Dancing flames

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Chapter 5

Alex’s POV

It’s been 3 days . Moms funeral was yesterday . After talking with Jay I took over the ownership of the restaurants and both of us began looking for our real parents. Molly and Damon have been extremely kind but I told them that we could manage just fine on our own.

I am actually freaked out . What is they don’t like me or what if they are disappointed in what I am ? So many what ifs .

Jayden was so broken when I told him that the Starr wasn’t our real family.

Now that I have a business to look after I can no longer afford to be careless.

Anyways tomorrow I have to go on an inspection round . I’m taking Jay with me . I can’t risk his safety. Not him I will NOT lose my brother.

The next day.....

I wake up and do my usual morning routine . Then I head downstairs to make breakfast. That’s right I have to make breakfast now that mom isn’t here . Thinking about her brings tears to my eyes . I am so lost that I don’t even see Jayden walk up to me and wipe my tears away. He gives me a hug and tells me that he already made the breakfast.

I thank him and we eat in silence. We get to our car and leave our house.

After 4 restaurants

We are on our last restaurant and both of us are exhausted. After our rounds we go into the forest outside where we used to have picnics with our parents . We used to love walking there . It was so peaceful.

Suddenly Jayden screams. I whip my head towards his direction before feeling intense heat throughout my body . I scream as well . It feels like my body is on fire . Jayden is sobbing because of the same pain I think. Then I hear something and a boy no older than me with red hair comes rushing towards us .

“What’s wrong “ he asks looking panicked

And then two older people who look like the boy come calling Jake .

They looked surprised as jake I think that’s what his name is . Then the woman exclaimed “ Their shifting “ the man whipped his head towards his wife I am guessing

The woman quickly came to my side muttering comforting words the man did the same thing to Jay . “ They have a glamour mama” Jake said looking shocked.

The hell they are talking about ?!!!? I have no clue . But it literally feels like my bones are cracking and rearranging themselves.

“ Hello sweetie my name is Amelia and that’s my husband James and my son Jacob “ the woman told me .

“ I’m Alexandria and that’s my brother Jayden “ I manage to choke out .

They all look shocked but they quickly hide it . Then I feel as if I am changing into something. What the hell ? I look over to see Jayden but instead I see a grey wolf in his place . Wait a minute ....a wolf ? What the heck !!

I look over to see myself but I see a paw a fucking paw . What the hell ?!! I try to scream but I can’t.

Amelia meanwhile just looks at me with tears in her eyes and the men looked shocked .

Then without a warning they strip down to their undergarments and shift . What the hell is going on ?!

Hello Alex

What the actual fuck ?!! I hear a voice in my head

I’m not a voice you idiot . Im your wolf . My name is Blaze

I calm down and tell her to explain .

So you have come to your senses . Took you long enough!

She grumbles a lot for a wolf I think to myself

So you are a werewolf and the people you see in front of you are your parents. You were kidnapped along with your brother when you were two by a enemy pack . Any questions?

No I say . Actually I’m too shocked to say anything. The others wolves whimper around me .

Jacob’s POV

Her wolf was pure white with red swirls . It was her ...... my long lost twin sister . I told my parents to shift to help her . We shifted while her wolf explained things to her . We whimpers as we felt her upset . She looked up at us gave a yelp and ran over to our brother. We rushed to my brother as well and saw him breathing. Mom was crying. Finally our family was together.

I told her shift through the mind link . At which she grumbled to herself “ how many wolves do I have in my head “ I chuckled at her .

I said “ it’s me jake and I’m your twinny “

“Twinny?” She snorted .

“ how do I change “ she asked

“ Imagine yourself as a human with your clothes please . Otherwise ... “ I said .

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