Dancing flames

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Alexandria Starr was a normal teen with a normal life . But never in her dreams had she thought that she was adopted or a werewolf or for that matter . So what happens when she is thrust in a world when everything she thought fiction and non existent was real ? And to add to her surprise she is the daughter of the most powerful and feared Alpha in the world . Every step of her new life is full of surprises and dangers . Levstorm Reign is a warrior . Also in line to the Dark Moon Pack , he was trained for this honour for his entire life . He longs for his mate , his one true love . What happens when he finds out about her power of which even she is unaware . He also wonders is his mate if she’ll accept his own power which makes him stand out ? Fair warning: I’m an amateur writer and this is my first book. It’s not edited and I’m still figuring out how to use this app.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Lev’s POV

I woke up at 5 sharp and groaned at my luck . It really wasn’t fair . I had to wake up everyday to train while my sister trained at noon . So unfair ! Anyways as I brush my teeth I get a very devious idea . I creep into my sister’s room . The she-devil is sleeping quite peacefully . I pour an entire bucket of ice cold water on her ! She wakes up squealing . I am laughing my ass off !! Her face !! Priceless!

“ You little monkey “ she yells at me .

“ Technically I am a wolf “ I inform her smugly

“ Why the hell would you do that you moron “ she asks me again .

“ Well ..... I just couldn’t bear the fact that you got to sleep and I didn’t. So I thought it was only fair that you should wake up too . And we both know that you sleep like a dead person . You gave me no choice sis . “ I tell her

I run away as she chases me with a pillow .

I go straight to the kitchen where my mom is making breakfast.

“ Mom Sam is chasing me “ I whine

“ Samantha Clarissa Reign! Stop troubling your older brother “ my mother commands .

I smirk at my sister who flinches at the mention of her full name . She sits down grumbling curses .

“ Ah Sam you are awake . You shall training with Lev in the morning then “ my father announces.

My smirk grows as I burst out laughing at my sister’s scowling face .

I train for about 5 hours after which I take a shower and flop down on my king sized bed .

Being the future Alpha of The Dark Moon Pack I am supposed to be learning the ropes from a early age . My wolf Chase has thick black fur and is about as huge as a horse . Me on the other hand I’m 6’5 foot tall and muscular due to heavy training. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes . I’m a replica of my dad with my mom’s eyes . Same goes for my little sister except she has my mom’s brown hair and dads green eyes .

About an hour later my sister comes rushing in my room yelling the one word I despise the most ‘rouges’ . I jump from my bed and snarl at her ‘where’ . My dad meanwhile mindlinks me the location . I tell Sam to grab clothes while I turn into my wolf form running at the direction of the rogue attack .

A nasty smell hits my nose as I draw near . Rogues always reek of rotten eggs and garbage. My wolf Chase growls in hatred . I agree with him . I hate rogues , they killed my aunt and my fathers sister when she was very young and defenseless .

I finally reach the spot where I see my father snapping a rogues neck . Another one attacks him from behind as I jump and rip out its throat. My father sends me approving glance and goes to help the pack warriors . I kill another one in time to see my sisters wolf Harmony being dragged away, I run towards the rogue killing it by snapping its neck . My sister whimpers in my arms . I lick the top of her head to comfort her .

“Are you alright? Are you hurt ? “ I bombard her with questions through the mind link .

“ I’m fine Lev !! Calm down you saved me “ my sister said

“ Thank the moon goddess “ I say

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