with the dagger in one of his sides, Alaric blocked the thrust in time, turning quickly and with the strength of his dark paws pushing her to the filthy soil. Now, she was lying on the dirt ground, looking directly into his red eyes, and cornered her with his paws. Her eyes looked at him with contempt and hatred, which Alaric’s heart ached for. At one point, he thought about sparing her life, but as soon as he heard the little whisper of her voice, he knew it was now or never.

Alaric’s teeth pressed hard on her neck, tearing the flesh and skin of it. His sight was blinded by rage. When life escaped her eyes, Alaric howled in agony to the world. The war had gradually ended. Survivors began to retreat, but Alaric gave instructions to leave no one alive. They were all to die. Alaric, now in his human form, was carrying his beloved’s lifeless body, his murderer, in his arms. Now he had to burn her to make sure she never returned to this world. When Alaric’s remaining soldiers had finished with the creatures’ last, they gathered around a bonfire.

Everyone felt Alaric’s emotions: the pain, the anger, the disappointment, and finally, a sense of relief. Alaric carefully placed her body on a wooden bed over the fire. A few seconds passed, and He felt the air suddenly become different. The rain stopped suddenly.

Everyone was on alert again. Alaric looked around, looking for the attacker.

The air suddenly began to blow fiercely. Everyone was trying to stay in a firm position. But the wind was so violent that many of the soldiers were thrown away. Alaric watched the fire die down in the wind. A dark shadow descended from nowhere carrying the lifeless body of his lover, his murderer. When the shadow disappeared, everyone felt the calm of the wind. Everyone was gasping for breath when they saw that the woman’s body was not there to be seen. Alaric sighed, looking up at the sky. Perhaps, he thought for a moment, he should pursue whoever rescued her body. But first and foremost, he would retire and restore his ruined kingdom. At least and then, finally, she’s dead.

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