Dancing flames

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Chapter 6

Amelia’s POV

It’s them . My babies . My baby girl and boy . After all these years they have come back to me . I can tell James is trying his hardest not to cry . Jake on the other hand is ecstatic . He is very excited I can tell .

I just want to hug them and kiss them and tell them that I love them so much. But they don’t look the same . Their once red hair is now pitch black . I immediately send for a witch to remove the glamour.

Jake’s POV

I am so excited to finally get to know her that I am bouncing like a little pup . Honestly my wolf is going cuckoo at the thought of meeting his twin and elemental sister .

I have to tell her about the four elements wolves at some point but as for now she has enough to worry about. And I don’t know the Water Wolf and Air Wolf for that matter . My wolf form is black because of my locket . The locket surpreses my power and makes me look normal .

My little brother Jayden on the other hand is no better . He is super excited to know about the new lifestyle and isn’t the least bit frightened about us being werewolves. His wolf’s name is Asher .

Alex’s POV

These people are nice . Jake is so excited to get to know us that he is literally bouncing like a little kid . Amelia is lovely. It’s like she’s overflowing with happiness. And James is trying his hardest not to cry but I can see the tears brimming his eyes . I guess we mean a lot to them .

If course you mean a lot to them you are their family you dumbass

Geez she speaks again. “You talk too much “ I tell her

Me ? I talk a lot ? I am just stating the facts

There she goes again .

“I didn’t mean to offend you royal one “ I say

Thank you

At that I am struggling not to laugh . After she realises that I was being sarcastic she starts rambling again .

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