The Half-Blood (Book 1)

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Walking in the dark, I could see the light coming from a fire in the distance. The smell of burning wood flooded my senses. I kept getting closer. I needed the warmth; it was cold here. I could see a group of people dancing around the cozy fire. They were singing and smiling at each other. The music was a very familiar sound. I was trying to remember where I had heard that song before. My mind was trying to search through my memories. A cold breeze suddenly caressed my face and brought back my memory. I remember now. That music was the one my sister always listens to. For some reason, I felt relaxed with these People, feeling somehow in love with what I was witnessing.

Strolling around, I quickly stopped.

There he is.

Every time I see him, I get a strange feeling, like I’ve known him all my life. It was kind of an enigma to me. His presence conveyed a power of dominance that made me feel pulled to him.

He’s dressed in a black suit. His hands hide in the pockets of his pants. He wasn’t looking at me; he was looking at the fire. I was instinctively trying to approach him. I stood in front of him; the only thing that separated us was the fire. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

Who is this man? Look at me, please. I whispered. The men obeyed my plea, but he didn’t move, he just stood there, and I couldn’t do anything. The light of the fire didn’t let me see his face. I closed my eyes, trying to ease the pain I was feeling, when I opened them again, I saw the ceiling of my room.

What a headache!. It was that dream again.

I got out of bed and put aside the thin duvet that covered my body and walked to the kitchen to take some pills. I went back and tried to sleep again.

Nealie’s voice in my mind brought me out of my sleepy state.

"Finally! - I need to go outside, I need to run, come on!” My wolf was demanding this morning.

“OK, let me take a bath and eat something, Nealie.”

"Fine, but hurry up, we have not shifted in a long time.”

"Seriously, Nealie? We shifted 2 days ago, and you ran and hunted for almost four hours! I still feel sore.”

“Do not be such a baby, Nala! Thanks to me, you have that body! .”

I laughed.

“OH Yes! running all the time can give you nice legs, now let me finish, and we will go outside, OK?”

"OK” She ended up saying

“Nala!, come on we have to go now” My only and older sister was yelling at me from the kitchen.

“What now, Maeve?” I felt like I had a boulder on each foot as I walked to the bathroom. I need a coffee urgently.

“Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow at what time?”

Our parents weren’t Betas, or Omegas, or even less, Alphas from a pack. We live in a sort of secluded village, in the human realm, called The Crossbreed, the only one of its kind in our world. Here come all the mates who don’t belong to the same species, like our parents.

Father and mother are sons and daughters of different species. Our mother was born a werewolf, and our father is a witch. Many years ago, there was a war between the Kingdom of the Witches and the Werewolves. No one knows what really triggered the bloody conflict. Almost two hundred years have passed and the two species have been coexisting in a civilised manner so far.

When our parents met at a fair in Belfast, that instant connection changed everything for them. They couldn’t bear to be apart and decided to leave their families and move here. Both kingdoms couldn’t allow two different species to live in their territories as couples. No one wanted half-breeds on their land.

It’s not just witches and Lycans who don’t allow half-breeds into their kingdoms. Vampires, Fae, and Dragons strictly forbid it. They consider half-breeds to be inferior beings.

“Their flight will arrive tomorrow at 8:35 am, we need to shop groceries.”

“Nealie?” I called to my wolf.

“Yes?” she replied back.

“I am sorry we cannot go today for a run, our parents are coming tomorrow, I need to go with Maeve and help her,” I explained to her.

“OK, I understand. I am happy we will finally see our parents. How long they left this time?”

“Mmm.... 2 months and a half? I think...”

Our parents have traveled extensively for 4 years to the Kingdom of the Lycans. The Alpha King knew that my mother was a person of vast knowledge about the history of the Seven Realms, so he invited her to teach in his kingdom. At least, that was the excuse they offered to invite her back to her original home and with her witcher hubby.

“I am ready, sis.” I yelled.

“OK, let me check the house before we go,” she said.

“Oh! Not again, please every time we need to get out of the house, you do the same thing, you are always in a hurry, and when I am ready, you start to check the whole house and look for your things.”


“Maeve, I am going to drive this time.”

“Oh, no way,” she told me.

“Why not? I am an excellent driver.”

“Yes, you are, but you drive too fast for my taste.”

“Ugh Maeve... please you drive like if I am being carried by a sloth, today is Sunday, and I want to come back quickly and watch something and just relax, you know what? We should buy some tequila and make margaritas!”

“Let’s go,” she said, leaving the kitchen after check that everything is off for the third time! We drove to the supermarket and bought the groceries and the tequila!

Back to the house, we unpacked everything and organized the whole food and drinks in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinet. It was like six o’clock in the afternoon, I prepared the margaritas, and we sat outside.

Our terrace was not significant, but it was cozy, we were sitting in comfortable black chairs with a small black round table in the middle, where the drinks were placed.

We just sit down, drinking quietly, and talking about things in life. We were looking at the small forest in front of us, smelling the fresh air of spring.

“When will you give me nephews?” She said suddenly

“Please, you are older than me, you first.” I rolled my eyes.

She gave me a sympathetic look.

“You will find him soon.”

“I don’t know Maeve, I am almost 26 years old. I don’t know if I have a mate, but...”

Suddenly the dream came to me.

“What?” she asked.

“I had that dream again, Maeve,” I said, sighing

“Really again? What happened this time?” she asked me with a scowl.

“I was like in the woods? I don’t know, there was a fire in the middle and people dancing around with that song from the OMNIA band that you love, and then I saw him again through the fire. I felt like he was the person I was waiting for my whole life.”

“Did he approach to you this time, did you see his eyes?”

“No, he just stared at me, but every time I wake up, I cannot remember his face,” I said taking a big sip of my margarita

“Do you want me to look into your memories and see if I can find that dream?” Maeve asked me.

“No, this is only a dream, I am not going to waste my time trying to look for some stranger that maybe doesn’t exist.”

“Maybe you’re dreaming of your mate Nala,” Maeve said casually, drinking from her cup.

My sister was born a witch, like our father. She inherited the ability to manipulate dreams. She can make you remember them and learn things and control what you’re doing in them. She doesn’t have a wolf in her, unlike me, who was born a werewolf.

I know it’s strange, both sisters must have been born with a werewolf in them and at the same time be able to manipulate some magic, but that didn’t happen to us.

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