Dancing flames

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Chapter 4

Jacob’s POV

It’s been 17 years since I lost my twin sister and baby brother . I miss them every day . I hate the fact that another pack just stole them and gave them away to an adoption center . It kills me knowing they are out there somewhere I can’t protect them .

My mother Luna Amelia still hasn’t recovered fully from the loss of her pups but she puts on a brave face for us . My fathers heart breaks at the sight of his mate . He is one of the most powerful and feared Alpha in the world . I am next in line as I am 3 minutes older than my twin . I am the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack and I have worked my ass off for this .

My wolf’s name is Storm and like every Alpha he is pure black. He is very annoying sometimes and keeps interrupting and interfering a lot . I am waiting for my mate . I have often wondered how she will look like .

My hair is like my mum and dad red . My eyes are emerald green and I have a fit body which attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

Our pack has this one girl who I seriously hate Brittany. That girl cannot keep her hands to herself. She annoying and I have asked my father to remove her so many times that I have lost count.

My family has been searching for my sister and my brother for 17 years and are still searching.

My sister is also the Fire Wolf meaning she has the ability to control fire . She has no idea how destructive this ability is and we have to find her before she burns the planet down .

I am the Earth Wolf which means I can control the earth . My powers are under control all thanks to the locket I wear around my neck . My sister has a similar one but I doubt she knows the true purpose of it

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