The Awakening: Pirate's Cove

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The word "Rogue" holds alot of meaning for Rose Boyde. It used to be a big part of her life until she was captured by a group of assassins. After a full on course of Rehabilitation, she earns a place on their elite team, and a place to finally call home. The love and dedication this pack put into her broke her of her wild ways and brought her to pure loyalty to the Ural Mountain Pack. She's on a mission to find ten missing girls, sold on the black market to vampires and sorcerers. She is going where others fear to go, deep in the underbelly where only rogues go. Pirates, thieves, scum of our supernatural world. A dangerous place for a lone wolf. They say old habits die hard, she fought to get out just to go back in. This time, it was for the werewolf kind. If those girls are there, they need a savior, or a good therapist. She'll have to do, only she is crazy enough to walk in the shadows where dead men tell no tales. Follow Rose where outsiders call home.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Rogue. A monster. A beast. Known for being viscous, cold hearted, blood thirsty. Acussed of being thieves, murderers, the scum of our supernatural world. The fear connected to that word can cause panic, and rash decisions.

This for Rose Boyde, was a major part of her life. Born a rogue in an abandoned barn, in the outskirts of London. Her mother raised her in the dirty street by herself, working at a pub, and any other odd job a werewolf could in a world dominated by vampires and sorcerers. Her father, an alpha who took advantage of her mother on her first heat, and they said Rogues were scum.

Rose was unique in every way, a witch working alongside her mother said Rose was blessed by the Goddess. Rose was born with fusha metallic colored eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Rare for werewolves. You don't see blonde or red haired werewolves. Her long hair has a gentle wave, which she keeps up in a bun, and is fair skinned like her mother. She stands around 5'2", is built husky but lean and muscular with an hourglass shape.

As she reach puberty, she discovered she had an ability. Earth. She could manipulate any type of soil. Later, she figured out how to grow flowers and other plants. She had a green thumb, not literally.

She grew up with a group of misfits where she learned the ways to steal, manipulate, and deceive. By 16, she was a regular conartist, and a well renowned sniper. With her ability, she reeked havoc and dominated the dark places, where no one dared to go after the sun set. She became the definition of rogue in London.

It got worse when Rose turned 18. Her mother was killed during a robbery at the pub. Her rage was felt by all. She went after nearby packs and anyone who crossed her. By the age 21, she ran a troop of thug rogues and became the crime leader known as Rose Bud.

It took the intervention of the elite team, from the Ural Mountain Pack, to take her down. She begged to be put out of her misery. The anger in her heart drove her to madness. The alpha took pity and put the time and effort to rehabilitate her. Five years later of love and dedication broke down her anger. She finally felt like she belonged and accepted by the other pack members.

Potential was seen and she was given a chance to earn a place on the team. This pack had her full loyalty. This mission is her first. This was the first time outside of the pack in six years.

There were many discussions, during the meetings with Amber and the nine other members of the team, on the best way to cover all bases. Half the team went either vampire territory or witch territory. No one wanted to cover the space in between. Seems how they were old stomping grounds for me, Rose volunteered. She knew her way around the places in the shadows. She could use her old reputation to get the leads she needed.

That's exactly what she did. She returned to London, found her old cronies. She was nervous she would fall into old habits. The difference now, was that she wasn't angry anymore. She'd agree that she had "gone soft". She got the leads she needed to narrow a few girls location.

It was Amsterdam. Nowadays, it's where all rogues, pirates, and any other malicious creatures call it safe haven. Whether you be, witch, vampire, or werewolf. It was a dark and dangerous place, if the girls ever do get out of there, they are going to need therapy. You can't unsee the things that go on there.

You'd have to be crazy, or desperate to go there. Even the best bounty hunters steer clear of Amsterdam. No government has tried to tame that hornet's nest. It's a no man's land, where their moto is dead men tell to tales.

Sure, like pirates of old, there are codes they follow. Things like, snitches get stitches, don't repeat nothing to no one, what happens behind closed doors, stays behind doors. Etcetera. It will be hard to get information from anyone once inside. But a pretty face can buy you just about anything. And if you're really good, you can play one against the other for a bigger hustle.

Old habits die hard, but Rose is not doing this for herself, this time she plays a game for the sake of werewolf kind. If the Goddess needs these girls to continue to wake the wolves, then she'll get them, or die trying. She had many wrongs to right. This was her chance to prove she belongs among the members of the team.

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