Dancing flames

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Chapter 3

Alex’s POV

I sit at my window in my room thinking back at my life for the past 5 years . You probably guessed it . Something happened 5 years ago which put my mom in depression and made go parental mode on my brother. 5 years ago my father died in a car crash , my mom couldn’t handle the pain and buried herself in work . Yeah leaving me to take care of my 12 year old brother.

Any ways about me I am 5’11 foot tall with raven hair in loose curls and a fit body which usually doesn’t help . My mother owns 5 restaurants across the country and I work at one of them . Yeah you heard right I work at one because we are short on waitresses .

I sigh thinking finally I can have a normal life . But how wrong I was ! One call just one call was needed to change my life forever.

“ Miss Starr ? “ a voice I recognised immediately

Damon our family doctor who works at Sterling Hospitals had called . I honestly dread the hospitals .

“ Damon what’s wrong “ I ask

“ Huh ? Alex ? “ he asks

“ Yes Damon it’s me why’d you call me “ I ask impatiently

“ Uh I have bad news dear.” My heart stopped “ Your mother was found dead in the alley near the hospital with every belonging gone . Possibility of a robbery. I’m sorry Alex “ he says

He continues “ Also I have some more news . Chloe and John Starr are not your real parents. They adopted you and Jayden . “

“That’s not true ! It can’t be !! “ I say my voice shaking

“ I’m sorry my dear but it is “ he says

“I’ll bring Jay over “ I say quietly

“ Alright sweetheart . Let me know if you need anything. Molly will be happy to have you “ he says

Molly is his wife and like an aunt to me . I call Jay and tell him everything. He tells me to give him a pick up . I jump in the car , pick him up and drive straight to the hospital. None of us speaks a word.

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