The Final Downfall [Inter-Universal Protectors Series: Book 4]

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Amneris Topanga and Colt Kymmer were lost in the battle against Tara and the Terpolite army. The loss of Lyriumia’s Queen has brought Tara one step closer to releasing the Dark King Enliatu from Negative Space. All that stands between her and multiversal domination is the remainder of the Lyriumian Court. The hunt for the ten items has become a race between the Lyriumians and Terpolites. The victor will have the ability to either save the multiverse or bring about its destruction. With their leader missing and the challenges against them showing no signs of slowing, the Lyriumian Court appears to be losing this battle. All they can do now is hope they recover even one of the items. One is all it would take to win. Old bonds are tested as new ones are formed. Enemies become allies under the most unlikely situations. The battle rises to its climax as the two Core Guardians could face off for the first time in five thousand years. Who will be victorious in the end?

Fantasy / Action
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The Message

Look, I never wanted to be an immortal.

I never wanted to become a goddess entrusted with one of the two most powerful artifacts in the multiverse.

I never wanted to be killed in battle and end up here, like this.

Unfortunately, the gods had other plans for me.

They allowed my now-deceased husband to find the spell to bring me back to life while he was still alive, five thousand years ago. He – they – made me what I am today.

You know who I am, but you don’t know my story.

Like most people, you probably know the basics.

You probably know that I am a five-thousand-year-old immortal Queen of a ‘god’ world, one of the first created in the multiverse. You probably know that I am the Guardian of the Photon Core – the ultimate power of light throughout the worlds. You probably know that I was the one who sealed away the Dark King Enliatu who is the Guardian of the Silent Core, the ultimate power of darkness throughout the worlds.

There is so much more to the story than this, but now is not the time.

There are ten items required to release the Dark King from his prison in Negative Space. Of those ten, I have six. I have hidden them throughout the multiverse where I can only pray they will never be found.

The time may come when these items will have to be brought out of their hiding. There are very few people who know of their locations, not including myself. I can only hope that good people – people who wish for the survival of the multiverse as it is, imperfections and all – will be the ones to find the items if that time comes.

Should the Dark King be released, he will come after me. I will be the first destroyed by his hand. Everyone who stands beside me, everyone who chooses to stand in his path, will follow. Once I am gone it will only be a matter of time before he tears the multiverse into unrecognisable shreds. Even if you all join together, he will rip through you like you are nothing but mist. Believe me. I have seen it.

Your mission is to find the items I have hidden, along with the ones which were lost. I cannot tell you where the items are. You will have to use your own resources to find the clues I left. All I can say is that each item is needed. They are useless on their own so you must find them before the Dark King’s followers do.

The fate of the worlds – no, the fate of the entire multiverse rests in our hands. In your hands. It’s possible that I will already be gone the day he returns from his prison in the darkest and emptiest corner of Negative Space. If you are watching his message, it means something has happened to me. This is my final attempt to guide you should I no longer be there.

Armies will fall.

Cities will burn.

Planets will become debris.

Stars will explode.

Galaxies will collapse.

Universes will vanish from existence.

I can only wish you luck on your journey.

From stardust we were born. To stardust we return.

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