A Wolf in Woman's Clothing

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Raised deep in the mountains by a pack of wolves, she doesn't know how humans are supposed to act. Even though she's half-human, half wolf, she had long ago shed her human skin in favor of her wolf form. Then, everything changed.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The cold was natural to her, unlike the short summers that persisted every year. The little valley that her pack made their home was the most habitable spot for miles, the animals hardy from the cold, yet unable to leave. Trapped, unlike them who chose the area.

Many had died while learning to live here; she was one of my lucky who had managed to survive. Survival was most important, she learned young.

Although she was only half-wolf, she did not let her human side be a disadvantage, and kept fighting for survival.

How did she come to live with her pack? A tragic story, one that the elders spoke of to the next generation, warning then of the evil humans.

The leader knew her mother, they whispered. A forbidden friendship, they whispered. But he was a young pup, and she had saved him from the evil humans. Eventually, he grew into a strong alpha. No one could apose his lead, he was too strong.

The elders would also speak of how her mother was a lone werewolf, never choosing a pack, favoring full wolves over half. Yet, no wolf pack would take her for her human side. Even when the leader spoke for her, she denied his offer. Why? She had wanted to be welcomed by all, and not scorned for her human side.

Yet, they held friendship.

As he was training his son to take leadership, disaster struck. Humans struck. They began to hunt them, killing without mercy, as all humans do. Her mother, who once traveled far and wide, saved them. She led them here, to her current home.

It was not easy, but humans tended to avoid harsh climates.

Then, the leaders son, took his father's place.

And he took her in, as well.

Her mother died, when she was of 6 years of age. She did not remember how, just blood tinted snow.

It was pure chance that the pack found her, half dead and wandering aimlessly. The leader had assumed her mother was trying to make her way to them before she died, and took her legacy.

That was how she came to live with the wolves.

Her paws pounded the snow soundlessly as she ran, the wind rushing through her fur as if feathers. The smell of her prey grew more potent, so she slowed to a quiet trot.

Soon they would have dinner, and her initiation would be complete. Finally, she would be part of the pack! Each step she took was with precision, the tawny fur of the deer flashing through the trees. She stilled and crouched on her hunches, watching.

No longer would she be an outcast; the child of a werewolf.

A light breeze blew the scent to her, making her freeze. The smell was off! She crawled forward to hide in a brush, analyzing.

It smelled like deer, but different. She needed to figure out what it was. She hunkered down to her belly and kept forword ever so slightly.

The wind rustled, bringing the scent with it.

The smell wasn't of a deer? At least, it used to be a deer. But now it was old and stale. Most of all, it was unnatural.

The deer turned.

It's face was human. As far as she could tell, anyway. She could see its pink skin, and oddly shaped nose.

A human! She shifted on her paws, her ears perking.

It was her first time seeing one. Humans never came so deep in the mountains. The terrain was to rough, and the weather much too harsh.

When the human turned its back to her, she crept forward, sticking behind trees and shrubs. She wanted to see more of it. Learn more of it.

Knowledge had always been her calling. She loved to learn. It made her feel more capable. After all, she was at a disadvantage in the pack, since she was half human.

The human turned again. This time she could see its face more clearly.

It's oddly shaped nose was cute. Pointed, but defined? It had eyebrows, straight ones. Was that normal for humans? In her human form, her eyebrows were curved. On the other hand, its jaw was curved strongly, like it made it tougher. It was strange, since she had such a pointed jaw. The humans was so different, even its lips were thinner, and red like a rose. Her's on the other hand were thicker, but colored like a wild rose.

The humans eye color really made her wonder. Its iris's were the color of mid-summer leaves. Summer was such a short season, it made her love it even more, despite her inability to handle the heat.

Its hair fell out from under the deer hide. What a strange color it was! Bright, like the sun at its zenith. Not one inher pack had such coloring.

She looked down to her paws, her fur being the complete opposite. Her hair was a midnight black, much like her pelt. Was it a human thing? To have those colorings? Then why was she so different? Was it because she was a werewolf?

The human pushed back the deer hide, then tucked its bright hair back in under. Again, he put the deer on-top his head.

Was it normal for humans to wear animals? Was he wearing it because it was his prize? Or was it another reason?

She decided to keep following. She had too many questions.

"Hey!" She jumped, her fur rising. The sound had come from the human. "Whatever is following me, you better leave. The others will be coming soon." The human knew she was following him! A growl built up in her throat, but she swallowed it. Quiet, she needed to be quiet.

She was the most stealthy in the whole pack. There was no way a human could find her! Right?

She crouched down lower into the shrubs. If the human knew she was there, it would be best not to move. After all, she still had a chance to observe. As long as the human did not know her exact location, she would be safe.

"Be it your way..." Her ears perked forward, straining to hear the human. She knew some human language, but not much. The pack did their best to teach her, but they only knew a few words. They weren't humans after all.

She watched as the man pulled out a cylinder like object. It made a loud TWEEEET noise that hurt her ears. Horribly. The sound was ten times worst then the morning birds. Right after, three other bird-like sounds followed. Some were closer than the others.

Next was very curious. He started patting down the snow. She didn't notice it till now, but he had big flat things under his feet. Like a snow rabbit, or a lynx. Perhaps it was part of him? Unlike the deer? But she didn't have those on her feet, so what were they?

Attachments! He took them off! Of his feet!! She never seen such things before!! It was amazing, how did they ever think of making such things? Human's were so odd.

She perked when she heard shuffling. From the south.

It was another human, wearing a lynx's coat.

It wasn't long before two other humans came. One was wearing a black bear's coat, the other a.... Wolf.

She stared.

It wasn't one of her kin, she sighed in relief.

Such a horrible thing to do, to kill needlessly. She crunched up her muzzle in distaste. Someones mother could be gone... Dead, and now being worn so flauntingly. The thought made her heart twist. What if it was one of her brothers or sisters..?

What would she have done?

"We have a visitor. It's very intent on watching us." The deer human said. The wind picked up, blowing to her. What luck! Now she could smell them, and hear them.

"What do you think it is?" The Lynx said.

The humans started pulling things from under their fur. She gasped, amazed at what they all fit under there. She would never have guessed! The bear man and the wolf started setting up a big white thing. A cave? They carried a cave with them? How amazing!

She watched in wonder. Next, the lynx and deer started pilling up wood.

"I'm not sure. It's very quiet. Almost nonexistent." The Deer answered, pulling out a little block from his pelt.

"Are you sure it isn't the trees rustling?" The Lynx asked, laughing loudly.

"A squirrel..." The big bear said. The lynx laughed harder, the sound making her flinch.

"Shut it..." Fire! Fire came from the deer's hands! It caught on the wood. Soon there was more fire.


Her tail wagged. The leader was calling.

Her tail stopped wagging. But what of the humans? What if she never seen one again?


He called her again, making her jump. If she didn't answer, she would get into trouble.

With great remorse, she raised her muzzle. HOUUUUUUUU.

"It looks like we know what it is now." The wolf laughed, making her hackles rise. She didn't like the wolf-human.

Either way, she needed to go back to the pack. After a moment, she decided to take the long way by circling around. After all, she didn't know if the humans were harmful yet.

"See you again!" The deer yelled as she shrank away.

Humans. Such curious creatures.

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