The Half-Blood (Book 1)

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The Lycan's Realm

King Alaric’s POV.

Her lips were on my body, leaving warm kisses on my chest and following all the way to my hard member. I was excited about every move. Her hands now caress my member, playing with it. Her dark hair brushing my skin, and her brown eyes looking at me with a smile. I felt her warm mouth, and I gasped at the feeling she was giving me.

Ever since I started dating her, she’s been trying to please me in every way. A little overwhelming at times.

I drowned in the feel of the tongue licking and sucking, stopping it before I could cum inside her mouth. I grabbed her waist and laid her on the bed underneath me. Her hands were pulling my hair fiercely while I was kissing her hard. I bit her lip. I was hungry for her mouth.

Those blue eyes were my downfall.

Her lips were so soft and always demanding.

Wait ... blue eyes? I opened my eyes and found Salla looking at me, waiting for me to continue.

I started again, savoring her lips, trying to focus, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw only blue eyes instead of the brown ones that now looked at me worriedly.

“What is going on? Are you OK, my love? Salla asked me,

I looked at her.

“Yes, I don’t know. I think I am tired.”

“Oh...” she said with a bit of disappointment on her face.

“Is something bothering you?” Salla asked me again.

“No, I think I’m tired of all the work I’ve been doing lately.”

I lied to her. I wanted to say yes, that something or someone was haunting my mind. I do not know what’s happening to me. I’ve only seen that woman with blue eyes twice in my entire life and only in dreams. The way that mysterious woman makes me feel with those blue eyes. I’d do anything for her. I’d give my life for those eyes.

I exhaled deeply.

This is crazy.

I don’t know her, I couldn’t remember her face, only her eyes. I saw her last night, it was the second time, and this time it was different. She was dancing around the fire with her white dress pulled up to her knees. Her hair was flying around her. I couldn’t tell if the color was red or blonde. She was hypnotizing.

I remember that she stopped dancing when she realized my presence. The light of fire prevented me from seeing her face with any certainty.

Who was she? Was she real?

Maybe I’m delusional.

There was a time when I dreamed of finding my match. I would think for hours about what my fated mate looked like, her hair color, eyes, and hair. I would daydream about her. Then She came along. In all these years, I still haven’t been able to forget her. Many nights I have dreamed of her return. I have dreamed of making love to her as I did so many times two hundred years ago. I still remember that I forgot everything and everyone from the first moment I tasted her delicious lips. My true mate? I didn’t care who she was because I wouldn’t choose her even if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. I remember how Hado used to make fun of my judgment. Saying that once my real mate showed up, I couldn’t help it, the instinct to claim her and protect her.

I looked at Salla with her eyes closed and her head on my shoulder. She was stunning. She has the beauty that every man can wish for in a woman.


Nala’s POV

Finally, we arrived at King Alaric’s kingdom, located in Denmark. Each territory is hidden from the eyes of ordinary mortals. Witches, fairies, werewolves, vampires, and goblins can live among humans. However, many of these creatures prefer to live within their realms, as they would not have the constant pressure to hide from the eyes of people who would never understand such powers. The Realms are like parallel worlds to humans. Only non-humans can cross them.

My species live in packs scattered all over the human world and, of course, here in the kingdom.

Every pack has an Alpha, a Beta, and an Omega, and each one must respect the limits of the territories, theory at last, as the need for power and domination led many of them to fight for land.

We stayed in one of the small hotels near the city. My mother decided to go to the hairdresser’s in town for the dance tonight. My sister went with her, and my father stayed in his room. I decided to take a walk downtown, which was just a few blocks from where we stayed.

The weather was perfect, sunny, and I could feel the air blowing in was slightly cold. The few shops located next to each other were made of bricks. Many of them had vivid colors that made it look like a storybook. Some bars and restaurants had little tables outside for those who chose to eat or drink in the sunlight. As I was walking on the pavement, I saw a tavern bar that had a Viking helmet hanging in the entrance “EINAR’S VIKING BAR” was the name. The place seemed fine. I might go with Maeve tonight. The city wasn’t noisy; people were just walking around. It was a quiet, charming town.

I was drawn to the smell of roasted coffee beans. I saw a small cafeteria that had a dark blue exterior and white window frames. I decided to go in for a cup of coffee. A mature-looking woman guided me to the table where I would sit.

“Hello, Welcome to Café’Rosilde, would you like some water to start with?” The waiter was a young man who looked my age, was thin with green eyes, and had blond hair tied back in a tiny topknot. He was somewhat different from the other werewolves that abounded in the area. They were all usually robust and full-bodied, but the waiter was not.

“No thanks, I’ll have a cold coffee with ice,” I replied with a smile.

“Cold coffee? You don’t like hot?” He winked at me.” I’ll be right back,”

It was past three, and The coffee house didn’t have much clientele. Maybe this wasn’t the busiest hour.

After a few minutes, the coquettish waiter brought me my coffee.

“Here you go,” he said.

“Thank you.”

“You’re not from around here, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” Now I have to start a conversation when I just want to drink my coffee in peace.

“Why are you visiting, if you don’t mind my asking,” the young man now leaned on my table, in a relaxed way, a little sassy.

“I came to visit the kingdom,” I told him with a neutral tone, I didn’t want to be rude, but I also didn’t want to give him more confidence than he was already taking.

“Wow, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t know Alaric’s Kingdom.” I was surprised by the informal tone with which he addressed his Alpha.

“Alaric? Is that what people are calling him here or just you?” I asked him, playing dumb.

He laughs. “That’s what I call him.”

“Oh, good for you,” I said, trying to cut the conversation short and get him to leave, but he didn’t notice it or just decided to ignore it.

“There’s an event coming up in a few days; you should go. It’ll be amazing.” He suggested.

“All right, I’ll see if I have time to go.”

“All right, enjoy your coffee, see you there.”

I responded with a grimace simulating a smile.

When I finished my coffee, after four o’clock, I had to go to the hotel quickly because mother and Maeve would surely be back by the time I got there.

Once in the hotel room, I helped Mom put her dress and jewelry on. She looked fantastic, like a real queen.

“OK, girls, hope you have some fun on your own.” she blew kisses and got into the cab. When they left, I looked at Maeve and said: “We need to get some drinks. Let’s change to something pretty, and let’s get out of this room.”

“Nala? When will you let me go for a run?” My wolf came to my mind now. She was feeling restless.

“Let’s do it tomorrow night, OK?" I promised her. I felt her hiding back in my mind.

Maeve got out of the bathroom with a pair of grey jeans and a white silk blouse with a V neck, with a bit of makeup and her loose curls reaching her chest. My sister had the face of a Nymph. Big green eyes and long dark blonde wavy hair. She was knowledgeable and educated as our mother. Her green eyes looked at me, waiting for me to say something.

“If I were a man, I would bite you and mark you right away” She rolled her eyes. “You look terrific!”

“Are you going to be dressed like that?” she asked.

“What is wrong with my outfit?”

“You look like a black widow” I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a pair of black jeans, a black silk tank top, a black leather jacket, and black heels. Black widow?

“I really don’t care - I sighed - I just want to relax,” I said, grabbing my purse and key.

We were drinking in the tavern bar I saw this afternoon. It was crowded. I was watching a group of huge local men drinking beer from a horn. They all look looked like real Vikings; they were all muscles. I noticed that one of them was eyeing my sister.

“This guy is looking at you, sis.” Maeve glanced at him and turned her head to spit all the beer to my face. She was laughing so hard that I could see small tears in the corner of her eyes.

Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help but laugh too. She was trying to say something to me.

“Oh my... Oh, m... O..... Nala.... did you... did you see him?”

“Yes, he has ... he has a little braid on his chin. The only thing missing is his ax.” The Viking realized that we were laughing, and with a grave expression, he came to our place.

“Good evening,” he said with a severe face.

I was trying to put on a poker face, but my sister was not helping me.

“Good evening?” I replied.

“I could not help noticing that you are not from around here,” the Viking said.

“It is because we are not,” I told him.

“What are you laughing at, witch?” Maeve stopped and looked at him seriously now.

Ah yes, that’s another thing I forgot, werewolves could smell the witches since they have a different scent than the rest. I’ve never really known what that scent is because I cannot smell it, but at least I could recognize a witch. I don’t know why, but I can.

“Nothing of your concern ...”

Maeve replied with a firm voice, but her eyes were just the opposite.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to show me your ax? ... By the way, you have traces of fries in your braid,” she said, pointing to her chin.

The three of us stared at each other; suddenly, Maeve and I started to laugh out loud again.

“I will make sure that your kind never enters this kingdom again.”

I could see smoke coming out of his ears. Everybody at the bar laughed out loud when his pants came down, and a hairy butt came to view that man had no shorts on! The Viking looked at Maeve, knowing it was my sister’s fault, and she did not regret it.

Maeve’s phone rang, she pressed the button and went out to talk to whoever was calling her at eleven at night ... I was drinking and moving my body to the rhythm of the music.

“Nala! We need to go back to the hotel and go to the palace.”

She came back explaining that Mom’s dress got wet suddenly because someone spilled a drink on it. We grabbed our purse, paid the check, we walked two streets until we got to the hotel to take the second dress, and now we were heading to the palace.

When we arrived at the palace grounds, I noticed security everywhere. All the guardian warriors were Lycans. We reached a checkpoint that surely shouldn’t be the only one.

“What is the purpose of your visit?” one of the guards asked.

“Our mother has problems with her dress and asked us to come and bring her a new one,” I said.

The guard looked at me with a suspicious look on his face, and then he noticed Maeve.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Nala and Maeve Dawler. Our parents are Darious and Elenor Dawler.” I said.

For a moment, the guardian seemed to be absent in his own thoughts. I assumed he was mind-linked to some boss of his. When he came out of some kind of trance, he said, “You can go on. You only have thirty minutes to get in and out.”

“Thank you,” I politely replied.

Thirty minutes would be more than enough, considering that reaching the entrance to the palace would take five minutes.

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