Dancing flames

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Chapter 2

Alex’s POV

I wake up with my brother yelling in my ear . Ugh ! I do hate mornings with passion .

“What do you want “ , I ask my younger brother Jayden .

He grins and says “ Oh dear older sister “ I cut him off saying “ Don’t beat around the bush ! What do you want me to do ? “

He smirks and says “I need your help getting out of the house at 9 tonight “

“What for “ , I ask

“ Party “ , he answers

“ Oh well in that case what’s in it for me ? “ , I ask smirking .

“ I knew you wouldn’t help me without asking for something “ he grumbles .

That’s my little brother for you . Knows me better than anyone . He is 2 years younger than me . And even though I love him he is a pain in the ass .

“1 week of no chores “ he announces

Tempting , very tempting!

“Make it 2 and I’ll help” I say

“You have yourself a deal “ he says in a singsong voice which I hate .

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